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    I lived in London, England up until I turned seventeen, where my family and I moved to the United States. My uncle left us his house in his will, so my parents felt the need to make us move. Hmph! Ah well, it's not so bad. After getting used to the fact everything is entirely different in nearly every fashion imagineable, it's just like home! Hooray for home. Now I'm nineteen, and I've moved out of the home and into my own condo, still in America. I met my future husband and best friend here, so
  1. I couldn't stand Shegore's voice. Uurrrgh. The Bull righteously pissed me off too.
  2. Jack Frost, except it's about a serial killer who gets fused into snow somehow and becomes a snowman. OF PURE HATRED. He also makes very bad "cold"-related puns.
  3. "Platforming adventure game with a very unique atmosphere and compelling story." the end
  4. Only about thirty-five non-review people have ever played "Gotcha Force" I think, but we all agree it's fantastic victory.
  5. I want one of those stickers to slap onto my soul...
  6. I imagine a good way to explain the game to your friends would be, "It's a game created by a company who has yet to make a bad game."
  7. I do not understand the hair colour choice, but they do look like they belong in the game. Kudos to you!
  8. You will probably find this interesting.
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