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  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Glenfx! Ever think of doing one for Psychonauts? I'm sure that would blow everyone's mind!
  2. I'm super late to this party, but just wanted to say what an awesome episode this was! And bravo to those initial sales figures! Up to this time, I had no idea how well Broken Age has been selling. I knew it was at least decent, since Act 2 is on its way. Just didn't realize how good it was received! (I purposefully avoided reading any reviews about it when it was first released to us backers). I myself loved Broken Age Act 1. Yes, I thought the puzzles were simple, but I knew it was just Act 1, and that the second half is supposed to be tougher. It'd be sort of like judging how challenging a game is by the tutorial alone. Whereas Act 1 has no tutorial- it has to do all the set up story wise for introducing the characters, their backgrounds, game mechanics, and lead up to a climax. The second half won't need to do this; it can just jump right into the exciting stuff. Good books and movies follow a similar pattern. In regards to what's considered an old school, point-and-click adventure game- I think that's really getting lost into semantics and subjective terminology. If the world only accepted the most original "adventure games" as being pure then there wouldn't BE any graphic adventure games. Only text adventures. And if no one decided to improve upon graphics or game story telling- then we'd all be stuck with King's Quest 1 with it's minimal text parser. If no one challenged that, there would never have been a verb-clicking interface a la Maniac Mansion. The same is true for the phenomenal Grim Fandango: no verb interface; in fact, they then tried out something totally new: a keyboard control interface rather than a mouse icon! Even in the world of adventure games, it's still constantly improving and experimenting with new changes. There is no way Broken Age would have see the same level of success as it currently has, if they only made a 90's era point-and-click with the money it garnered during the Kickstarter.
  3. Ah- totally forgot that he was in Iron Man 2. Wasn't that big of a fan of #2 at the time, but perhaps if I see it now I'll look past whatever faults it may have had. I do remember Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, being in it as that guy likes to think he is the real life Iron Man. Pssht- whatever. I mean I always figured the inspiration for Tony Stark was Howard Hughes but that's just me. And if you're curious about that person- go check out the movie The Aviator (2004). Great movie.
  4. Great. Now I need to go figure out why the poison didn't work. Seriously. Dimethyl mercury. It soaks through anything is colorless and odorless, can be absorbed through the skin, through gloves, through clothes... and you only need about 100 uL to get a lethal dose. Of course, it also takes six months of excruciating pain for the exposed person to die, so it's not good for quick assassinations... and it's really easy to accidentally kill yourself with it and not even know for a few months. Still. I was going to say- hey, I think I've worked with that chemical before; before remembering what I was thinking of was ethidium bromide. Yeah, never had a reason to assassinate anyone. Maybe. And welcome back, Warrior!
  5. So I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier last weekend. I found it entertaining- but not as much as everyone else it seems. And what was up with Garry Shandling's cameo? I thought he was supposed to be comic relief or a red herring like Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3. Good for him though. Perhaps this is now a trend for new Marvel movies, and we may see Larry David or Jerry Seinfeld as future villains. Anyways, CA:TWS was definitely action packed. And Scarlet Johannson kicked ass as Black Widow. I'm probably just being overcritical, but I was expecting more after the Avengers and the second Thor movie. The important thing though was that my girlfriend liked it a lot (more than me anyways). She even knew what the end teaser was about when I didn't have a clue. Whatever it is- I am super psyched for X-Men: Days of Future Past. I think that one's going to be awesome.
  6. Just chiming in with the others here, but really happy to hear things turned out great in the end, OANST! And I'm glad you started out by saying your story was going to have a Happy Ending from the get go. That made it all the more inspiring! So what I've learned from this thread is that: 1. Double Fine = still the coolest bunch of peeps on the planet 2. Marriage = waffles
  7. Hope you get the job, Darth! I'm going to guess it's for a reviewer for video games/movies. Or maybe a hit man. Just don't forget us here!
