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  1. Okay pull the other one... LOL Uhh... Yeah... Been there with 4.... HMMM... I think the first time team was INTELNY,Mak, CrakalackN and me???
  2. Placing the turrets low helps on the bridge, however both the short and long side approaches are on slopes... Having the turrets placed higher gives the PST a better shot at taking out the jacobs. I used this this weekend to solo swamp for a 100 run. The higher turrets and the lower turret combination is really what you want to get to by the final 20 or so waves... Yup! I know what you mean about the rouge jacob waves! Hole Puncher w/ Fiesta 6(really like that combo) is what I recommend. Question: Do you put up the knob stopping turrets at the bridge and the long side conduits?
  3. To any who have made it past lvl 70 on solo swamp, how did you get past these damn buggy jacobs?! I have done the Hospital solo more than once... I would recommend a honeychurch loaded with SSMG,DG,ICP and PST. Loaded out with hole puchers. Try to place the PSTs so they are effectively cross targeting the tube approaches; they will knockdown more Jacobs than you would think. Upgraded PSTs take out some of those "buggy" jacobs, the hole puchers should handle the rest.
  4. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5250/ From the developers of the game, Mr. MooEar, is Brad Muir... I have never seen multiple Jacobs attacked by turrets. I'll be sure to try this out and report back the results.
  5. Awesome job with the solo missions! I think everyone who plays this game should watch those videos! You have some awesome sniper cannon skills! Did I say "awesome" enough??? LMAO!!! Great job!
  6. I like playing engineer trenches for the challenge runs. I don't use anything but the SBLs. The engineers by default have to cover so much real estate. It just does not make sense to me for them to have anything but the fastest way of getting from A to B. If you have two sniper cannons on;you, should probably run with the Advanced Tripod Legs in my opinion.
  7. I generally start upgrading around wave fifty on the challenges, give or take 7 waves... It comes down to how effective the ICP placement is.
  8. WOW! That was the first tactic we tried when we were evaluating mines when the Hospital Challenge first came out!! Back when the best shot guns were the hot shots for engineer trenches! LOL We opted fpr the advanced mines instead due to the higher upgraded damage. Also, one HC or S taking out the Jacobs in a 2 Amp 2 BW wave with shock mines and no DG in Swamp? Sorry, this I gotta see... You can send a friend request to ReverendBeast on xbox as I am always willing to learn new tactics.
  9. The only observation I have is: I believe your placement is off. I don't experience that during proper double mine spacing. In Settlement, I go 3 across the lower conduit due to the number of BW's and Amp's that spawn in the higher waves to good results. Once you see a well layed mine field do it's work... It makes everyone a believer. LOL!!!
  10. Yes, I understand about the placement. It just seems to me that the distribution of tubes is higher on the right side. To elaborate on your placement instructions, here is what I do: - Project an imaginary line from the middle of the blue flower at the conduit - Hold the left bumper to start placing a mine and keep holding for a while - Walk toward the conduit until the placement circle is red and close to but completely on one side of the imaginary line - Let go of the stick so the conduit repulsion force pushes me back - Wait until the red circle is white, then release the left bumper These particular double-wide mines right next to each conduit, when upgraded, are the #1 super best killer of Jacobs. I went back to run this during the weekend to make sure... I use the centerline of the conduit when it is open... I don't lay the mines(except under emergencies) when the conduit is open but I use the open centerline vs the closed centerline? Maybe that explains your observations? The mines I layed in Swamp and Hospital seemed to take them out equally left vs right MM.
  11. Thanks Brad! Thank you and your team for developing such an awesome game!
  12. It depends on where the mine is in relation to the centerline of the conduit opening. That being said, the tubes should hit both mines as they emerge. | 00. |= centerline of conduit. See what I mean?
  13. Sounds like a challenging run! Lt. Archie FLKs,SSMGs,DGs and MMs only? Gonna need some good VD killers for that run! Sounds like fun!
  14. LOL!!! That is really why I put up these posts... In hopes some of the newer guys and gals would just have a fair shot from the start and if we happen to benefit from improved PUG load outs.... So much the better!
