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  1. I watch dance videos way far too often. I'll be so excited if this pitch moves forward. And sad that I can't contribute! This series of step dictionaries always seemed to me like they might be handy reference for an animator: Old School Middle School New School plus this one of some toprock steps I'll be crossing my fingers to see some locking & c-walking moves
  2. OH YEAH a couple more of these! Hi! I post them to Twitter and eventually my Facebook but this might be a good spot to collect them too. This little project has been impulsive and disorganized from the start, so apologies to the rad people in the studio I've neglected. And I'm probably not even aware of such neglect so feel free to get in touch with me or otherwise put yourself on my radar! Jeremy Mitchell Ray Crook Emily Johnstone Gabe Cinquepalmi Paul O'Rourke Camden Stoddard Matt Hansen Amarisse Sullivan (oh yeah happy birthday apparently!) And happy belated birthday to every other person in DF who has a birthday, maybe some of you don't and that's okay too
  3. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. The response has been so encouraging. And today I saw the valentine illos show up at the end of the Day 0 episode, which was awesome! John, I hope Mrs. Bernhelm liked it I've started some games work (yay!) and didn't get to much DFdraws today save for this drawing of our intrepid stream hosts. It has been claimed that their depicted sizes might be slightly off, because I think in reality Amarisse is 1.5 or 1.75 times taller than Greg? Yes I think that's what I was being told:
  4. I think it was Greg operating the chat today, who mentioned that Isa Stamos will work over the weekend to organize the teams and prepare the event. Thank you for the crucial work, Isa! I wouldn't mind that either Getting to eavesdrop on the Double Fine offices and the creativity in action makes it easy to draw! Alternatively, you could compel HR to hire me as a full time in-house portrait artist. A necessity in modern gamedev workforces for sure Thank you Oliver & Kee (and others for the further DF attention via Twitter/Tumblr)!
  5. Congratulations to the winning pitches! Plus happy Valentine's Day to everyone! John Kisshelm Anna Lipkiss Derek Br...handholding? Pendleton ... I dunno. Pendleton Adored
  6. I'm sorry for being unfair! In cherrypicking quotations and using my own interpretations that might mischaracterize you. My meaning was to illustrate how negative the thread felt to me, but I can only speak for myself, and worse I don't want to exacerbate any negativity. Let's be buds and reconcile It's actually great to hear that you're feeling more optimistic or at least less sad. And it's not a bad idea to ask questions about the projects and their goals because the team leads are undoubtedly excited and probably would have some good answers ! I hope as a community we bring enough positivity to the event to encourage everyone involved in Amnesia Fortnight. I'm sure they're excited, but maybe they're nervous too! Anyways, I take it as a good sign that there were so many interesting pitches that resonated so diversely with the fans. Maybe some of them will have a chance to grow next year or outside of this event.
  7. I think you might have as well. You frame it as an interest in hearing why other people want certain prototypes but this whole thing reads as sulking pessimism. It comes out in all of your [implications]. "I’m kind of down after this result since two games won that I personally wouldn’t even have voted into the top 10" [I think these ideas are so bad they shouldn't have even had a chance as finalists, I'm upset] "Anyway, since these games are going to get made whether I like it or not" [I do not like that these games are being made] "I’m looking for someone who can hype me up for them. Why did you vote for Steed besides “yay, horses”? Why did you vote for Mnemonic besides “yay, noir”?" [Engage me to try to argue away my emotions after I belittlingly reduce these pitches and the interest in them to single word concepts, even though I later say: (emphasis mine)]"And the twist is that you’re the horse. Huh. So it’s like the boring Zelda riding sequences only that you can’t finally get off Epona and move normally. Sorry if I sound too negative here but that’s where I’m coming from ..." This wasn't even an implication just outright cynicism. "That makes my vision of running around on an endless prairie, hoof-kicking at enemies and throwing knights at them look somewhat less bleak" [I still think the idea is bad, but will relent that it sounds somewhat less bad now] "Sure, but it should be a viable game in itself, shouldn’t it? You can’t just fill the world with placeholder “Here be interesting content” signs." [I expect you (this was to the project lead) to be unable to produce something interesting] I'll stop with the rephrasing, I know it's not your words but I wanted to let you know how it comes across, at least to me. You later expand your discontent to take shots at Massive Chalice, the livestreams, the voting process, and list a slew of prototypes you'd rather see. I think you can safely assume that we understand you're disappointed. Double Fine is full of such creative folk that I think there are always more intriguing ideas than there are teams to produce them, and regardless of my personal votes, I'm excited to see any of the concepts built up into prototypes. Expecting a "viable game" out of this is perhaps a little unrealistic. My understanding of Amnesia Fortnight is that it is an exploration of pitches for potential longer term projects, not designing a small scale game to fit the bulk of development inside of a gamejam window. I think it is a fortunate and hopefully mutually beneficial thing that the studio is operating as transparently as it is, and it is wonderful that employees are engaging with the spectating fans. But if one of my projects was selected and I had to read through a thread like this, I'd be bummed As developers obviously they are adaptive and used to opinion, but whether they're thick-skinned or not, I don't see the point to this dwelling 'convince me' negativity. Maybe the projects won't develop smoothly enough to go all the way, maybe they will. I think part of the fun of AF is to relieve the higher pressure of the usual development and foster more experimentation! I'm sorry if this feels like an attack. I think maybe we are all just passionate fans and naturally had favourites we were hoping to see developed by a cool studio. But remember that it might be unfair to heap on this much doubt and vocal grief when the process has barely started. Usually I just lurk the forums but I didn't really like the direction this thread was continuing in Come on Sue, that's just rude!
