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  1. Very true. I used the robot all the time through the entire game because I wanted the fast skate ability. It does decent damage and good special attack, so it was fine to keep the costume on the whole time. I still had to switch all the time for quests requiring special abilities.
  2. For those experiencing this try swinging your candy pail while moving out of an area in which you're stuck. If this doesn't work, just restart your game and it will change your location (but only restore up to your last save).
  3. Near-perfect. I really enjoyed Costume Quest from beginning to end of both games. I purchased it through Steam and got exactly what I was expecting: A charming Halloween-themed games that's a cross between the Lego series gameplay and traditional Final Fantasy. It kept me entertained. And this is coming from a more serious gamer of MMOs and sandbox gaming. For me the mall was the most enjoyable area in the first game, but of course opening with traditional neighborhood trick-or-treating was classic. The costume ideas, powers, and battles tamps is an interesting idea. And even though the Creepy Treats weren't used for much, it was fun to read the puns, innuendos, and double entendres within the names. The game kept bugs to a minimum, and it didn't feel like grinding even though quite a few things are rinse and repeat. Some gamers complained about this, but the game was short enough to counter it. And that's the only big con I see: the fact that Costume Quest is a little short since I can run through an entire game in one day on a weekend. But spaced out for an hour or two at a time it lasts for a week or so. So when are we going to see your other games like Brutal Legends released for the PC? After all I play these sort of games on my PC with a Logitech wireless game pad that's better than stock console pads. And I run at 2560x1600 on a 30" monitor, so I get far better resolution than on a gaming console. Please, let's release more of these Double Fine titles for the PC. Thanks, and again kudos on Costume Quest. :-)
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