  15. Actually the way that run turned out, the opposite happend. We manged quite well with the droppers due to three engineers concentrating on PSTs in the early rounds and an expert shooter. All engineers were loaded with shot guns... Waves 94-98 is were we took a beating! LOL It was close, it looked like we were done... BUT... INTELNY managed to pull a rabbit out his hat and put down that last Bertha before she made it to the base! Split all the hairs and opine away please! I only present the set ups and tactics our squad used to get to wave 100 on all three challeges. Just because we did them all does not mean our tactics are the only ones that work. Please I do not post with any bravado... Well maybe just a scosh in the title > But the real point is to find out who has other habits or tactics to share. Yes?
  16. See Tactic 4... There you have the proof from the first person to make wave 100 solo in Settlement Challenge!.
  17. 1. Buy a headset with a microphone and use it to communicate with other players. You can spend as little a $10.00 US for a headset and mic combo. It does two things… First; you can call out tubes as they emerge. Second; you can actually talk to your squad mates and bounce tactics off each other while loading out your trenches to compliment the squad. 2. Learn to block/stall Big Willies. There are plenty of threads which discuss this tactic as well as a video which just happens to feature yours truly stalling a Big Willie on wave 100 of the Hospital Challenge. Load up a Honeychurch or Selker or a standard trench. Load the Beach in campaign mode, put two DGs a at the choke point in front of the conduit Willie comes out of and practice stalling him. If you can hold him up for 3 or more minutes here, you are ready for the challenges. 3. Situational Awareness. Train yourself to be aware of any new tube emergence indicators and learn to use the close up/sniper view to quickly determine which conduit is opening or open. (Right stick down) Learn the routes tubes fly or walk down and layout plans to get to all points on the map as quickly as possible. 4. Everyone has to cover everything on the map. There should be an effective division of labor and real estate, but all players must be ready to respond to new threats and be willing to pitch in if it looks like an area or player is about to be over run. Everyone is playing, so everyone has to participate anywhere on the map during emergencies. The point is Team Work! Engineers have to provide IRCs, ICP and turrets which benefit all players. Standard and Assault trenches provide fire power and help upgrade all the turrets the Engineers put down again to the benefit of all players. Check your ego at the door please. 5. Jump on Jacobs! One key to limiting damage from tubes to your base really depends on how quickly you jump on these little buggers. Always run around the pack of tubes they are protecting and concentrate on taking them out first if an engineer trench. If you are in medium or heavy trench, try aiming just over the heads of the tubes in front of the Jacobs and aim for their “tails”. Again, the close up/sniper view really helps here. Using sniper cannons with pierce ability gives you a little more room for aiming errors. 6. Learn/train yourself to place turrets on objects. The ideal place for this, in my opinion, is the Oasis map. Put your turrets on the pillars, on the hill sides, on the edges of the platforms find new spots to put them down. Also learn how to place collection pods on this map as well… Don’t laugh; proper ICP placement means extra scrap, which means more turrets, which means more smashed tubes, which means more scrap! 7. Upgrade turrets and mine layers. Just putting down more turrets eventually does not work. There is a limited amount of usable space for orange turrets on the maps. If you don’t upgrade them; you will run out of room way before you get to wave 100!
  18. I hate to go against the Karlsson because it is the most beastly chassis, but I don't think it serves a purpose in survival settlement based on numbers. I think everyone knows the VD's are the problem considering they bomb all three bases one-after-another very hard so I won't argue with you on killing jacobs, but instead on VD's. Standard Chassis Snipers upgradable for: 150 > 200 = 350 Assault Chassis Snipers upgradable for: 180 > 240 = 420 A Standard gather's 70 more scrap after each full upgrade which means after 5 full upgrades you have enough to do it again compared to Assualt. On settlement, there should be 45-50 sniper turrets. Realistically you'll probably upgrade 10 of those to LVL3. Now you have two extra fully upgraded sniper turrets. Those two turrets get at the least 3 shots on a VD DMG: 113 > 288 > 532 x 2 x 3 = 3192 accurate guaranteed damage I'm not hating on you dude so don't take it personal Wathcing you is what made me change out the heavy for medium trench for the suggested load out! They can upgrade the turrets so scrap effective, why go with the heavy? Upgraded turrets are what you need to make wave 100 on any challenge. Like GMAN so eloquently put it..."You need to start thinking wave 100 on wave 1." I believe Crackalackn was the first to reach wave 100 in Settlement Challenge solo and in a 4 trench team! You da man!
  19. There is a little more to it than just put them high. You have to take the tube approaches into account. The other is finding the spots on the map that preoccupy the knobs with turrets so effectively you pin them under a ledge or other terrain feature. This tactic will also tie up any Jacobs that happen to come by the pinned Knobs as well! Scrap needs a smooth surface to slide into the ICPs, the bridge has slats which is maybe why the ICPs suck on the bridge for Swamp?
