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  1. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. PUG on an early Sunday morning, there are three players two of whom are parlais Frances. The two Frenchmen are running Selkers with PST/MM/Lt.A/SSH... Okay good enough! The other guy was running a woody with Alberts DG/CSHG/SSH! I load out a Karlsson with 4 rippers and two fiestas ICRC/SSH. 4 waves in to Swamp I see the foreign legionnaires absolutely covering the spawn across the bridge with SSH and Archies... Not a single PST up... Not even one by mistake! All the while I was busy shredding away.... VD shows up we taken two hits per base before the VD dies. I was starting to get a little disturbed... I decided to adapt the "if you can't beat'em,join 'em" approach! I went up and placed SSH eveerrryywhere and then I put down 5 ICRC just to take up some extra room as well... I think we crapped out at wave 24 or so... I must admit it was fun running around and literally dropping turrets on the move! Also, I learned some new cuss words in French! Had to ask the wife to translate them for me as they were very creative!
  2. Taken as a singularity your assesment seems to make sense... However.... Based on a survial run context; I think you fail to recognize some basic advantages of mines. 1. Rarely will a sniper have 10+ seconds of firing time. Even with dampeners, unless there is stalling going on. 4 shots from a sniper is 20 seconds? Mines will recharge and deal amazing damage to jacobs behind the the Willie while stalling for 20+ seconds as well. 2. Mines don't care about ariels. While the snipers are tied up targeting VD's,Noids etc. the mines are minding the store and will happily detonate on whatever comes across it. 3. The only turret that will take out jacob groups are mines. Pierce damage is great but it is incidental not directed. We can get into the placement if PST's to maximize the pierce but the hits are no way guaranteed, especially with the variables of terrain and targeting height of the turrets are brought into the equation. 4. If you watch the approach the tubes take on their way to the base, you can maximize the effectiveness of mines and you can easily make "kill boxes" where you would stalll the Willes and Berthas with Jacobs. MM's + PST's are the only way to go. No argument... BUT... Try and make a 100% run with no mines and only PST's... I have... Even with expert PST placement we took hits... Gotta have those MM's! 5, As with any other turret it can be over used on any map... Proper placement is key to maximizing the efficiency of any emplacement. MM' are no different but they are the Amex of Survival runs... "Don't leave home without it!!!"LOL...
  3. I love playin with barrels and mortars! Makes big BOOM and then.... It freezes my game.... I know... I know... "Don't put down so many"... I can't help it! I love the explosions! AND.... Then it freezes my game... LOL...
  4. AHA!!!! Now I see where all of the "Ya gotta have machine gun turrets" comments come from; as they proceed to spam shredders everywhere!!! LOL...
  5. LMAO.... No such thing as "too many mines"... No such thing as "too many sniper turrets" either... That's what the ripper trench is for... MOAH scrap please! LOL...
  6. I used to use shock mines exclusively when the Hospital Survival DLC came out... With the new DLC however, I find the shock mines to be lacking in damage. The shock affect is not worth the extra approx. 500 damage the massive mines deal out. The MM also slow the tubes down dealing a "stun". As the new/old DLC tubes are based around level 15 weapons the shock mines deal so little damage they really don't kill tubes unless fully upgraded.... Sooo.... Why not put down MM's and be able to kill those blitzer waves straight away? Just my preferance... I just don't see the value in shock mines on Mars... I don't think it is close at all. MM's 1000+ damage, SM 500+, fully upgraded. 500 damage is not worth the slightly longer shock effect...IMO...
  7. I think it's Ta ra ra Boom da ay. Anyone agree?
  8. LOL! I built one of those for Physics lab. Yeah they do look and act like Jacob tails in the game... Only thing is... They even work through the wooden bridge on Swamp... Jacobs ladders don't work so well when there is an insulator between the electrodes... But hey it is a game right?
  9. Okay sounds like a nice "old school" run... Should be fun! When?
  10. Oh boy! Hotshots and hyper snipers! DLC trenches are acceptable for this?
  11. I ran some tests on Swamp and came up with an ratio of 2:1 ircflak to Lt. archie gives the best reults for the swamp run.
  12. But they make such pretty lights... To bad we can't progam their effective arcs... Laser turrets to Bach anyone????
  13. It's not that hard really... We just have to plot the flight paths and time the run from beginning to end. We can SWAG the heights through the run based on being targeted by the PSTs and FLAk ranges.... Then just a matter of doing some simple trig and voila! We can do it!!! I'm pretty good with EXCEL... Want to take some numbers???? Let's beat it up a bit... OR we could just play and "wing it"... How far down the rabbit hole do we want to go? LOL... Sorry, I loved "The Matrix".... I love taking the scientific approach to the game... But, remeber our run on Hospital with no orange turrets... The numbers pointed to dressing out nothing but #6's.... I loaded out the MMG... For one reason... "AW SHi*t" LOL!!! I think if you have periphery coverage with a 2:1 of ICFlak to Lt. Archie's and three Woodruff's with Hypersnipers,Alberts,#6 combos should give enough damage to bring the VD's down from wave 50 - 80. According to my SWAGs....