  8. @Lemming81: That cute fan art was done by the artist, Tikara, and you can see more of her amazing art on tumblr: http://purplemew.tumblr.com/commissions And agree that a plushie of Oatmeal would be awesome, or perhaps maybe as a bubble maker.. :Tc
  9. The Grand Budapest Hotel was fantastic. If you like Wes Anderson movies, you'll love this. I'm happy to hear all the high praise about Captain America. I hope to catch that maybe next weekend. I'm actually surprised since I thought the first movie was only so-so. Also, a few weeks ago, I saw Divergent. I went in thinking it was going to be another lame, teen-angst knock off of The Hunger Games. Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised! Granted it's got its weak points, but I actually like the premise better than the Hunger Games. Now I haven't read the books, but a friend mentioned the next two books aren't as good. Guess we'll have to see. Also, it's interesting that on Rotten Tomatoes the critics have Divergent ranked so low. The audience, like me, has it ranked pretty high. Usually Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good indicator of a good movie since it's an aggregate of many different critics. But IMO, I think for Divergent it's flat out wrong. On the flip side: for the movie Noah, most audience members thought it sucked whereas critics praised it. What gives?
  10. So this is the first season I've started watching where I've already read the accompanying book in advance, and I'm happy that so far- the show is still outstanding! I actually love the subtle differences between the two. Some of it's the sequence of events, and who's where and when- but I really love the live action depictions. The Thenns look scary as f*ck on screen! Also, I hope the show does make some major deviations from the book; not because I didn't enjoy the book's version, but because I like to be held in suspense throughout the season.
  11. That is really incredible, twazu! I've never heard of this type of art before, but it looks brilliant and I'm amazed at both the process and effort!
  12. Re. Guise of the Wolf: guess I'll avoid it then. The screenshots on Steam show both 3D rendering as well as cell-shaded art which is kind of a weird combination- usually it's just one or the other. Putting together like that reminds me of the weird 1978 versions of Lord of the Rings which composited both animation along with rotoscoped live action footage. @Carl: Cool! Will you be allowed to show us any video or screenshots of the project after you guys are finished?
  13. After a so-so mid-season so far, tonight's episode 49 (Season 4, ep 14), was actually pretty decent. What's interesting is that I just happened to watch the movie Warm Bodies this weekend, and whereas it wasn't really a good movie or anything- it had the opposite message as tonight's episode.
  14. Did LPBB remind anyone else of this: It's from Zelda: Majora's Mask (back in the day on the N64) For me- as soon as I saw the grassy hill with all the pink buds on it during the AF videos, I thought of it: "None of the other kids will play with me." Sound familiar? Anyways, if you've never played Zelda: Majora's Mask - definitely try it out. It's one of my most favorite console games ever. Also, probably one with the most "computer adventure game" elements to it. For those that have played it- check out this cool revelation I found regarding Majora's Mask: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=24940828&postcount=6839 Again, there's some possible eerie similarities with LPBB - ie. playing on a face.. -------------- So after thinking about it a lot, I have to some new theories about what the ending to LPBB meant. Again, MEGA-SPOILERS below! Please don't read until you've played the game. If you don't have Windows, try out WINE as mentioned in above posts. 1. I think sweater guy (the Player) is the real person in the real world and the entire Pink Best Bud world exists only inside the Player's mind. Each Pink Best Bud represents different aspects of either the Player's personality or memories. Usually, the Player has all of the Pink Buds kept safely under his control in his mind. 2. Ski mask guy was once a Pink Bud "trapped" inside the Player's mind. Somehow he discovered a way to get out into the real world and takeover the Player's mind. 3. I think Ski Mask Bud was somehow involved with the guy that Big Leg killed. I think Ski Mask guy purposefully tricked Big Leg into walking over another Pink Bud's body crushing his head. Whether this killed Pink Bud was Dead Guy or not is a mystery (since Big Leg said he buried the guy in the woods). 