  20. Alberts get my vote. I really like the pierce ability. Perforators and Alberts are great for Karlson trenches! Heavy laser... Well, I really don't like any of the broadcaster/beam weapons... Not enough knock down power for my liking.
  21. Speedy Biped legs and good communication will minimize that.
  22. Nobody likes Jacobs! PSTs will help in taking the out... The turrets target everything except Jacobs. So the game really makes you take out the Jacobs with trenches as the most effective means, although mines help. If turrets took out Jacobs you could just load up the maps with orange turrets and walk away from your controller, what's the fun in that? Personally I like having 2 engineers jump on the Jacobs waves. Don't forget your DGs they will buy you some time to kill them as well.
  23. Hello all. I have decided to post this as it addresses the FAQs I have received. Please bear in mind this is meant for reaching level 100 in any challenge map with a 4 trench squad. 1. Establish within the party who has mics and who is listening but no mic. Start communications at the lobby before you launch any mission. 2. For any challenge run, I suggest you have at least 2 engineer chassis, preferably one Honeychurch and one Selker. 2 Standard trenches, loaded with your favorite sniper cannons or artillery cannons should round out your party. Make sure you have an “Expert Shooter” with sniper cannons, as that trench will have to handle the Voltdroppers until you can get enough PSTs up and upgraded. Even after all PSTs are upgraded, it is recommended for your “sniper” to always assist with the Voltdroppers. The standard trenches can drop turrets and upgrade them more cost effectively. Due to the size of the Settlement, map an “Expert Shooter” trench is necessary to reach wave 100. Please be sure the engineering trenches are loaded with at least one Hole Puncher shot gun, they will come in handy when the Breakers and Amplifiers come out. (My 1st 100 wave run on Settlement was with three engineering chassis’s and one Standard Trench.) 3. Make sure your blue turrets include the following: Iron Clad Repair Crane, Impeccable Collection Pods and Dampening Generators. You don’t really need more than one trench with ICPs and one with the ICRC. 4. Make sure your orange turret load out include the following: Massive Mine layers and Pierce Sniper Turrets. You can add Cluster Mortars as well. The MMs and the PSTs should cover most of the available real estate on the map. These are your “bread and butter” for all challenge maps. (One note on the new laser turrets… I have tried these on every map at the challenge level both solo and as a 4 man squad. The only map where I found they were marginally effective was in the Hospital Challenge. For the same price as a Pierce Sniper Turret with half the range and not nearly as much punch, in my opinion, I would rather carry a PST. This was seconded by all of my regiment members as well. Two SSMG turrets cost the same and if properly positioned take care of Knobs and Cathys and proved to work just as well, if not better during evaluation runs on the challenge maps.) 5. Make sure your green turrets include the following: Super Shredder Machine Guns and maybe a Lt. Archie Flak Turret. Keep the placement of green turrets to a minimum! The reason to use green turrets is to control Knobs and/or Cathys and/or to set up a “scrap generator” section. Except for the camo shot gun emplacement which works well as a supplement to mines. The new Lt. Archie Flak Turret is the only flak turret I use. I have yet to put down more than three on any challenge map. I found them useful in the Settlement challenge to cover the bases until enough PSTs could get dropped. I can’t emphasize this enough. Once you get past wave 50 on any survival challenge with a 4 trench team, the green turrets become less effective as the tubes gain hit points. You will need most of the real estate on the map covered with fully upgraded orange turrets to get to wave 100 on any Challenge. Sorry guys and gals save all the shot gun turrets and advanced, massive and Ironclad Flak turrets for solo or campaign play, not 4 trench challenge runs. Scrap generation section diagram: DG SSMG ICP DG SSMG 6. Place the ICP near tube intersections and always place them on the left or right edge of the path. NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF ANY PATH!!! ICPs take up valuable real estate which you need for mine emplacements that kill tubes. Don’t place any ICPs on the bridge in Swamp Challenge! 7. Place mines in pairs starting, with two at the conduit. You have to keep your trench moving forward as you approach the conduit and place the mine. Once you do it a couple of times, you should get the hang of it. Mines are a key component on any challenge map; don’t forget to fully upgrade them. Place mines like this: 00 Not like this: 0 0
  24. Right Bumper does the same thing.
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