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  1. I don't know, I wouldn't think they would suit that bit of the campaign. The Metal Spider Queen mission is great where it is, as you rush to save Ophelia's life, and in turn establish a greater relationship with her character as the player. At least, that's the way I saw it. In any case, there should have definitely been more levels in the game that were like the Lair of the Spider Queen or Miss Licky. The hunting side-missions just didn't evoke the same feel or atmosphere of that particular scenario, nor did the one where you have to go to the bat's cave and rid the place of the Tollusks that were running around in it. Those weren't bad per say, but they just can't compare.
  2. Little-known fact: Ironheade's tour bus actually has a miniature tractor beam on the front of its bumper, allowing it to haul 5000 cubic buttloads of scaffolding (and occasionally their frontman) with ease. Either that or Eddie just learned the secret of the Brütal Büttslide. He also seems to have taken a page or two from Wonder Woman. The whole thing reminds me of the butt-racing fad that went on for a while on YTMND.
  3. Well, I'm sure they're game for it and a lot of us would be too. Besides, what would be the biggest issue in getting them involved? Brutal Legend right now needs more exposure to get people's attention, though I don't think it would matter what kind of people we were showing it off to. The crowd there likes their games almost as much as they like to argue, so I think BL will get a warm reception if we can put up an exciting stream. If they like what they see, they'll surely talk about it to their friends and such. It would certainly make up for the horrible job EA did of 'promoting' the game. I would agree to this idea, although there is a problem in that : 1) I don't have a means to stream and 2) The PSN community is pretty much dead My viewers would all be staring at "Finding Opponents" screens for a good chunk of the time and that isn't very exciting. If it were different, maybe I'd give it a shot. I'm busy most of the time with other things, but I would lend some of my time there to spread the knowledge of the game. The current videos on youtube are just the start - we need more exposure, that's for sure.
  4. I guess that the leech will try to eat through the booth and after a while destroy it if it isn't removed in time. Oh yeah, and there would be leech eggs falling around the battlefield at times. They would become small proximity mines that behave like an unmatured Agony Boil or something.
  5. Ratguts are pretty weak if you don't take care of them, so I don't like to send them in alone or at least uncloaked if I'm planning to sneak a few in. I also don't understand why you wouldn't want to make organists as soon as you have access to them. Getting a 60% damage reduction on the opponent hurts anyway you cut it, but the consensus here is that using those fans to get tech 3 instead is somehow more desirable. The main perk of the fire barons is that they're vehicles and can run into units/avatar and stumble them. With the metal beast you get a pretty good double team attack and a reduced load value for about 25 more fans, but I think the Baron's ring of fire DT can hit more of them if you can manage to get one closed around them. Bouncers do indeed have a great DT, although I feel they suffer in actual combat because of their slow movements and attacks. For their build and load value though, they're not too bad. I actually tried out an entire army of Divine Punishing Parties in AI Practice and I was able to respawn-loop the opponent's avatar. As soon as they respawned, they died almost instantly. Amusing as it was, I don't think such a situation could happen against a real opponent. The Bleeding Death just kills everything it locks onto, although its attacks are a lot slower than its movements, so you may have a point there. It's still fantastic for softening up a stage and the opponent's units, but I prefer it for defending an area. I think that is the main aspect of having a BD, in that you can set it up anywhere almost as soon as you can build it. That and it's a tough unit that kills pretty much everything, but that's already a given considering its