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  1. I have some serious fun being serious 8?)
  2. I thought I would put this up. I personally don't like going into any survival run without one. It just ties up two players for to long without one. Any thoughts?
  3. Fixed. 16. Don't brag about getting to wave 38 or *insert low number* and then when someone calls out 100 beg them for help but refuse to try anything new (IE: Don't stick to bad tactics when a good player tells you good ones) *removes lid and lights flask on fire making a physically improbable torch and passes it* Takes back flask and mutters curses in spanish...
  4. 14. Don't put down 10 (or any)advanced flak turrets in front of orange base on Settlement survival runs! *passes flask of Don Julio 1942*
  5. -There are three reasons for this: 1. THEY ARE OBNOXIOUS 2. They are slower than Speedy Bipeds 3. The slight gain in height can screw up the Willy Glitch. With SB legs, a Hamer can do the glitch. With Hot Pants, you really can't. I LOVE HOT PANTS... There I said it! I play engineer alot and in the late waves they can cut off the jacobs long enough for the MMs to recharge. Kinda of a waste on the Karlsson... Though if you're a ripper... They serve the same purpose. Not to mention they show off more flames on the flame paint job. 8?)
  6. Did you, by chance, purchase your rippers at the store? I know I have five that I bought and one that I got in a random loot drop. The one that I won fires for a lot longer than the other 5. hmmm.... seems legit No fucking way, the ripper that you win has more ammo in the clip than the one you buy???????????????? seriously??????? I need six of those. What campaign level do they come from...... this is unbelievable im so excited to go get them! er... I don't remember where I got that one. I think you get the S2 Ripper as a loot drop in the Port mission....
  7. Did you, by chance, purchase your rippers at the store? I know I have five that I bought and one that I got in a random loot drop. The one that I won fires for a lot longer than the other 5. WHAT??? OMG!!!! Time to run TESTS!!
  8. The game is WW1 time. The game also Is based around "marines" which during WW1 were part of the US Navy.. Your earlier post said "army". Which is not "the Marines". And I was correcting your use of the term "men" as the collective for "soldiers". As you were/are mixing service branches and nomenclatures.
  9. Please tell me you are not confusing the "Marines" and "Soldiers".... And the term for addressing the collective is "Soldiers" in the Army... "men" went out after they did away with "women's army corps" WACs after WW2.
  10. Noob asks me how I got the Roadie Jacket and Battle Hair... I tell him it's a "special loot drop" on Settlement... "You gattta take out the VD before it makes a full run around the middle island AND you gotta catch the loot box as it falls..." Watched him try to do it.... Had to turn off the mic I was laughing so hard... Evil, I tell ya... Sometimes just plain evil...
  11. Hey, at least the Dr. actually plays the game... Forum troll... LOL
  12. Ladies and Germs.... Flash back to Benny Goodman.... Look him up, you young whippersnappers! IB is rather open when it comes to identifying genders... I think the proper opener should be "Marines"... Although being an US Army veteran... Let's justy say the Army refers to the Marines as "sea going bellhops"... Stand back and let all the Jarheads out there reply... Nothing like disjointed posts... BUT any Jarheads out there are laughing though. Okay sorry to carry on... Send invite... ReverendBeast is the GT.
  13. These are the things that drove me bonkers this weekend... The Selker loaded out Laser turrets and IC Snipers because "They're the best combination for VD's and Cathy's"... The Karlsson loaded with a Boomerang , Gungir and stun legs, Blinged out...
  14. You can "block" Arty's just like the BB's... Two trenches shoulder to shoulder... Only problem is; you have to get them almost as soon as they come out of the conduit as they don't walk to far before getting into firing position.
  15. Spoken like a true "veteran"!!! 8?) The best load outs are meaningless if the operators are clueless. I've made it to 100 on all maps with intentional sub par loadouts... BUT everyone had the basic and advanced tactics down cold so.... I guess you could say experience and knowledge is the biggest asset to have in this game?
  16. The Selker 1 was just to get you through the "target practice" on the ship at the beginnng of your career. Straight from the developer... They really did not want to make a single trench to "perfect" as that would limit the strategy of choosing complimenting trenches and load outs. "Having choices is good"...
  17. Okay, so who wants to start a pool? I say... expect next DLC in Jan 2013.
  18. i really hope they do bro and everyone on this/form glad to/see you/signed up GO to the bottom of the xbox live page and click "feedback". Copy and paste the above.
  19. Spire = Distraction ledge on Settlement by Green Base. 3 wave Willie - Not "3 Willie wave" but means the same. Parking Lot = Area left rear of Base in Swamp. Sniper Forest = 11 PST's across the bridge in Swamp; all in trees. The Slot = Any area on the map that can keep an IRC free from being hit and doesn't take up the space of a useful emplacement. Archies = Lt. Archie emplacement... On a trench = DOOH! Glitch turrets/Knob traps - Knob trapping emplacements. Super Fly = Karlsson with 6 Razor of the Gods machine guns. The Rabbit = Woody with dual snipers and fortify/quick load legs. The Hoodie = Mars DLC Selker. Ripper = Karlsson with six ripper machine guns. Sweet Child = Honeychurch loaded with - PST's, DGs,ICPs and SSMG's. That's what I can come up with....
  20. The Reverend makes them go to church and say AMEN! 8?) Hey, did you gey your gear back?
  21. Always up for some Thurs. night tube killing...
  22. MS has the publishing rights for IB not DF... The only way to get more DLC is to leave a feedback on the xbox site... Here's the link... http://mymfe.microsoft.com/Xbox.com/Feedback.aspx?formID=43&UrlReferrer=http://www.xbox.com/en-US/
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