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  1. Random things you'd like to see in the game

    I'd like to see a character with an "ask me about *futuredoublefinegame*" button.
  2. All at DF are grown ups, so I guess they know how to use their resources wisely.
  3. The documentary

    So when is the first episode available? March?
  4. Things you don't want to see in the DFA

    Yeah, the emphasize should definitely not be on killing! (that's the reason I haven't played brütal legend, I guess it's too brütal for me) And the theme of the game should not be just one particular niche (like heavy metal, I guess that's a second reason I haven't played BL). The theme/setting should be sth. almost everybody can relate, too (like in day of the tentacle, grim fandango, Psychonauts).
  5. Buy it from Steam or Mac App Store?

    I'll have a closer look at Steam then. Thanks for your feedback!
  6. 2PP Twitter: Had our first sit down interviews with @TimOfLegend and @grumpygamer post Kickstarter. Minds blown already. Oh, I can't wait to see that!!!
  7. Buy it from Steam or Mac App Store?

    I want to buy Psychonauts for my Mac but haven't used Steam or the Mac App Store before. Is there any difference between those two? Does Steam offer something the app store doesn't or the other way around? What version should I get?
  8. "private for good reason" means fulfilling the promise of exclusiveness they made. Of course I'll enjoy the documentary (and my other rewards) either way, but put yourself in double fines position: You promise something to a group of people and then some tries to override you by posting things elsewhere. The next time they offer "exclusive" content some may just say "It'll leak anyway, so I won't pay". Also as Nemroth posted, what if they want to sell the documentary afterwards? Now I'm realistic enough to know that you can't stop leaking content.
  9. "They also wanted to create DRM protected PC game for 400.000$" That's not what they wanted, that's what they thought was realistic. If you asked Tim what he really wanted, this figure would be much higher right from the beginning.
  10. It's about what Double Fine wants to do! They want it private (for good reasons) so it should stay private. We have to learn that free access to information does not mean anarchy.
  11. Backer Update #1

    I fear there won't be much "private" things going on here (forum, videos etc.) now that the first video already leaked. It's ironic how some people complain about publishers being the evil guys not respecting the artists wishes bla bla and then they do the same by not following the rules set by the creators...
  12. hmmm...lechuck theme used in disneyland music (or the other way round)..interesting hint to the theme park elements in MI 2 at the end.
  13. How far do you think the pledge will go?

    We created the 3 million headed monkey!
  14. Stacking arrived on Steam!

    Stacking is now available on Steam!!! http://store.steampowered.com/app/115110/ There is also a nice offer for a double fine package (stacking + costume quest + psychonauts)!
  15. I'll take the risk, I think there will be a lot of traffic in the last hour or right before it ends but not 24h before. By the way, does anybody know the exact time the kickstarter will end?