4. Somehow when Big Leg killed the other Pink Bud by accident, it opened up Ground Mouth which is the portal between the Pink Bud's world and the Player's mind. Not sure if Ground Mouth IS the Pink Bud that was killed or just represents the Player's psyche- maybe his sense of guilt or conscience. In either case, I think Ski Mask Bud planned all this so he could enter the Player's mind and take control of it. 5. Once Ski Mask guy entered the Player's mind and took control of it in the real world, he went on a wild crime spree like robbing banks- enjoying his new found sense of freedom. 6. However, I think the mind control situation was only temporary. Each time the Player would go to sleep, Ski Mask guy would take over and would be up to no good. When the Player "awoke" he would find himself recovering from bad situations (like in a boarded up apartment with lots of stolen money). Ski Mask Bud knew he would have to get rid of the Player somehow in order to make the switch permanent. 7. So Ski Mask Bud comes up with a plan. While he is in control of the Player after one of his robberies, he locks himself inside of a car trunk. Ski Mask guy in control of the Player then went to sleep which usually switches both of them back to the respective worlds. However, since it is Ski Mask guy who went to sleep in the Player's body, this somehow transports them both along with the car to Pink Bud World (inside the Player's mind). 8. They both travel to the Best Bud world, and Ski Mask guy opens the trunk, throws out the Player, and leaves him trapped inside his own Pink Bud world. Then Ski Mask guy takes the car and returns back to the real world. The Player is a prisoner in his own Pink Bud world. 9. The events in the game progress, with the Player facing his own personal demons (the Pink Buds) each demanding his fullest attention. The Player figures out though that he is the Master of his own creations- he assuages Ground Mouth (his sense of guilt for the crimes that Ski Mask Bud has committed and accepts his lack of control of what happened.) 10. Now the ending gets a little complicated. We know that the Player travels through Ground Mouth into the eyes of Ski Mask guy, but there is a extra layer of nesting (sort of Inception-esque). Here is how to visualize the situation: A. Ski Mask Guy is in control of the Player's body in the real world B. The Player is still in Pink Bud world seeing the real world through Ski Mask Guy who has control of the Player's body in the real world 11. In the game, the Player then controls Ski Mask guy/Player's real body to get into the car and drive out of the building. Somehow, perhaps the death from crashing the car transports Ski Mask guy back into Pink Bud world. 12. Now both Ski Mask Guy and the Player are both in Pink Bud world. Through the Ski Mask players eyes you can still see yourself (the Player) bending over Ground Mouth controlling the body. Presumably, Ski Mask guy is unconscious/dreaming during all this. Also, now Ski Mask guy back in the Pink Bud world appears to look human rather than like a Pink Bud because he is now "real" from having lived in the real world since he took control of the body. 13. The Player uses this time with Ski Mask guy's mind in limbo, to get into the car and flees away while the other Pink Buds tear Ski Mask guy apart. 14. Here there's a bit of suspension of disbelief for an already awesomely-crazy story: since no one is in control of the real world body anymore, I guess it somehow defaults back to the Player. This transports the Player back into the real world completely unharmed. So somehow during the switch- it was Ski Mask guy's body that died in the car crash (and transported him back to Pink Bud world), while the Player's body was protected (since he was in Pink Bud's world). The point is, the Player's body was not harmed during the crash so he escapes fine. The Player's cat (who was not in the car) just happens to jump into the Player's arms at the end, licking him- indicating the cat knows it is the real Player now, and not Ski Mask guy in control of it. That's what the Player means when he says, "We Won!". ----------------- Pretty cool, eh? One other thing LPBB reminds me of is the movie Being John Malkovich
  15. Whereas I didn't have that problem- did you try tweaking both the grass rendering, shadows, as well as reducing the screen size? There's also a Performance thread for playing LPBB: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13551/ One thing I did note was that LPBB runs a lot smoother when I ran it from Steam than when I ran it directly from the Windows executable. Not sure why. The Steam version even ran everything at high quality.
  16. Outstanding fan game, medidog! Hope you got your resume through! Heheh - loved the joke about being just another notch! I also got the jack knife and "Ham" Easter egg- was there any function to the glass cup?
