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    I was born with a spoon lodged in my shoulder but It's cool I use it to eat cereal and assorted jams and preserves.
  1. The zeppelin is currently in Thailand where you get harassed 24 hours a day, at night tuk tuk drivers ask if you want a ping pong show or "boom boom". Day time random thai people come up and sneakly try to be your guide or take you on a tok tok. The zeppelin will then be landing in London on the 27th I say bring on London!!!
  2. ah yeah the land of the bonny gingers I'll be there drunk and walking thats what I plan to do there drink and walk. In fact that's what I plan to most places.
  3. Where is it Americaland? I don't want to visit America yet I'm too young to have my finger prints and retinal scans on file. I'll wait until my 30's or 40's.
  4. A little bit of both, but it's going to be in Europa land. Deutschland, France, England town all of those areas. I remember I was in Australia (it's like NZ but Far more dry and angry) and this french girl I knew was talking on her phone and let out the loudest "dirty french man" ahhuuhuuhuuu laugh I've ever heard, that is my main reason for visiting france to record as many dirty french man laughs as I possibly can.
  5. I never want to even try WoW I try to avoid most computer games except for a treasured few (winks at double fine). My mate tried to give me a month free key and the game to install but I never did it because I've heard that stuff is like crack for gaming hardouts. Social life, sunshine, travel these things mean nothing when you can get to level 100,000 and smash a dragon or whatever with overly huge a morning star. But each to their own I'm sure it's buckets of fun and if I even tried it for 10 minutes I'ld probably get addicted, but I'm not willing to take that risk.
  6. I heard in the Northern Hemisphere you all wear socks with individual toes and walk backwards in accordance to the rotation of water going down the sink. Is this true? If so will I need lessons to prepare myself for backwards walking and the comfort of socks with individual toes?
  7. I hope all Americas are like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3Pc1CcSTJw
  8. Maybe a coincedience I was gonna say 24th of September... also 24th of August in NZ is 23rd of August for America Town. The Zep only passes by Ohakune and picks people up on The 24th of August every year because for 4 days it stops directly above Mt Ruapehu and August is prime for the snow season so we do Heli snowboarding but with a Zep. Pets yes, We'll get high enough for exiting passangers to parachute. Not high enough for orbit I need those Monkeys focused and sharp.
  9. you can access inside the envelope to breath in the helium through a series of doors like an orbitting shuttle. It has a rope ladder and picks people up from various locations Location 1: 500 metres West of Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand. Location 2: 2 metres directly above the Big Ben, London, England. Location 3: The old Zeppelin fields, Nuerburg, Germany Location 4, 5 and 6: LA, New York and the exact centre of the United States. Location 7: Whistler/Blackcombe's carpark Canada. Location 8: The Main street of Ohakune, by Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand but only on the 24th of August at 2:00am.
  10. Oh yeah but instead of cosairs there will be yachts filled with gold bricks, and specially designed trapdoors....for fun.
  11. yes the top room must be attached with blu tac and you get to this room by climbing and absailing (repelling). As for the duct tape room you don't need to worry all of the luxury rooms are duct taped on.
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