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  1. Lasers completely destroy knobs/cathys and aerials, surprisingly. Although, I'd be happier if it didn't cost so much.
  2. Twin Lilypads=Last Boss spammage. Also, if the Ursula had a tad bit higher damage, that would be all I'd use. Quick topic change: Laser Emplacements make me happy. And where do you get the Heavy Laser? Cutting through Tubes like a hot knife through butter sounds like fun.
  3. Uh, there are now three maps so yeah...which one? I would want to get to level 30 in Settlement but I'm willing to play Swamp too. I think you get some awesome paints in survival if I'm not mistaken. Aiming for those. He meant to say, "What map did you hit wave 20 on?" Also, what are all these glitches you guys are talking about? They sound rather handy....
  4. They actually have something like this already planned, almost like a Blitzer that hunts players and shoots them from the air. I forget what video you see it in, but it's there.
  5. Quote from Mr. Muir: "When will it be released? It'll be released when we're done with it, that's when!" My guess is either later this month or sometime in January.
  6. Wow, that's crazy. Due to the fact that I completely lied about the fact that I'm normally online (Which is strange, I normally am....), I have no idea what the leader boards look like, but you must've gotten up in the rankings!
  7. Zyamos

    odd bug

    That happens every now and then for me too. Can't complain though, that's how I got my first Shred MG turret.
  8. Send me a message, I'm usually online, and yes, this thread was more or less to make a 'Dream Team' to hit Wave 100 with.
  9. Zyamos

    Challenge Help

    Try Looking for levels with a lot of waves (The later ones, like Volcano), and make good use of the new shred turrets. You should be done in no time.
  10. Wave 44 with: (Myself) Selker Speedy Biped Legs 2 x Hot Shots Sniper, Shock Mines, Shred MG, Flak (All others = randomz) Selker Advanced Tripod Legs 2 x Razor of the Gods Sniper, Coil Mortar, Shred MG, Shotgun(?) Karlsson Defensive Tripod Legs 6 x Indirect MGs Dampener, Shred MG Karlsson Advanced Tripod Legs King Prince (These two are actually a shockingly good combo.) Dampener(?), Shred Mg(?)
  11. Due to the fact that I didn't see anything like this already, here goes. GT: Zyamos Progress: Hospital: Wave 44 with 4 people! Wave 32 with 3. Wave 28 with 2. Swamp: Wave 45 with 3, 'cept one lagged out at 20. Only reason we lost, too. Settlement: Wave 23 with 4. Also, if you feel like updating how far you've gotten, just edit your post. Also, Three people seems like the way to go. Make sure for the first few waves you have someone dedicated to taking out the Volt-Droppers. Spamming Ironclad Snipes is pretty useful as well.
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