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  1. Hi! I figured I would jump in here and talk about the forum threads that you have linked too! First Thread: This thread has to do with Brutal Legend and the known bug list. You should have seen the original list! We fixed a ton of stuff in that game to make sure that everyone could play the game. The remaining bugs in that list are much less severe and do not affect a very large group of users. So in that thread, yes we did say that we are no longer actively working on the game. But we definitely did not abandon it and we have continued to ensure that it works with the new OS versions. Second thread: This one has a report of the game not working under windows 8. This made me pretty nervous so we put together a windows 8 machine last night and I spent a good part of today testing the game on it. I was able to get pretty far without any issues. I know that we did test Brutal on windows 8 before it launched, but I wanted to be sure before responding here. When we tested it we also went through and made sure our other games worked on it as well. Good news, they all work! We have also been testing on windows 10, which works as well. We get some issues into our support email box as well concerning issues on different OS versions, but they are almost always fixed with drivers or steam file validation. But again we are definitely not abandoning our games! Though I should have responded to that forum thread, its pretty hard to ensure that we hit all of our forums, we try and get to everything but sometimes things slip through. Third Thread: Hack n' Slash was not abandoned but we did finish work on the game and released it as a 1.0. We even added steam workshop support so that people could add mods to it is as well. We continue to provide support for the game and intend to make sure that the game is working for users. Like I said earlier, some threads have fallen through some cracks, its hard to hit all of them, but we are here to help and provide support. Also you mentioned Iron Brigade and how it is only available for windows, I don't know exactly how detailed I can be about that. But it is no minor task to bring that game onto Mac/Linux. But we do still support that game and recently removed Games for Windows Live and even after releasing with steamworks networking support we spend a good deal of time tracking down network stability issues in the game to ensure that players were able to enjoy it. So all that being said, we want people to enjoy the games that we create and ensuring that our games work on new OS versions is important to us as well. Before every big OS release we make sure that we test our games and that they are functioning properly. And if there are major issues we always find ways to address them.
  2. Pm'd - We are going through support emails as quickly as possible and if you have not received a response, PM me here and Ill look into it.
  3. We will be able to look up the transaction on our side. PMd
  4. Im still going through some of the emails. But I have replied to a few of them today. The first thing to try is the humble site, log in and then there is a button to resend the key. If that doesnt work, then we can try and figure out what is going on. The main thing to remember is that the key is tied to the email that you used to back the kickstarter.
  5. You can just remove his save files. They are located in the appdata\roaming\doublefine\Iron Brigade folder.
  6. Which Galaxy Tab S do you have? There are a few versions, one of which uses a Mali GPU, which as Vic mentioned in another thread is not supported.
  7. Hi all, we are still working to get this is out! And we should have an update for you soon!
  8. We are working on that now. Sorry that the issue affects you all!
  9. I think you were looking at the cq1 thread over there. But to answer your question, no cq2 is not capped at 30fps
  10. Hey guys. I let steam know as well. It should be all fixed up now. Let me know if your still having that problem.
  11. I think that the way the steam statistics work is that when a game is available for PC/Mac/Linux it appears under whatever platform it was bought on. So if you purchase it on Linux, it would appear in the linux statistics. Thats how it has been explained to me in the past, but I am not sure if that changes with pre-orders.
  12. I think your daughter will be very happy with the game
  13. Hi! Can you verify the integrity of the game cache and if you still dont have the files email me at support@doublefine.com and let me know the email for the kickstarter that you used and I can look into it for you. Sorry for the issues!
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