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  1. being playing DOOM & DESTINY on Xbox Live Indie Games! it's and old school rpg and it's AWESOME!
  2. Me too, I had a great time with costume quest. The biggest charm was the "Peanuts" feeling I had through the entire game. The witty dialogues, the beautiful environments and the funny animations were a blast! It felt like I was kid again and the entire experience was like a nice fairy tale. If I have to address a complain, is that the game was so fun that once I finished it, I wanted more. But the game is perfect as it this, but I can imagine a lot of people hoping for a longer adventure, more content and a deeper level of customization, as I have to say, I hoped for it too... Anyway, great job dudes! P.S.: Next game you make like this, do NOT let only one character (or costume) have the run button. I had to use the robot for the entire game and keep switching it every time I wanted something else... a little too much annoying!
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