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  1. I've never seen these before but seriously so cool! I love the design concept.
  2. i had no idea who he was until very recently but he would make a fine Toilet #4 as far as I can see....
  3. I wasn't able to watch this until after the fact, but it was certainly fun!
  4. I was really excited about it when I got the email, it's just too steep for me. I couldn't justify another $100 when I've already pledged $350. But I'm glad that it's available for others that might have more flexible purse strings! Hopefully they'll make a cheaper version available later down the road.
  5. BR


    I have been curious about the size as well.
  6. In general, I agree. Although like someone said before me, there were games that were more difficult but that doesn't always make them better. I remember as a kid I had a sega genesis and some games were relatively easy, but I had many games that I remember being really hard. A few years ago I downloaded an emulator to try some of these games again and.... they were still hard. Some impossibly hard. But I would largely consider their difficulty due to poor game mechanics. Some were barely playable.
  7. Not that I necessarily expect to make it over this last hump tonight but I keep refreshing every so often just in case.....
  8. Cute!! Is it bad I can't remember at all what the fork was used for?
  9. I must admit I'm one of those people that have been waiting until after the holidays to pledge. Hopefully in the end it means I'll be able to spend a little more then I originally thought. Hopefully there's a lot of others like me still out there!
  10. OKAY well after digging around more... the comment in your post meant to be a joke is what helped figure it out. Somehow my graphics card added a 3D viewing feature that I don't remember installing which was causing it to... actually try and play in 3D mode. How ridiculous. Anyway, it works now! So thanks! Just wish I could have figured this out on Christmas! Note to all: Psychonauts will not work with any 3D viewing features. Do not attempt.
  11. Hey All, Tried loading up my steam version of Psychonauts the other day (Christmas actually, and I wasn't able to get that achievement...) But the graphics were all screwy and I wasn't able to get past the the point to load my game. (See attached) I've played it just fine on my computer a bunch of times before. I tried re-installing and messing with some of the display settings but nothing seemed to work. Updated my graphics driver. Nada. Anyone have this issue before or know of a fix? Edit: Running Windows 10 (I don't think I've tried to play since updating) Display adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GT 635 Thanks!
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