actions. It's pretty expensive too, so you'd do well to ensure it does the best it can before it croaks. When I play DD, I only really split them up at the beginning and form them back together again in the mid-game when I reach tech 2, so all of my current debuffers can really start having an effect on the enemy units. That is the extent of my management, since giving individual orders amongst tightly packed units is a chore. I'd only give more advanced individual orders if the units were far away from everyone else. Once I have the flag down, that's about as much as I manage things from that point onward. Weeping heavens takes a while to travel, so if you see a bunch of guys coming down your way, you can set up the attack so they'll be hit by it when they pass. The cannoneer missions from single-player should have taught something like this. Thunderhogs are still better than Bouncers, in any case. Stun Note can indeed keep even beefy units like Superior Painis Lifters and Heartcutters from doing their job for a good while, so abusing it by having two Thunderhogs handy is a clutch idea if that's what it comes down to. That and the healing it provides can make Ironheade's tougher infantry even more difficult to put down. Still, it bothers me somewhat that Bouncers need a primer going to really get anything done - then again, DD's whole faction revolves around having debuffers to do it for them. I don't bother with Roadies because I've never really had a need for them. I know the DT attack is pretty hilarious in that it can knock the opponent into hazards or continuously lock them in a stun loop if they're cornered. I'd only really consider roadies if I desperately needed to grab a captured booth for myself, but never in the main attack on the opponent's stage, as that proximity makes them vulnerable to retaliation. I already gave my reasons for why DD's late game is gimped in comparison to Ironheade's or TC's, so getting a treeback hardly ever a concern of mine - I'd only ever want to reach tech 4 to get weeping heavens. I have pulled some out on occasion and they're fun to use, with the DT being somewhat like the Gravedigger's on steroids and the added benefit of having crows murder everything else in the proximity. Ironheade does feel like it's the only one that needs a Rock Crusher to get anywhere in the late game, although if you make it that far, you know you could have already won it before then. I also heard rumors about the car being able to distract a BD if it locks onto it, although I am unsure as to how that works or if it has a good chance of succeeding. I've only once had a BD show up on my stage, but I didn't think to pull out my Deuce there as it was already on-route at that point. I guess if I see my opponent trying it, I'll just grab the car and run around the stage until it pops out and then lure it somewhere it won't be bothersome. If it does work, I'd be pretty upset as the TC player who summoned it.
  6. I sat down and actually did this, came up with the following figures: Starting Fan Count: 300 Stage Fan Production: ~36 fans/minute Booth Fan Production: ~90 fans/minute As you can see, having one fan geyser over the opponent will net you an extra 90 or so fans every minute. I consider this to be an extremely big margin for players to overcome if one player takes the lead in resources, particularly on maps where you start with only one booth to generate fans at the start. Things like making this many units or making an expensive unit and even teching up need to be considered when you have that much of an advantage/disadvantage. As a player, I almost always try to ensure that I get the upper hand in the geyser scuffles to net as many resources early as I can - booths are a lot harder to take down than leeches, after all.
  7. I think that'd be a funky map to play on. Name: Breeding Grounds Theme: Similar to Bleeding Coast and Feeding Area Starting Booths: 2, Neutral Geysers: 4 Size: Medium-Large (About as big as Battered Bluff, roughly) Hazards: Every once in a while, a random neutral geyser will get leeched and any built booth will be destroyed (or alternatively, sapped of its production to your stage). Anyone can come in and take the leech out to claim the geyser (or crippled booth) for themselves.
