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  1. Yup All Caps and SHOUTing out to all the best of the best IB players... HIt me up if you want to have an old school game on whatever map. Yadda yadda.... GT is ReverendBeast...
  2. INTELNY was the king of the selkers back in the day... LOL It was pulled off by him... Let me try ans see if I can pull up his build at the time...
  3. LOL!!! I remeber Crackalakn runiing though those jumps with us! LOL Still goin' at it I love it!
  4. I recognize those guys and gal! Happy New Year! Wanna Play?
  5. Okay; here is a resurrection challenge... Swamp run, NO DLC GEAR! 100% base health.... Any takers?????
  6. I have never accused you of doing "things and stuff"... Dude, A little wisdom that only life experience (read: hard Effin knocks) teaches you: Life in general can be derpresssing if you let events drive you. Health issues,marriage,mortgages,carreers,personal dysfunctions etc. These are all events that really require one (you) to spread a limited resource around (you). So the great wisdom part: comes in having to replenish that limited resource (YOU)! Dude, as corny as it sounds... When things are at their worst; you really have to step back and have a good laugh over the sheer maddness of the situation!!! Take some time to go out doors and enjoy some very simple things... Feed some birds, watch squirrels ( can you tell I live in NH???),anything that lets you to replenish that precious resource you have to deal with all the other events that drive you (often in opposing directions). Okay, I'm off my soap box... Get you Effin new mic, signed by Brad Muir... You're such a suck up! Send me an invite Thurs night. I'll tear myself away from ME3:Just broke my N7 Rating of 875 and playing platinum runs now, thanks to INtel and MAK "THE MAN"... Oh sorry this is about you... LMAO!!! And I will taunt you mercillessly for being such a forum troll.... Hope your head set gives you such a blistahh.... Now how can yoiu pass that up????
  7. Awesome,Awesome!!! Parting is such sweet sorrow...
  8. "If you let me collect up all the scrap, I can get more turrets up" How does that work? (me) "Well, you get to keep all the scrap and use it yourself!" (getting angry with me for asking dumb questions) "How do you think those guys got to 100,dumba##!!!" I left the lobby... But decided they are three of my favs as I/we have had this conversation in the past with many randoms... Funny, how the "scrap is shared" part always seems to cause discussions even today. The one about "how do you think..." that one just killed me. I just laughed as I hit return to arcade. There you go... Three from the same guy!
  9. See.... Symmetry... Both alike with no discontinuities... Ccubage, CrackaLakn,CookinGoodLookn... See my dilema??? LMAO... Yes, it's all about ME! LMFAO!!
  10. No... You must revert... You're makin' my OCD "acute" LMAO!!!!
  11. No... You must revert... You're makin' my OCD "accute" LMAO!!!!
  12. Entirely to much touching going on... Sorry, sorry it was the Catholic School flash back. 12 years worth, will put you right off, you know??? Yes, I nominate Red for the "touches himself" Prez! LMAO!!!!
  13. Mak! What up man! Hey you tired of Mass Effect yet? Come on homey we need to kill some tubes again! I'll be lookin' for ya! Yeah, I vote for the original CrackaLakn back! It upsets my sense of symetry! LOL...
  14. "Hey!!! Why are you running 6 Rippers??? No one's going to want to play with you!!!" Oh the INSANITY!!!
  15. Nope, not ashamed at all... It was a darn good joke and I was a "victim" as well... If you don't like "challenge crew" ppl... Well... I guess it's up to you to assemble your own crew of like minded individuals... I think it would be good to have a couple of "A teams" competing again... Up to the challenge? On a side note... How many hours of play did we all spend trying to get the "Brain Dome" on Settlement??? Guess you would be mad at DF as well!!! LOL!!!
  16. Ah yes... The cat is out of the bag, ay? Well now I get to fess up that I was one of the first victims of this dastardly(but very original and crafty) little deception... So what better homage than to help perpetuate this? Thank you Julica for all the time I spent farming Port!!!! Most excellent one!
  17. "Yeah Baby! This Carpet Bomber fries those Willies and Jacobs" Fast Forward to Wave 29 on Settlement... "This Carpet Bomber doesn't seem to be working as well..." Enough said!
  18. I think the six fiesta Karlsson is a given... The 3/3 Karlsson is great for swamp as the scrap trap placement is more effective. But as ccubage noted; for Settlement. I think the 6 Ripper and the 6 fiesta Karlssons are way better at getting the job done... Even in the late game with two good engineers that are being fed by the ripper and the killer helping out with the Volty and Jacobs. I think that's the dream load out for Settlement...
  19. Red gives some excellent advise there... The right mind set is be aggressive and shoot everything! Expect to take a lot of damage to your trench if you're playing it right... Cathys will be your bane! Your scapping away on the Tommys when the Cathys come out and you lose 3/4 of your health! LOL Remember that you can hit things as far away as 200... Use the full range of your rippers! The Ripper never rests! Good on ya for asking!
  20. I've made runs on swamp where I loaded out a Karlsson with 3 rippers and 3 Fiestas... I loaded all the trees with SSH and the hill side as well. Added the DGs and put three SSH on the bridge... It gave us more scrap than if I had played as a ripper... The one caveat is it was a three trench run... But all the PSTs across the bridge (base side) were fully upgraded before wave 65 if I remember right.
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