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  1. Surveys!!

    I should have bought stock in XL t-shirts... JUST KIDDING basement dwellers.. I ordered a large. but I doubt I will actually wear mine.. I will keep clean and pristine it in the game box.
  2. Backer-Con 2013 ...?

    I will bring my wizard hat
  3. Dang that is a lot of failed transactions..
  4. My wife of all people (not a gamer) bought this one in 1999 (she was my girlfriend then) in a bargain bin... It was short and simple.
  5. Nightshade was an NES game that was pretty funny and a pretty solid adventure game... Unfortunately it also had really hard action elements in it like fighting.... But the pointing, clicking, inventory items, and humor was like if Guybrush wanted to be a NOIR superhero instead of a pirate....
  6. It goes back further than that apparently ....