  17. Fantastic work, Team Bad Golf:CE! Will try out a game of multiplayer shortly!
  18. Steed was a fantastic prototype! Really showcased the potential and mechanics for the game! Like all the other prototypes- it amazes me to see how much you guys can put in, in just two weeks, and with such small teams! Where I work, two weeks is the amount of time it takes to schedule one meeting! Congratulations again to Team Steed! Here are some suggestions for elements that could go into a full game (I'm already making the assumption that Steed is going to get the greenlight! ;-)): 1. Have opening gameplay shot be of Bellfire's face rather than from the rear since this is her story. 2. There's gotta be a horse racetrack in the game! Also steeples that you can jump over! 3. At one point Twig should acquire a lance. Bell could then drive through enemies, plowing through them easily like bowling pins! 4. A left and right side kick. Real horses can do it! 5. Story suggestion: Perhaps have an intro sequence showing how Bell and Twig met, or why they are so close. Another cooler option IMO: opening story should show Bellfire losing her sworn rider whom she loved and trusted. Perhaps her original rider was a knight that is killed in battle? In the escape, Bell saves Twig (maybe he's either a paige or just a stableboy). Twig should seem pretty inept at first, and Bell should show a little bit of resentment towards him after losing her original rider. But the true theme of the story is that Bell learns throughout the game that Twig has a good heart and worthy to be her rider despite not being a knight. Last note: loved the water wheel part! After that part is over, is that the end of the prototype? I did find some of the Easter eggs afterwards, but just wanted to make sure.
  19. Interesting.. there are 3 threads on the opening page of EGR about feelings over women. And not one on men. Clearly we men are being under represented.
  20. To be fair, what would the difference to actual society be? Well.. they'd get it backwards. People come from vaginas. Otherwise, it's perfectly accurate. -------- @Marsden: those cat pictures just made my day! :3
  21. One day, after human civilization is all gone, some alien visitors to Earth will find that gif you have there, Feddle, and base all their understanding of our society on it.
  22. 300: Rise of an Empire was a ridiculous mess much like the first 300 Spoiler: I really wonder what goes on in the mind of Frank Miller. Whereas I did enjoy the movie Sin City and for the most part I liked reading The Dark Knight Returns he's a bit of a nut job. -------- In other news, I've been watching a lot of the Making of for the movie Gravity. It's pretty crazy how much work went into that. I totally agree that it won so many technical awards at the Oscars.
  23. I thought this was an outstanding prototype, and I'd buy a full game in a heartbeat! I did wish there was more to the mystery revealed, but this was a prototype afterall- and in way, that was kind of the point- to get us intrigued enough in the whodunnit to demand a full story. I definitely liked the B/W film-noir art style and mechanics of the game- feels really original and compelling. The transitions were fantastic- loved those Rorschach smears! Reminded me of Donnie Darko! The prototype really demonstrated the potential for puzzles that could be implemented as well as to the story telling. That certain printed text are smeared and photographs of faces blurred- but would clear up as more of the story is uncovered is an awesome idea! I have my theory as to who the killer is.. or could possibly be in the cool scenario that maybe the identity of the killer depends on how you piece the memories back together! :coolhmm: [potato]Not sure how I felt about the beating human heart inside the device. That seemed more sci-fi than film noir, but I wasn't sure if that was just a figment of the narrator's imagination (like in a dream), or if that was really what the mystery involved. Not to say that a sci-fi element would necessarily be bad. I just think it should fit within the realms of film-noir era sci-fi- like the Philadelphia Project perhaps. [/potato] Whatever the story Derek was planning, I really hope we get a full game of this! Thank you, Team Mnemonic!