  8. So happy you're enjoying it ↑ Duncan Boehle
  9. Thank you everyone! Here is Patrick Hackett! Oliver, good luck in the next round I love the inspiration you've been citing for Derelict and think you'd run a project well! Creepy-space-isolation is my favourite atmosphere in stories
  10. Thanks LightPrayer! Here's a Kee! Good luck to everyone pitching! But since I wished luck to you all, it advantaged nobody. Sorry
  11. @buckysrevenge, Cheeseness, thesirren, SisterRae, Vainamoinen: Thank you so much for the kind words and your attention I'm really happy y'all enjoy me sharing this stuff and I hope I can outperform my doodles from 2012. And Vain, all digital, yup, unless you count exploratory sketching with pencils that help me figure out likenesses sometimes. Medium Intuos5 drawing tablet in Photoshop! @DF_John, DF_Derek It's my pleasure! I love being able to do something that entertains the skilled folks who entertain me with both fine games and the opportunity to spectate their creation! The expertise and collaboration I get to watch from you and your coworkers online is inspiring. Before Amnesia Fortnight my keen interest in the gamedev process had to be sated by articles and later, all too brief developer diaries. Having a relatively sustained window into one of my favourite studios is fantastic. I feel bad for those I've so far left out, but it's also a very imprecise process where I'm just drawing the workers I can track down in the videos (who are identified and have their faces visible for referencing). I thought I would draw Tim as a finale, but I guess I didn't actually have a clear idea for when it would end. Poor Tim was likely steaming at his computer every time I posted a portrait of not him But of course I am a big fan of Tim! Grim Fandango has been a favourite of mine for almost 1.5 decades, which is almost half of 3 decades! Wow, that would be a lot of decades! Tim, please consider forgiving my egregious snub while reviewing a bunch of drawings:
  12. Hi everyone! I'm Michael. I'm super excited that Amnesia Fortnight is back. During AF2012, I didn't get on the livestreams until the last day or so. Having that window into one of my favourite game studios was super inspiring! I went on a drawing rampage where I posted fanart of many of the rad employees of Double Fine. Some of them still do me the flattering honour of using them as avatars or self-printed bank robbery masks (I assume?!). Now I'll be sitting in from Day 1 and feeling connected with my favourite gamemakers. I'll attempt the same this year with a drawjam while the gamejam is going on! But we have some time before the streams. Maybe I should address some of the neglected souls I failed to include last time. Like Matt Franklin! Who now looks nothing like the wrist-injured, movember-stached reference I drew him from. Or Derek Brand! Who is intimidating to draw because holy shit his art is so amazing Okay check y'all later PEACE
  13. I've now set such a brisk pace that I owe an explanation for the imminent intermission - I'm heading out of town for about a week! It's been awesome entertaining the people behind some of my favourite games, and I'll resume once I've returned. Something else occurred to me - I only intend the art as a gesture of appreciation and celebration but maybe some folks are uncomfortable with their caricatured likeness and names being posted publicly? This thread or my Tumblr can show up in Google searches for Double Fine employee names. If you are uneasy about this please e-mail me at michael@firmanproductions.com or send a PM and I can quietly omit your name or take down the art, since the whole point of this project is to make DFers feel good, not weird!
  14. I agree, this was a fascinating and comprehensible update, even for a non-programmer! Put me down for a copy of that book as well
  15. Oliver Franzke! Edit: Thanks Matt - I've got you in queue!
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