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  1. Single player flying Tell me the resolution on these things since this off of my phone
  2. Bringing up this older than dirt comment because I want to trouble shoot it Was playing and got to the battersmith mission when a black line was going through lita's head
  3. What I would like to see In a nutshell >Starcraft 1 styled campaign system, you can play each faction from their perspective and can actually see other factions when they meet(example being the dry ice mines) >More factions >More dungeon based adventures, seriously I love these things, make each dungeon a reward at the end(Item/solo+fire tributes) >Make many solos, but only be able to equip a few(outside the main ones like summon deuce/relic rasier,etc) >Have ranked and Unranked games, Ranked means everyone plays on a similar level(a level 10vs a level 11 for example) while each player having a "level up" bar that allows more solos to be unlocked, Unranked is any skill level and level progression is either enabled(allowing you to pick and chose what you want) or disabled(bare bones abilities like now)
  4. infintes should stay because even in the large pool that was the original players only a few people knew how to do it and even then you can still escape it
  5. LAN, group rooms(were people can join and wait before launching) and drop in and drop out during mutiplayer games(like if I had to leave for a few mins I could come back)
  6. quick question This game does have xbox360 game controller support right? if it does are the buttons like the on the xbox or no?
  7. Hmm weird At least it isnt game breaking
  8. Personally I would like to see a full on mod tools Allowing map making to custom missions
  9. ;_; I spent all my money on pokeman stuff for my girlfriend Maybe next week or two I can join Add me, Im Domo on steam(with the kool-aid guy avatar)
  10. I almost postive that its intentional, on the 360 and PS3 the music stops when someone joins so that if you were away(idk getting a drink or something) you had a audio cue to come back
  11. I think the orignal old players should get together to make a clan Just us to help pass down our info to the new BL generation
  12. South Koreans play SC2 They are good at RTS's from what ive seen but not so much other games For example CS 1.6 is dominated by sweedish people(I should know, I know a champion player personally) I actually looked up the stats of who plays it the most and US,UK and Norway are biggest players of this game
  13. Domo209

    Hey Tim!

    Last Question for Tim Will mod support be available? Will we see free add ons(story wise) and user created maps and stuff(and maybe SP missions?) co-op? If all of the above are yes im going to have to plan on buying 4 copies(one for me and 3 for my friends) when its out
  14. Domo209

    Hey Tim!

    Thank you Based Tim That is what im asking including the love giver?
  15. You mean born? Brutal legend was console excluseive and it was forgotten about Now its time for it to shine
  16. Just played the other day Had alot of fun, too bad the game decided to crap out the next day and now I got to get a new disc
  17. Take the game slow and enjoy it, its not very long(sadly) but each mission will be awe inspiring If you ever need to get stronger before a mission go hunt down some gagged dragons(every 10 of them grants you power) or kill roaming enemies till you get enough for a cool upgrade
  18. Its apparently well loved in Norway
  19. If I remember, lighting rod's DT was very good against infantry but on its own it is crap or am I wrong?
  20. Pretty good to be back Im going to get an xbox this month and I will probably be up playing again soon I MIGHT be using a diffrent username, I might not tell what I name it(I dont even have ideas for it right now either) because it would make a nice surpise
  21. Sorry for being away for so long Alot of stuff has been happening in my life But I might make a return in the next month or so Since I know alot of people who are getting into metal and stuff I think I might be able to drag in a few new players
  22. I might join in a few months, ive been busy in school and money issues that made me step away from all of this(I dislike it every minute) I really wish this game was on Steam since Ive been on there alot more. on a side note, is the lovegiver bound to your account? I.E i can download it anywhere?
  23. considering free lovegiver and how we actively try keep it alive? that and how we clearly set the bar of player skill(not to tout our horns or anything) it would seem like a good idea but there should be a singleplayer tutorial and a mutiplayer tutorial
  24. You make it sound like we have no life, you know, when you put it that way... I mean, we may or may not, but that's... sort of besides the point. how did I make it sound like you had no life? I simply stated mutiple games did this type of gameplay before and they are going strong(well mount and blade is)
  25. wonder if xbawx has this too god I miss playing this, I need to get it again(and a xbawx)