  24. SPOILERS!! So here are my thoughts on the ending. Again, do not read below until you get to see the end credits scene (non-stabby ending): I knew the game was going to be dark since Pen said as much during the AF winning pitches, and they kept hinting at some secret "potato" during the development, so I had made a guess as to what the ending was going to be. What I can tell you is that what I was guessing was completely wrong! My guess before the prototype was released: I originally thought that the ending would have the Player trading places with whichever Best Bud he chooses. So if you as the Player chose Big Leg, the end would have the Player be transformed into a small Pink Bud with your trait being an enlarged big pointy finger (since that's all you did throughout the game!). Big Leg would then be "freed" and return to become a normal buddy. I guessed that the ending would show the Player (now as a Pink Bud) along with all the other non-picked Buds swarming after some newly delivered victim with everyone asking to be his Best Buddy. Before Big Leg escapes he might say something like, "Hey, I know it sucks, but.. you're a nice guy. I know somebody else will pick you!". So in effect the world is a form of Purgatory or Hell. The Pink Buds can only be freed and return to a normal existence once they get picked as a Best Buddy from someone new. As far as why you started off in someone's trunk.. I dunno, maybe - the deal with escaping is that once you are "freed" from being a Pink Bud, you have to bring back someone else to that world to pick a new pink best bud. ----------------- Thanks for directing to those ChatScript files. It's really interesting seeing how much was planned and really shows what this prototype's potential could be if turned into a full game! I didn't see the fossil thing you were talking about for Dead Guy though I did see a tag for #pokemon stuff which has me curious. It did mention something about [possible spoiler for a future release]living in some kind of "dome" thingy and that "we" (the Pink Buds) are all "his" children. Intriguing. Whether "his" is referring to the Player, Ski Mask guy, or Ground Mouth is a mystery to me.[/potato] ----------------- My thoughts on the Wicked Ending: I actually really don't have a clue. I thought it was awesome! And creepy and funny! I guess I'll have to think through it a little bit more. My tentative interpretation for now is that Ski Mask guy robbed a bank or something. While hiding out from the authorities, he invades some guy's apartment (the Player's) in some high-rise building (with a garage but no doors for some strange reason). He takes the Player hostage and puts him into the Player's car trunk. The Player's cat is also put into the car as well. The Ski Mask guy gets in the car and prepares to drive out of the high-rise building in some last ditch stand-off attempt against the surrounding authorities. Unbeknownst to the Ski Mask driver, the Player's car has some sort of dimensional teleportation device which is engaged once the car goes airborne out of the apartment. The teleportation device transplants the car to the Pink Buds world. Ski Mask guy is totally bewildered, but is happy to have made his escape from the authorities. He dumps the Player out into the Pink Buds world. I guess my theory (shaped by the ChatScript file for Dead Guy) is that the Pink Bud world are the Player's scientific creation. The Player created the Pink Buds like sea monkeys in a small aquarium (Like that episode from The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VII: "The Genesis Tub") Perhaps the Pink Bud's were created from the DNA and (unscientifically) the thoughts of the Player himself as well as people he knew. Perhaps the Player knows who Ski Mask guy is. Anyways, trapped in the Player's own scientific creation, he has to figure a way out. The events transpire as they do in the game. When the Player learns that Big Leg killed another Pink Bud, he figures that he can use the dead Pink Bud's psyche (Ground Mouth) to enter the mind of Ski Mask guy. (So perhaps Ski Mask guy is somehow related to Ground Mouth - maybe Ground Mouth's consciousness comes from Ski Mask guy?) So Player enters into the psyche of Ski Mask guy where he then relives the last few moments before Ski Mask guy is about to drive the car out of the high-rise apartment. (the fact that it's B/W means its seen from Ski Mask guy's POV) If you remember, Ski Mask guy teleports away in the intro. I think the Player now in Ski Mask guy's mind travels to that point in time (maybe the teleportation device is a time transporter as well). The Player in Ski Mask guy's mind sees himself (The Player) as he is bending over to inspect Ground Mouth. At that point, by interacting with the Player's body- the minds are switched back. The Player is back in his own body and the Ski Mask guy in his. The Player uses that moment of confusion to get in the car, leaving Ski Mask guy to be overwhelmed by the angry Pink Buds. The Player then drives away in the car, teleporting back into the real world where the car is still airborne from flying out of the high-rise. The car crashes to the street, but the Player rolls out safely along with his cat. The Wicked End. TLDR; Anyways.. my totally illogical piecing together of the story that is..
  25. Haha- I decided to try it again after last night and I stumbled upon the ending. Funny thing is I had actually said those same things to the [potato]mouth in the ground[/potato] during the day before entering the house. And I agree, the hard part was figuring out to back out of the house during that long anim. Very cool ending! Bravo to Team LPBB!
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