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  1. I thought they would be all gone by now but... I picked up Hacker Evolution: Untold (R5DXK-D7PHN-CBFM6). Looks like the kind of game in which I'll have no idea of what I'm doing, but thanks! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I have never made an adventure game (if we don't count a sort-of roleplay session for my siblings which was pretty much going to be a Monkey Island ripoff/homage), but I'm trying to plan several comics/stories and I think the approach could be similar: work from big to small. What does the character need to achieve to advance the plot? What are the "big things" that need to happen? And then you start piling up obstacles to hinder their advance, as long as you don't steer away too much from the final goal (you should always have in mind what are you trying to achieve, instead of feeling you're just solving random puzzles). Also, I think the effort put solving a puzzle should be proportional to the importance of the result: if I'm gonna spend an hour just trying to get a door open, better be something good behind it. The puzzle dependency charts (which I myself found about just a couple of days ago ) seem like an incredibly neat tool, as they convey the whole plot in a visual way. Maybe looking at other games' puzzle charts could help (especially if you've played them, so you can see how the puzzles translate into the game). I can't give input on the dialogue, sorry. I hope that helps at least a little bit. I'm surely going to keep an eye on this thread, as I sometimes feel a faint, numb urge to make an adventure game.
  3. Oh yeah, I am. I started rewatching the series a few days ago to get again in the mood. ~~~ On a different note, has anyone watched Over the Garden Wall? Boy, what a ride.
  4. Another one: [del]- 20% off Team Indie (expires Nov 1)[/del]
  5. I got a couple of coupons: [del]- 25% off Heavy Bullets (expires Oct 16) - 66% off DieselStormers (expires Oct 12)[/del]
  6. Ok, I've played it for a couple hours and I must say that I'm really enjoying it. The setting and atmosphere is top notch, the music is pretty chill, the characters are cute and likable, there are silly puzzles but they're not outrageous, the story sounds intriguing so far… Also, I liked a lot the intro with the camera panning down on the city while the credits appear, it felt very cinematic. I hope the rest of the chapters are as good as this one, because it's pretty rad.
  7. Yeah, that last batch seems to be gone too (and just for the record, Steam lets you about 10 attempts before locking you out). Too bad, because the game looks neat
  8. Hey, for anyone who doesn't check the self-promotion thread, I'd like to mention/remind about my shirt design on the TF2 merchandise section. It would be very helpful if you could check it out, and maybe upvote/fave if it's of your liking.
  9. Sooo... I made a shirt design for the new merchandise section on the TF2 Steam Workshop... If you guys could check it out and upvote/fave it, that would be super rad Thanks in advance!
  10. Oh boy, I don't even remember where did I left on Starslip... I have to pick up on so many things it's not even funny.
  11. In the name of everything Pure and Beautiful... why did I never check anything about Broken Age before? It looks so absolutely lovely and I barely knew it existed but never bothered to look about it and now I want it. Boy, I've been so out of the loop... D:
  12. I'd like to have restarted this with some Double Fine fan art, but for now I'll start with some Team Fortress 2 and a crossover with my two favorite characters from two of my favorite cartoons which were made by the same person. . . "Snipin's a Good Job, Mate" . . "Where There's a Wilt There's a Wander" . . So, these are my last pictures of 2013 (but it's not like I don't have dozens of unfinished pictures, some dating from a few years back).
  13. Hey Carl! It's nice to see some familiar faces around here. All this backer stuff makes me feel like a stranger, even though I've been lurking from time to time... I probably should make a new and fresh fanart thread.
  14. Oh boy, the last time I posted here in the forums was when they released Psychonauts for Mac. So, Happy Late Winter Non-Denominational Random Gift-Giving Extravaganza, I guess.
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