  8. I think someone should look into how much one booth can generate in a minute, as well as how much the stage can generate on its own in the same time. DD does indeed have the best opening game, while Ironheade and TC are evenly matched until the nuns start getting killed. There's no doubt that TC is the best faction for the mid and late games, so it's important to shut them down early and continue to hound their hierarchy and avatar throughout the game. Once they get the ability to put out next generation Coil and bigger units like the Skullraker or Painis Lifter, you should prepare for an uphill battle if precautions aren't taken. A screamwagon on their side can make this even more difficult. Ratguts aren't too great against Ironheade's Tier 2, but they can kill their tier 1's and some tier 3's with the DT attack, as well as most of TC's hierarchy and ground units. Likewise, having organists on the field can greatly affect the damage output of any unit the opponent has out, making DD even with Ironheade to some degree. Not to be outdone, the Lightning Rod is extremely effective when you charge up its DT, on par with the Headsplitter at times - there's nothing bad about DD's tier 2 and it'd be foolish to disregard it in favor of skipping to tech 3. At tech 3, Ironheade gets Roadies, Bouncers, and the Metal Beast - these units tend to be overlooked unless you're trying to defend something or want to Roadie Rush. However, tech 3 DD gets Broods and the Dirigible, which is their best debuffer and a death knell to the other side if they can get a wall of death going. They also get Reapers, but they're very pricy and weaker in comparison to just making ratguts and broods to have your fill of counter units. Reapers also have a situational DT attack that is hard to hit with and they tend to die very quickly. The reason I don't think Late-game DD is impressive is because a single Bleeding Death or Bladehenge Assault can set you back for a while. DD simply doesn't have something as heavy hitting as the Rock Crusher or a BD and building a proper wall of death takes a long time of preparing to even get going. Not to mention that in the same time of the late-game, the other team likely already has something that can defeat you quickly and DD isn't suited towards defense if they come into trouble. The main thing I'm getting at is if DD is in the late-game and the other side can match them, they're going to be disadvantaged. Don't move and you get a big, throbbing BD or blade down your throat. Move ahead at that point and you leave yourself bare and open to attacks. The thing about the wall of death is that it has to be altogether for it to work. If you get a BD at your stage or if Ironheade's troops get to yours faster before you do, it's a slow crawl back and by then it may be too late. This is especially troublesome if you are over your load limit, since you can't summon anyone to help defend. Not even Weeping Heavens can do much in this case, nor would having a Frightwig prepared to overtake a heartcutter or rock crusher do much in the way of helping. This is why reaching late-game as DD is a drag, in my opinion. You'll want to end the game before they can get to that point, no matter who you're facing. Also of relevance: I believe I owe some explanation. Headsplitters and Thunderhogs are very useful, but they're expensive and otherwise are killed too quickly (respectively), putting them at Mid. Bouncers suck at their own roles because they're slow and Roadies have no chance in combat if they're discovered, making them Low. I consider Reapers low because despite their quick speed and deadly attacks, they're quite situational, weak, and their DT kinda blows if you're not using it to scare units away. Frightwigs can come into their own in certain situations, but they're generally not worth the hassle unless you know you can a) possess something, b) not get killed trying to do it, c) need a ranged unit for whatever reason. By Battlenuns, I mean generation one nuns and their produce - once you get Superior and Divine Nuns, they shoot up one tier level for every successive generation (the same goes for Warfathers and their units). Skull rakers kill buildings, nuff said. Painis Lifters eat up infantry and hurt everything else, especially with its DT. Superior versions of each just crank all of this up to 11. I don't think I need to clarify any other positions here, but I could be grossly wrong about it all.
  9. I'll just leave that there. If you want to refute it, just read the rest of that post. Anyway, I have another question: Does anyone know the exact amount of fans a stage/booth/well/digestor accumulates over any given period of time? Does the amount decay if the booths are damaged or under attack? I wouldn't think so on the latter point, although it's something that's always made me wonder. Sure, getting maybe one more booth over the opponent may be advantageous, but how much more advantageous is it? Has anyone got a weigh-in on this? I think that getting all the resources for yourself and cutting off the opponent is important, but is it the end-all, be-all of winning the game?
  10. Maybe so, although there's a counter to everything. Prevention is said to be the best cure to any disease. This principle can be applied to Gravediggers, any of the debuffers DD can put out, and the entirety of the TC's hierarchy units. If you truly believe none of your units can do the job, then soften the GDs before they can even get to them. Stall them in whatever way you can. By the time they can even become a threat, they're much more manageable and it's unlikely the opponent will get to DT with them by then. On Bleeding Coast, this could mean busting out the Deuce as Ironheade and running them down as they come down their stage to the coast leech. You could try double teaming with some headbangers to intercept any incoming gravediggers, as well as take a thunderhog out to stun them for a bit. Tainted Coil can put down an Agony Boil out of the way or along their path while you run down some in your chariot. If the avatar isn't aware of it, they'll run right into it and probably die if it's matured long enough. The focus of all of these strategies is to ensure DD can't even touch the free geyser, where their double team is sure to win them the tussle. If you manage to keep them away long enough to capture the geyser for yourself, don't be afraid to get in there and also harass Ophelia with anvil/chains and your best fighting moves. This will in turn make them lose fans through putting their resources into spamming grave diggers, as well as getting beat down if you can manage that much. Then you don't even have to worry about rushing to tech 2 because you'll get there before they do. Of course, this doesn't stop Ophelia from taking advantage of your distraction to start killing your units at the leech. A good sense of battlefield awareness will be key here. This is what happens when there's only one free geyser to go around and sometimes feeding area can go the same way. I actually think Feeding Area is an easier map to play than Bleeding Coast in most cases, even with the pit demon destroying anything that comes down its way.
