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    When I was 5, I saved up 100 gold coins. See, games can have a tangible real-world effect on children.
  1. Same here. As a huge Tenacious D fan, not having the guitar makes me cry. But, you know, the manly kind of crying. With, uh, tears of testosterone. Yeah. Still, the game is so great, I almost don't even care that I don't have a D-tar.
  2. Yes, I know I can make polls, but since I am not actually choosing the title based on the number of votes, but rather using some sort of other super-secret criteria that is definitely not just me picking whichever one I like the best at the moment in about a week, it didn't seem like making a poll was necessary. Ok, so, the name thing is all well and good and has gone swimmingly so far. To keep things one step forward, two steps back, and always twirling, twirling towards freedom, I am introducing a new non-poll poll. You can choose as many or as few of these as you want, or ignore them completely and ramble on about totally unrelated things. You know, whatever. I just want you to be happy. Is that so wrong? Before we go further, to those wondering what this game is, it's not a big endeavor. It's a short and simple browser game where you complete simple challenges with a unique and possibly idiotic twist. So, what would you like to see in the game? 8) Retro 8-bit graphics. 9) Colorful and cartoony graphics Triangle) Terrible SNES-era pre-rendered graphics. 10) Big Zelda-style puzzle-based boss fights. 12) Gatling gun! 13) Horribly offensive racism. 5) Cute animals doing funny things.
  3. The only problem with that is people might misconstrue it as being a tad pretentious. Part of the reason I'm not saying more about the game is I wanted to see what title people would like the best based entirely on a gut reaction. As soon as you know what the game is it might change your perception of what the title should be, especially since not everyone will understand why certain titles up there actually fit the game. It sounds dumb, but it's almost 3am. I've decided I completely hate option D, so that's right out. Especially since it doesn't fit with the rest of the titles. As ridiculous as those titles may sound, they all have something to do with the actual game and aren't just random stupid made-up words and stuff. Even C. Although I'm not against a title that has nothing to do with the game, either, which is why I invite people to throw their own titles out there to be enjoyed by all. Nami has a point about C, though. Even though I understand why it fits the game, it does sound like a bunch of random stupidity that people who aren't me won't get. Even if they do eventually figure it out, it might be difficult for people to remember at first, so of all the titles it is probably the lowest on the list, while A is at the top. This seems to change day to day, which is why I started this thread in the first place.
  4. As many of you know, you have no idea what it is I do all day when I'm not posting on these fine forums for weeks at a time! Well, mostly I watch Scrubs reruns and eat cookie dough. But, sometimes, I actually do something that I like to pretend is productive to make myself feel better about the dead-end derailment of my life. One of these things is a game I have been working on for however many minutes it has been since I started working on it until this exact moment when you are reading this sentence, minus all the time I spent not working on it, and counting! I do not want to give away too much about the game, mostly because I think part of the fun will come from being surprised at how stupid it all is, and ending a sentence with "is" is incorrect so I am adding this chunk so I don't end it with "is". All I'm willing to say right now is that it's mostly an experiment to see if I can craft a fun experience around a certain thing that, if it were to be implemented in this fashion in any other game, would guarantee universal negative responses from press and gamer alike. Sort of a "testing the boundaries of game design" experiment, if you will. And you totally will, you sexy little thing you. I'm having trouble coming up with a title, however. I am curious to get the opinions of the people I'm hoping will subject themselves to my sick whims if and when I ever finish this thing. Tell me which of these titles you like, maybe why you like it if you really feel like typing a full sentence for once in your life, and even write another sentence to suggest an entirely different title that I'll probably read and think, "That's stupid! You don't even know what you're talking about, Mr. Guy!" and then I'll respond and pretend like I like it and will actually consider it, and then years from now I'll look back at all of this and hate the title I ended up choosing and actually wish I had chosen your title because, when I really think about it, your title was way, way better. Ok, TITLE ACTION LIST GO! A) Boshank B) Borked C) Eye Turtle Sword Brain Thumb D) The Legend of I Hate Your Face E) SimHandicapable Even if you have a new title to suggest, please also pick one from this above list that I hastily slapped together so I don't feel like my 38 seconds were completely wasted. Thank you all very much in advance, unless nobody replies, in which case you should all be very ashamed.
