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  1. All referencing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXlzvvTHg7k
  2. Thanks very much, pal, that little snippet I saw sounded really funny.
  3. I watched episode 0 and now I want to see Pendelton Ward's full pich to the team, it seemed hillarious but I can't seem to find it in twitch.... some help would be appreciated
  4. Man, your linework is OFF THE HOOK!! Mad props for your talent.
  5. I want to know about the Brutal Legend posters by Greg's desk, or if they just pieces of art. Yeah those posters are badass too.
  6. I need to know what that poster at 28:48 is! Nobody else saw that?
  7. Would vote for "Afirmativo" there, as it's more humorous in that context.
  8. http://www.howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=8112 <-- Sam & Max is 5 and a half to 6 hours... http://www.howlongtobeat.com/game.php?id=3748 <-- Full Throttle too...
  9. I just played a section at 640x480 res and it's wonderful... I just wish they let me force 4:3 aspect ratio on that resolution, and then it would look like the MOST BEAUTIFUL 90's adventure game ever.
  10. Very distracted by the low ressy art in some backgrounds. Shellmoud is ok, though, for example.
  11. Oh, damn you to hell. 3 hours 54 minutes, finished right now at 4:27 in the morning. I hope YOU'RE PROUD OF YOURSELF.
  12. Ended Shay's part and I'm tempted to continue with the rest of vella's (I'm 15 minutes into it) but it's 2:30 AM here now and I think... oh hell, I'll do it... Wonderful game.
  13. Oh my god, guys, WTF... Why is everybody freaking out about this? I don't even understand... really. The first half of the game is coming sooner, some people can pay to see it, and the second part will come later... that's all. I think many people on the internet were already prepared to cry foul at anything... You don't even have to PAY anything... if you're a backer you get more game for the same amount of money... really it's a win-win...
  14. 52 characters and 32 locations that we now of... it already looks bigger than waht I imagined...
  15. Pretty freaking cool game. I got a really bad ending on my original playthrought, though.
  16. This is unrelated to the video, but I took a look at your facebook page and your game looks awesome so far! It DOES look awesome, really.
  17. I really like the hat in the new F, very unique silhouette. Face in M is good I like the diamond head though. Love the sacrificial gown of R.
  18. Same here - I've never heard of anyone doing things this way before. (And by "this way", I'm referring not only to the tilting, but your whole approach to the animating.) Is this something you've come up with yourselves, or where did that come from? Well, there's some people doing it even in After Effects (not so well animated though, I love that test they posted) I put that reference in the "Animating the jack" thread. Oh, and BTW... to the man that animated this... I absolutely adore the look of snappy animation on that painterly style, looks stellar. I agree the proportions could be closer to the original art... but who cares for a pre-production animation sample. Also, to the person who criticised the head of the character... that's not the ORIGINAL head in the painting, that's the version with the phonemes, for the full head conversation sample with the dialogue tree... they didn't want to re-draw all the mouth poses again and who could blame them.
  19. I just finished a job for an animated spot made using this technique and I wanted to show a little glimpse of the main character's walk cycle, I think with certain types of character designs it can be very expressive: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/871253/Test_Scene_1_h264.mov It's made with a custom skeletal rig made in AE, not a 3D program.
  20. You can clearly see in this just how much emotion the wonderful music adds to the segments, kudos to the composer, and to you too 2player.
  21. On the subject of dropping frames to make the animation look hand-drawn I'd like to present Galactic Mail as proof that it works wonderfully:
  22. I just want to say that you absolutely CAN do stretchy frames with a skeleton in Maya... so you know. Some people think that you are hard limited by the skeleton... you can do squash and stretch and everything in between. In fact... here's an absolutely wonderful example
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