  14. I've always broken the filghts of tubes by height... WOW that one was VD height!!!! Yea... That one flew over my head!! Hey... that one jumped over me! Love the MMG to give some "lift" to the tubes!!
  15. Dude what are you doing still at work at such a late hour???? I want you fresh so you can be at your best when you start on the next DLC for us!!! LMAO!!!! Thanks for your dedication to the IB forums!
  16. Apparently I suck at the internet. I looked on the Xbox Live site for an hour trying to find some sort of way to contact them. Random clicking apparently isn't how you find things on that site. And before anyone says anything, the random clicking method works with google. If you click on the underlined above it should take you right to the "Feedback" listed at the bottom of xbox.com. Scroll all the way down on the xbox. site and you should see it as well.
  17. I logged a support request and found out the best way to request more IB DLC is through the “feedback” link at the bottom of xbox.com… http://mymfe.microsoft.com/Xbox.com/Feedback.aspx?formID=43&UrlReferrer=http://www.xbox.com/en-US/ OH I almost forgot… MS is aware of the issue with the leaderboards and is “currently working on the issue” no ETA either… Soooo… It looks like the leaderboards are toast until the MS folks decide to try and retrieve the info before it got corrupted… Get on to xbox.com and leave nice polite requests for them to get off their collective duffs and gives us some more DLC and game patches!!!!
  18. Oh yeah??? Says who??? Leaderboards are the gameLMAO!!! I just got off with MS support... I logged support request and found out the best way to request more IB DLC is through the "feedback" link at the bottom of xbox.com...http://mymfe.microsoft.com/Xbox.com/Feedback.aspx?formID=43&UrlReferrer=http://www.xbox.com/en-US/ OH I almost forgot... MS is aware of the issue with the leaderboards and is "currently working on the issue" no ETA either... Soooo... It looks like the leaderboards are toast until the MS folks decide to try and retrieve the info before it got corrupted... Get on to xbox.com and leave nice polite requests for them to get off their collective duffs and gives us some more DLC and game patches!!!!
  19. Boy, I wish I knew. As I said, the leaderboards are maintained by MS, so when they burp, it's often as much a mystery to us as to you guys. I'll follow up, though, as best I can, and let you know what I find out. Thanks for he follow up! What MS entity should we be voicing our concerns/wishes to? Just generic Xbox customer service keeps pointing me back to DF.
  20. The leaderboards for this game are completely useless now. I've been bumped down from 1st to 42nd on settlement, 7th to 134th on swamp, and 20th to 448th on hospital. Same from my end... The leaderboards used to be very reliable and never shifted. Since the DLC though I've seen a number of reshuffles in the Leaders... What the heck is going on DF????
  21. Time to start a Swamp with no sniper turret thread CrackAlackn... I ran some tests and the VDs at wave 55 and above, are going to be a huge problem with no sniper turrets. I think the lt. archies and laser turrets will only cover about 40% of the VD's run...
  22. LMAO!!! That's the same thing Mak said.... I thought back to how many times I saw people eat up all the prime Sniper turret spots with flak and machine gun turrets... It was fun though and now I am back to being a NOOB! Green turrets everywhere! LOL!!!!
  23. Possibly... This was also achieved on hospital which the tubes have lower health. If this is done on swamp then I'd say so but until then I say PST's rule mars. You might be right. I'm just so sick and tired of putting down sniper turrets and upgrading them until you win. I believe swamp to be doable without them and I would like to take up the challenge with whoever dares. New thread? I'm in for swamp sans PST's... Hospital sans PST was fun! Hospital sans orange turrets??? Still tryin that one... You need the right balance of early vs late wave weapon load outs... Still trying to figure that one out with Confury and Baddest... BUT a good swamp run sounds like way fun!!!
  24. OOOHHHH MY FAVORITE!!!! Karlsson with dual Mr. Pancakes... Maybe one ursla and one leap frog? Should help with the BW trains???
  25. The person should be responsible for Jacob control...especially the Jacob/Burst Transmitter combos. Which means placing plenty of camo shotgun turrets down the path, starting at the conduits. The only chance at getting to 100 means making sure the Burst Transmitters never get to any of the destructible turrets. I can't remember off-hand, but I don't think shot gun turrets have the reach to even hit Burst Transmitters. The camo shotguns are the only antidote. I think for this run it might be come in handy to have a 4th. The extra tube life is worth the added fire power. I would load out the 4th as a Karlsson and dress him out with: quick reload legs DG KBST 3 sawd off shot guns and three fiestas. This guy would be a base defense turret! Basically he would camp out right infront of the base with DGs and KBST and be the AW SH*T turret? I think it would be worth it to have someone be Massive Shotgun to protect the base? Maybe a couple of hole punchers also???? What do you think???? What do you guys think? Anything to add/remove/change? I'm seriously considering giving this a go. Worst case scenario, we have a good laugh.
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