  11. Scrubs will always be scrubs. If they can't have their way, they will ensure no one else will have it the way it was meant to be. This kind of player exists absolutely anywhere a competitive environment is. That sort of mentality is stuck into their reptile brains and they won't ever shake the habit of making imaginary rules that they expect every player to follow. Anyone who doesn't follow such silly propositions is immediately labeled a cheater and the scrub will want nothing to do with them. They're the kind of people who ruin competitions and shouldn't try pulling that nonsense outside of their mother's house. The point is that such players are horrible sports and should be confined to an ironic hell where they play against other disconnectors and crybabies. The way the game is put out is the way it's meant to be played. Double Fine didn't spend all of that time and money to put out a game that's totally unfair in any single aspect. Anyone who proposes this claim is absolutely mad and should be ostracized to the highest degree of discrimination allowed by the DFAF code of Decency...which it so to say, ignoring those cretins. Not many games are lucky to have this level of playtesting done so that most players are satisfied with the experience, so those whiners ought to just can it and let us be. And on an unrelated note, I absolutely adore using the noob tube in Call of Duty. Not because it's 'cheap' (because it isn't), but because it's useful and a blast to use. I laugh at players who curse me out on their microphones or in messages about it. If it's in the game, it's fair, right? Better yet, those players need to get their butts kicked until they realize that getting better means they have to break out of those childish conventions and take their lumps like a manly man of manliness. You can't force them to stay in the game while they're losing and it's absurd to imagine they're having fun losing, but if you can't do that and bail at the first sign of trouble, you're a coward. Doubly so because you're bailing from a game. An online game. That's even more pathetic...the age of metal has no need for such frivolty. After all, it's kill or be killed. There is a surrender option for this purpose, but no one uses it because retreating is desirable to the embarrassment of submission to force. It's up to the remaining warriors to make as roadies and keep trash off the stage. It may sound elitist, but scrubs are the bane of any community that wishes to flourish - especially communities as niche as Brutal Legend's. On another note, everyone should stop taking themselves so seriously. There's been a lot of saddlesore posts on here recently and it's not the image we want to put out there to represent us, is it? Really, everyone here would do well from taking a step back and taking a deep breath before they post. Let's not point fingers as to who goes first, please... All is fair in love and war, but let's also take a time to make light of our 'reputations'. No need to start stupid fights and get yourself banned over them. If you get so defensive about these things, then you have a lot more problems than just other players spoiling your fun.
