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  1. The Flock Official Thread

    Shame, I really would like to seem some games that explore being an animal in a fairly realistic sense. It seems a totally unexplored area, I guess like everything else someone will do it first then everyone will follow.
  2. Wow thats rubbish. On finding this issue I got rid of my ps3 version and bought a 360 disc.
  3. Game on dash, wont let me actually buy it

    Correction. It can be bought if you go directly to it through the marketplace, last time I went through the arcade section and it didn't work. Trenched logo on the purchase screen though. Looks like the right version once loaded. Cant play it tonight though, its no games Wednesday
  4. Sooooooooo, the the game is on the dash under 'game marketplace' but when I click on it and then click again on the Buy option the dialog comes up and disappears again. Cant buy from the dash, the marketplace, from inside the demo or on the web, the latter doesnt have the paid version listed. If this wasn't a Double Fine I might just give up but I will continue to be patient. Does anyone else have this issue?