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  1. It's not just the backgrounds, it's the same thing with the models, unfortunately. Gives the impression of being slightly out of focus, and my eyes hate it
  2. Watching the screenshots in full resolution, and it looks a bit blurry, like they're slightly out of focus, and I actually feel my eyes get tired trying to compensate. Might be the lack of details that does it, I dunno, but I'm a bit worried this might end up as one of the most tiring gaming experiences of my life for my eyes. Looks better scaled down a bit, though.
  3. Sure, I get what you mean. But to me it just seems like the tidy way to do it, since it was marketed as exclusive for backers and all. I guess I just don't want more backlash because of this so close to release date, when it would look so much better just by waiting a little bit. All in favour of the Weird Al style here. Oh well, I just hope whatever solution they choose works out for them.
  4. I have no problem about it being released free to the public, but I'd be most comfortable with it if it waited. For me, a big part of the value of the documentary part of the kickstarter is being granted permission to follow the creative process as it happens, while bubbling with anticipation. To release it to the public right away makes it feel less special. When the game is out, that value of the kickstarter experience just isn't there anymore, and in that way the backers have got something special for their money that the ones getting the documentary for free won't have. Actually, the half of the episodes-solution isn't so bad either. Act I is out, and that's a closed chapter of the developement process, so releasing the process up to the release of Act 1 would make sense. But I don't mind that much either way. We have had the exclusivity for a really long time already, and since Act 2 is nearing completion, a few more months of exclusivity doesn't really matter that much. Still, I would feel the best about it if you waited until the project is all wrapped up.
  5. Totally excited about the re-recording of the midi tracks! But I have to admit I'm really bummed about the aspect ratio. I guess even after a remastered release, we'll still have to put our hopes on fan mods to get a widescreen version. Just a pity Peter Chan most likely won't be involved with a project like that. It's doable (even if it is a lot of work): I really hope they have at least tried it and tried to make it look good before throwing the idea out the window. Just wonder what they'll do not to make it look too awkward in the final version... Aw shucks, please reconsider, DF!! Or if it's too much work, at least consider making a bundle with a PS4, Grim Fandango and a HD 4:3 TV. That's a concept weird enough to let you get away with it.
  6. Don't know how much it should be trusted, but I just found a (serious) web store in Norway (komplett.no), listing the game with the release date set to the 15th of March 2015. Sounds about right, doesn't it?
  7. If this is Tim taking a dump over me, I must say I really like it! It smells like roses and rainbows, and I feel all giddy and excited!
  8. Anyone remembers this game? When I saw the trailer of Brütal Legend, I was automatically reminded of this little game a friend of mine had on PlayStation when it just had been released. Haven't played it for years, but I just found out that it's abandonware, and can be downloaded for pc for free here: http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?gameid=2494 I can't guarantee for the quality of the game, but if you can't wait until Brütal Legend with killing of enemies with a guitar, here's a quick fix. Only came to level 2 I think, but it was fun killing zombies by sending out powerful sound waves from the guitar, or just using the guitar it as a machine gun.
  9. Wow, didn't expect there to be more EW-fans around on this forum. Kudos!
  10. My feelings towards Brütal Legend will be quite neutral if they don't make that belt buckle. My overjoy of the awesome awesomeness of the game itself will mix together with a huge disappointment of never being able to further spread awesomeness to the world by wearing the belt buckle.
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