  12. The poll is biased, so I'm not voting unless there are more conservative or in-between answers. And to answer the question, no it is not. Gravediggers suck on their own - sure you get six of them as opposed to the usual four, but their individual health and damage are very poor. Their saving grace is in their numbers and in their double team attack, which can make short work of any sort of massed infantry. Because this is what you start the game with, I can see why it's seen as 'OP'. It is difficult to interrupt while Ophelia is being buried, but it can be done - even so, it's extremely unlikely you can get her out of being buried every single time she attempts it. If she has several gravediggers spread out, she can be underground before you even see where she was. The DT is very powerful and can even make it so they can capture leeches before you can even get to them, giving them a definite resource advantage if they're released in large numbers and spread out effectively. But is it too powerful? I do not think so. In fact, I think the Soulkisser DT is much more powerful. It must be, considering that you lose one part of your unit to use it. Deals ten damage up front and across a small area, meaning you could potentially take out a few units with a single throw. At this exchange rate, you'll be killing the enemy units faster than you can put replacements out. However with the Gravedigger DT, you don't sacrifice any units to do it and it has a much wider area of effect. It's weaker so you'll usually have to do it at least two or three times to kill most infantry in a crowded area. And that's if they're not being healed. Early-game Ironheade doesn't have anything nearly as powerful as the Gravedigger or Soulkisser for a DT, sadly. Mid-game, the gravedigger DT loses some effectiveness, although it's still pretty strong against basic infantry. When upgraded, it's probably on par with a ratgut, but still sucks on cars. Late-game, Gravediggers are replaced by broods for most players and therefore you don't see it very much. Gravedigger DT only is good against infantry and leeches...which will be most plentiful early in the game. Therefore, Gravediggers are only 'overpowered' in the early game where getting the advantage is most important. For most players, if they can get the advantage early, they will come into the mid-game with a lot more momentum than their opponent. In this way, spamming gravediggers is more or less going to guarantee you some foothold if you spam their DT. Later in the game, they just become cannon fodder or filler for your wall of death. Being 'overpowered' in the early game is nothing. Being 'overpowered' for the whole game is what the issue should be. But really, I don't think the gravedigger DT breaks the game. They're being made out to be the new 'fire barons' issue, but that would be ridiculous. Fire barons actually had a reason to be nerfed, as did CotW and the AoE blast solos for the other factions. DD just has really good double teams and solos in comparison to TC or IH, but they're also the most dependent on them. IH and TC players can get away with almost never using an offensive double team except early on in the game and maybe busting out a solo every now and then to give themselves a boost. I'm not saying their double team attacks are poor, but they're not essential as they are for the Drowning Doom. In fact, double teaming is often as the best method towards beating the Doom player spamming gravediggers as it prevents you from being overwhelmed by their sheer numbers and powerful opening-game attacks.
  13. This map is probably the most unusual for me to figure out, although I treat it similarly to Doom's Mire because of how close the stages are to each other. I plant a flag by one of the opponent's booths and then order the first unit I build to the fan leech. I keep pumping out reinforcements to support the ones attacking the enemy booths while I'm free to take the leech while they're distracted. Sometimes this strategy hurts more than it helps, especially if the oppwnent is doing a decent job of wiping all of your units out, so I don't recommend it in the long term. However, this typically guarantees me the coast geyser for the round, giving me an advantage. As for IH vs DD on this map, each side would do well to make use of their double team attacks and probably their summoned vehicle. If they're spamming Gravediggers, I think the car works nicely, as does the headbanger double team that can knock away several of them when massed. I wouldn't recommend Razorgirls unless you're expecting to fight the avatar or their car, but having a Thunderhog handy would be a good idea. Roman Candle them, burn others, use the shock bomb, rock slide them, and use the groundshaker. Just watch out for the silence solo and you should not have much trouble mopping everything up with a little help from your units. Although you start off with two merch booths, I'd suggest heavy avatar harassment if you want to tech to tier 2 off the bat - but only if you're confident in your combat abilities and can use anvil of burden to your advantage. DD will likely make tons of infantry starting out, but barons are weak and rather expensive. I don't know if Opehlia can be interrupted while she's being buried, but I think if you stagger the gravedigger doing the action, it may - you can't do anything about it once she's underground though. Strangely, the DT cannot come out from underneath a vehicle for some reason, so getting some cars out if they continue to spam gravediggers may be helpful. I guess if you want to secure the coast geyser for yourself you can plant your flag there and send a pair of headbangers with a thunderhog out. Afterwards, summon your Deuce and run over anyone coming out of the stage on the other side. This will probably kill a few of their guys while softening them up for your units and stalling their advance. Repeat as necessary if your car gets destroyed. Take higher priority on brides, particularly because of their ranged DT and debuff effects. If they get over there, you will definitely be feeling the effects. Ophelia could probably counter by trying to do the same with her hearse or with Black Tear Infusion on the area. I'm not really sure what else they can do at that point.