  5. I love Indigo Prophecy. I have it for PC, and I've been thinking of reinstalling it and playing through it again. I think there were three possible endings. I know I got two of them, but I don't really remember them. All I remember of the game was that it was completely awesome and unique and had a great story where you played both the killer and the detectives trying to track him down. Then suddenly you get superpowers and fight aliens, and it all went downhill from there. Hopefully Heavy Rain will avoid all the supernatural garbage and stick with real people in a real-life setting.
  6. Yeah, I think there are some games that let you play music that is on your PS3's hard-drive during a game, but they don't allow you to play music streaming from your PC during those games. I can stream music directly from my PC and listen to it while playing any game on the 360. This makes games like Exit, which has the most horrendous music and sound effects of all time, and Catan, a game that just doesn't really need the music and sound that are there, way better. Plus, playing the awesome Crackdown was made infinitely more enjoyable when a big band rendition of Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 started playing.
  7. 360 and PS3 tags are both Effin Bear. The Wii code is in my profile and I'm too lazy to put it here so if you really, really want it, you'll have to go to my profile and find it yourself. And then I guess you'd need to PM me to tell me to add you, too, or something, because the Wii's whole thing is arcane and retarded, and the only games that go online that I actually own are Brawl and Mario Kart, and I don't play Mario Kart all that often and Brawl's online mode is horrendous. And Nintendo has decided to not make any more games for the system. So, yeah, there's no point adding my Wii stuff. I don't actually play games online on my PS3. In fact, since finishing MGS4 twice, I don't play any games on the system. But I will be all over LittleBigPlanet. That will completely dominate my October and lots of my November and some of my December and a little bit of my January and then none of my February and none of my March and none of my April but then it will dominate my May for no real reason. So, yeah, anyone who wants to can add me. And feel free to invite me to any game at any time. I'm up for anything whenever.
  8. I also have a PS3. It, too, is a good system. It's online functionality is not nearly as good as the 360's, though. But it is free. And the PS3 has Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet, which are a big deal to me at least. The 360 hasn't had a system exclusive that I've cared about other than some XBLA releases, like the fantastic Braid (I would say it's 2008's Portal). The other big games of the year, GTA4 and Soul Calibur 4, are also on PS3. But PS3 does not have Crackdown, and Crackdown is pure awesome! And you can play the music you're streaming from your PC during games you play on 360. The PS3 doesn't stream music and movies and such nearly as well, and you can't play music in games at all.
  9. I just came from the future, where 1up.com gave Brutal Legends an A+ in their review! A day after release, though, the game was responsible for the death of the Pope. It's quite controversial and many people are calling for the game to be banned. It is simultaneously a wondrous and bleak future...
  10. The DS is awesome and there is a metric ton of quality gaming sweetness on there, but I'd go ahead and get the 360 first. Even though I don't play a lot of games online, I still love knowing that I could if I wanted to. And sometimes I do. But even when I don't, I love checking out what my friends are playing while I'm on there, or trying to top their high scores in stuff like Geometry Wars 2, or just being an Achievement whore, or even streaming movies and podcasts and such directly from my computer to my TV so I can lay back in bed and enjoy. That last one is especially good for when you... uh... obtain movies via the internet... and you want to watch them with friends. It's too difficult and annoying to crowd around a computer.
  11. This makes it sound like you went specifically for the gay parade/concert. Unless you actually did, you may want to clarify so that nobody gets the wrong impression, unless it's the right impression, in which case it's all good because it's not the wrong impression. Unless you want people to get the wrong impression, in which case I've already stopped caring one way or another because it's not about me so therefore it's boring and useless.
  12. I would love to get death threats. Really, just any sort of quasi-human interaction. I'm so lonely... Also, I think Bosch just molested me via Steam. I got Steamolested.
  13. I came back. I have no news. Somehow, I managed to post on my blog again, even though I have no news. It's hot in my room right now, and my dog is asleep next to me on the bed.
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