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  1. I think the laser turrets are quickly approaching "Urban Legend" status... LOL...
  2. "Laser turrets do more damage than PSTs... They just shoot right through everything and track on the creatures for ever" How many times have you heard that?
  3. Hey I think the challenge runs are are the best chance to laugh OUT LOUD!!! It's way better to bust some one's cojones/ovarios for "Misplacing a turret" than with noobs!!! How about getting to gloat you have 3500 scrap while your stuck off map??? AHHH the memories... Okay... Enough of that.... How about the 4 Hamer run on Settlement until we get back to 100/100 on Settlement??? Red... Ya in???
  4. Okay. I have to start this... Bling paint jobs make the game lag out!
  5. Had the opportunity to play Hospital a couple of times this weekend with noobs in PUGs... Ran one with the glitch turrets and one with out... Now I rember why they come in so handy... Jacobs and knobs... 8?) Yup, gonna have to show me how those get handled; if you have 3 noobs and you're draggin' em up to 100 and you're playin' a Sweet Child!
  6. Heard this one yesterday... "The sniper turrets will target the Jacobs if you're shooting at 'em" Gotta love it! You think I would have set him straight. Nope! Couldn't help myself! Beware there is another "Urban Legend" out there... Hey that sounds like another thread??? Yes/No??
  7. Nope! Not for it at all. Even if; I could set up the waves. I don't see the point. I can't see how that would help the "player enjoyment" qoutient. I think more campain missions with 50 waves of tubes would be a good start. Something that is challenging in 4 player mode would be good... Remeber when "Volcano Gold" was the one map that got played over and over ad nauseum?? Face it part of the problem of reaching wave 100 on any of the challenges is the amount of time I/we/you have to dedicate to get there. My two pennies worth...
  8. My Turn... "Why are you putting down collectors??? We have 3 engineers!!!" Think about that one... It's just so ridiculous on so many levels...
  9. Spun the wheel with Cookn last night and who pops up??? Redphienix! What a refreshing change to have someone run a ripper efficiently... Next time; my turn! Thanks!
  10. Julica and I just ran a 4 man test with some randoms that had mics on Swamp... I think a full Settlement run is totally doable with 4 Hamers... I think the best load out would be: 2 Hamers with 3 S-2 Rippers. (Julica can bring the S2) PST,DG,ICP 2 Hamers with 3 Muertas PST,DG,IRC MM,DG,ICP.
  11. I'm IN like MC!!! Hopefully I won't get disconnected!
  12. I think we started using them in November 2011??? They pretty much caught on like wildfire back then... INTELNY, Pacoloco,Masterchief and me brought a bunch of folks up during that time... I remember us competting to see how many Noobs we could make it to 100 with... We helped the first 40 odd 4 man teams who got to 100 on the leaderboards... That doesn't mean it was everybodys cup of tea... But everyone we played with new exactly what "the glitch turrets" meant and where they went.
  13. Aw come on you can do better than that! Remember your first run to 100? Those things were what we needed to "heal up" and lock down those Jacobs.... Tsk.. Tsk... We're all bada##es with our DLC gear... Back then... Not so much! 8?)
  14. Okay here goes... We started using the knob traps on Hospital because it really helped during the early waves when you would get knobs coming out of all the conduits. Later we refined the placements on the bridge side and that one maybe needs to be replaced twice in 100 waves. The long side and bridge trap was especially useful in keeping the Jacobs "put" in the later waves... Remember we only had The pre Martian DLC weapons and trenches, so at wave 70+ having the Jacobs dance on mines in one spot,while pounding away at them with hotshots... This is/was a good thing. Also, there was the benefit of giving everyone a break to "heal up"... Those Snipe tuners are a lot tougher when you don't have PSTs! Those Snipe Tuner Jacob waves were a real concern back then. We got hosed more than once by having all 4 of us down due to those! So healing / repair was more important than now... You just have to remember what it was like playing with the pre Martian DLC gear... I still like setting up the long side trap but now I add a DG in the crack next to the trap SSH and it serves the same purpose and doesn't get taken out by the Bursters. The brige trap I just like because I like watching the Jacobs do the "pyramid thing" while I work my way through them. > So there is reasoning behind why we started using(and perpetuating) the traps.
  15. Last night I ran into this again... Someone who just doesn't understand what the role of a ripper Karlsson is. We are making a run on swamp with 2 Honeychurches a Selkar and the ripper... We agreed on the ship "Your job is to shoot everything"... Nope not gonna happen! I try to explain that we have three engineers so we have to get down at least 7 PSTs by wave 4... "So try and make all the scrap you can" OKay? Wave 1-3 go by and this guy is playin like he's got snipers on board... I suggest he should try to cover under the bridge as much as possible so to maximize the shred time... Volty shows up on wave four and we loose 60% before it goes down... We had 4 PSTs up. Nope! My tactics are flawed he says... "I have to take out the Jacobs when they come out and then I can't take out the other tubes" I try to explain the rippers are don't have enough DPS for that... Just try and scrap the Jacobs... That's what the PSTs and Mines are for...etc... Nope! My tactics are still flawed. Stifling my laughs as this guy can't play a ripper Karlsson properly... Got disconnected around wave 25... I was relieved... I did point him to the forums so hopefully he reads this...
  16. Boomerangs? Hmmmm... Maybe all Gungirs? Bling is mandatory!
  17. How about doing a settlement run with 4 hammers... All loaded with rippers? No engineer bonus... Only 1 Hammer with PSTs... One with MM, One with Cluster Mortars, the last Hammer has to sport LASER TURRETS... Challenging enough???
  18. Julica got it on a 4 person run at Port... Baddest was there... 100% base health and you gotta get all the knobs yourself... That's what she told me... Yessirreee...
  19. Yes S2 not S-2 is what Julica has... Did you get 100% base health AND take out all the knobs yourself??? Julica is the expert on getting these!!! Not one knob gets through! Ahem... Julica would you care to expound??? I think you you got it in 4 person run right???
  20. OOOOHHH! You almost had me 'til you mentioned the heavy laser... Tsk,Tsk... Try a Honeychurch with an Albert... Atleast you get the full engineer discount on emplacements... Am I a purist??? Yup! 8?)
  21. Try making a 100% run on Settlement survival... They could use more DPS in my opinion! LMAO!!! One person's feast is another's poison, aye?
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