  14. It's for a good cause and I don't have anything else to do today, but this thread isn't about me or you or whatever arguments you wasted your time on this weekend. You aren't the first to point it out and probably won't be the last, but I'm not going to start a war over it. At least you can say you helped, right? Whatever happens, I will definitely include this in my guide if I decide to finish it up anytime soon. This thread is dead unless the OP weighs in on something next. He came here for advice, after all. No more arguing - take to the PMs and leave that mess off the threads, please. That also goes for everyone else here.
  15. I suppose I do, but it's not bad advice to repeat or review ;-) I think what would really help is if we knew exactly how the thread creator fought against the opponent and in what ways. He's recently signed up to the threads from what I can see, but I don't know if he's a new player or something. This was a bad topic for him to be exposed to and we're not going to point fingers here anymore because we've seen what has happened as a consequence. Our community won't grow if we keep doing this sort of thing...but now I'm just reinforcing your point by saying it. Any-who, Just follow the little tips and observe each avatar's strengths and weaknesses as described above. Try out all of the avatars and their combos, abilities, and double team attacks in AI practice - see what works best for you. Above all, practice is what will make or break your skill-building exercises. Take the time to learn what combos and builds are most effective for self-defense and land grabs. See what faction suits your fancy and train with them as much as you can. Some players absolutely avoid avatar combat until at least mid-game - this isn't a bad way to play, but it can be troublesome if you have an aggro player on the other side. Also, here's a recap of combos in the game and approximate damage. You can find this in your tour book: Basic Attacks Attack = 1dmg. Your basic melee attack. Each hit does 1 damage. Quick, clean, pretty reliable. Attack (hold) = 2dmg, guard breaking. The unstoppable attack has a bit of a delay to it, but it can break through a guard. Guitar = .8dmg. Has better range than your melee but can overheat. Stuns small infantry. Guitar (hold) = 2dmg, guard breaking. A flashy move dubbed the "Pyro". Launches small infantry into the air and can break guards. Combos Attack x4 = 4dmg. Mash the attack button to pull off a nasty-looking combo. Guitar x5 = 4dmg. Spam the shocker for a nice display of sparks. Stun effect doesn't stack on infantry units. Attack, Guitar = 2dmg. The Flashpot combo, which causes a small explosion underneath the target. Can launch infantry into the air. Attack, Guitar, Attack = 3dmg. The Home Run, a follow up to the flashpot combo that can toss small infantry far away. Not too useful. Attack, Guitar, Guitar = 2dmg+up to 5dmg. The Roman Candle. Very good against stationary targets and small infantry that are lifted into the air. Attack, Attack, Guitar = 2dmg+5dmg/t. Fire Chord combo, sets targets on fire for some damage over time. Very handy! Attack, Attack, Attack, Guitar = 4dmg. The Rock Kick combo. Breaks guard and knocks away small targets. Can be roll-cancelled into the "infinite combo". Misc. Moves Run + Guitar = ?dmg. The Power Slide attack. Helpful for cutting through densely-packed infantry and knocks them away. Looks cool. Run + Attack = ?dmg. The Grand Slam attack, which hurls light infantry into the distance. Has a lot of recovery time, too. Guard = no damage, negates incoming damage. Your only method of defense. You're invincible unless it's broken through. Target + Guard + any direction = Evade. Not really an attack, but it is a handy maneuver. Many combos can be cancelled with this. Target + Guitar + back on analog stick = ?dmg. The Grabber, can only be used on targeted foes. Prevents avatar movements and brings smaller infantry towards you. Target + Guitar while target is airborne = ?dmg. The shock bomb attack. It can only be done on an enemy that's floating helplessly in the air, such as one that was roman candle combo'd. When the shocked enemy touches the ground again, they explode in a burst of sparks that can also hurt nearby foes and knock smaller ones away. I'm not sure how much damage this does on impact to the target or the victims of the bomb. I'm done here, I think.
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