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  1. Hole puncher shotguns are my new favorite weapons. They take out breakers with ease and still have enought punch to deal wih the higher waves. Turrets rule in the DLC as has been mentioned already. Love those pierce sniper turrets and the super shredders are just wonderful at producing scrap!
  2. You have to lay the mines like this: 00 Not like this: 0 0 Do you follow what I mean? It increases the density of mines you can place... Very helpful in the higher wave challenges as well.
  3. Why have the global leader boards for swamp and settlement challenges been resorted? Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. Try setting one Massive mine next to the barrel generator. Vey close to each other Almost touching just enough space for the red circle to turn white. Place them right at the conduit and watch! It's really cool when the barrel layers are fully upgraded. Good for flat surfaces like the immediate area around the conduits.
  5. I assume you mean the Lt. Archie flak? Those things are the bomb. Need to put up 2 though as the fire rate is a little on the slower side. The explosive rounds assure one round one kill. Very effective when you get multiple noids.
  6. Not really a vey accurate statement to state the only map to get wave 50 is swamp. The first 100 wave survivor in Settlement was a solo (Crackalackn)... I got to wave 63 solo on the same, after getting to 100 with a 4 man team. Just keep at it and you will find the right strategy that works best to your strenghts.
  7. Used those laser turrets on two different swamp and settlement runs... Maybe they have their useful place but I haven't seen a good place for them yet and Ive gold all DLC and 100 all challenges. Pretty to look at!
  8. Best of luck! There is always more than one strategy that will work... One suggestion if I may. Concentrate on sniper turrets at first.... Have fun!
  9. Lots of pierce sniper turrets and lots of massive mines. A few super shredders and collection prongs and throw in a few mortars for good measure. Lay down one sniper and then one support or light turret..... Repeat that sequence until you have the peninsulas covered and the front of the orange base as well... Then switch to your mine layers on the paths from conduits. Then upgrade everything.... Check the leader boards.... You can see what trenches we ran with to get to wave 100. Oh don't forget to laugh and make fun of each other while barreling the tubes right into scrap! LMAO!!!!
  10. Hospital wave 100 - check. Swamp wave 100 - check, check. Settlement wave 100- checky,checky, booyeah! Hospital=Hard Swamp= Tough Settlement=Are you freakin' serious? Probably the most fun to make 100 with 4 players of all! Waves 91 through 99... Truly evil! Loved kickin tube butt. I enjoy this DLC very much! Should keep me busy until the next DLC comes out. Mr. Mooear any thoughts on taken it to Venus? LOL... Seriously though how many DLC were purchased since the release date?
  11. Cool run guys:) Thank you for showing: - the Knob Turret placement past the bridge (3 turrets on right and 2 dampening gen on left) from 0:22 to 0:37. Nice example of how the Jacobs leave the Big willy to protect the hung up knobs. - the Big Willy Glitch from 1:15 to 1:36. Rev, you are a master at stalling these guys:) - the extra few seconds you get at the end of a round to place turrets from hung up knobs and jacobs at the bridge spawn. The same time allowed the person recording this vid to get around the map and show us the turret placement. - your overall turret placement, great job guys. One question for Rev, did you guys start out creating a scrap factory on the Bridge? Later switching to the Morters? If yes then how many waves completed before switching? Hi Gman! Good eye! The burst transmitters with the jacobs took out some of the shred MGs and DGs around wave 70??? So I decided to load up the bridge with mortars, as when in combo with the advanced mines at the conduit, produced a pretty good kill zone for the jacobs and Willies and cut the knob count down as well. Intel likes sniper turrets on the bridge but I think the mortars help with the willie jacob waves as the area affect of the mortars takes out a jacob or two per mortar turret... 3 mortar turrets = 3-6 jacobs less you have to worry about... BUT the sniper turrets deal heavier damage per shot... Either one works it just depends on preferences. We tried sniper turrets and mortars... Really fun to watch that combo work! Draw back.... Not a lot of room for mines left on the bridge proper. That's what so cool about this game there is more ways than one to gold/max out any level. As long as you don't waste all the prime spots on subprime turrets. LOL Really guys... shot gun turrets???? In 4 player Hospital Challenge???? Right up there with broadcasters and anything less than massive turrets... Just my opinion... Can I get an "AMEN"??? LOL...
  12. All I do is try to refine the strategies so we can all play longer and have more fun! You guys make it cool! I love bringing players games up a notch and we all benefit from it in the end.
  13. Anytime is good for me. I look forward to it!
  14. Here is a video of wave 100 taken by one of the players we played with. I believe this was my 12th 100 run. INTELNY is a great player. The commentary is not mine. Please check out the end where he pans around looking at the set up. This was a great run and close to 70% health left. Enjoy!
  15. Here is a video shot by one of the guys we brought up to 100... A picyure is worth a 1000 words check out the ends where he pans around at the mine and emplacements... I think we did a pretty good run on this one. Oh I forgot to add: the comentary is that of the person recording... Not mine!
  16. Sounds good to me... I am on EST (Eastern USA).. I think you are 5 hours ahead of me? send me a frien request at ReverendBeast on xbox and we can try to set something up for Sunday Jan 15th?
  17. Okay I have to take the bait 8?) I have no doubt you can make it to wave 100 with two players. As long as both players are skilled as you say. However, try it with 4 players and tell me how far you get. I'm not saying I am the best player, but I have played over 800 campaign battles and 200 challenge runs, so just by the sheer number of battles, you tend to hone your targeting and turret skills. I just bring up the Volcano battle as a parrallel for the point I am making... It is MUCH easier to gold out this mission as a single player than in a squad, Agreed? 4 Massive sniper turrets, 7 advanced flaks, maybe a couple of dampining generators for good measure and your Honeychurch loaded with dual Berenke's is pretty much a gold everytime with a base life of between 88%-92%. The important factor is that you have to be skilled enough to plan a strategy and place your trench where it has to be to intercept the tubes in an effecient manner. I again agree that you need decent training and good turret placement skills. But, I have to point out that your statement is correct only from your point of reference: a two player run on the challenge level. I may be mistaken, but based on your earlier posts, I have to assume you haven't made it to wave 100 with 4 players? I'll gladly team up with you in a 4 player run. Maybe we can both learn something from each other? Because at waves 85-96 in 4 player mode with the bridege completely lined with 3 massive mortars, 4 dampening generators, two massive sniper turrets,6 shred machine gun turrets and over 15 advanced mines, 2 more massive mortars placed at the hospital end of the bridge and 8 massive sniper turrets around all the high points near the hospital (which can range the hospital end of the bridge)all fully upgraded, the Big Willies make it through... While you have at least three trenches having a go at him as well! That's the reality of a 4 player challenge run.
  18. WOW! I feel slighted! How about the three+hours of true "international cooperation" to get to 100? Alll the comeraderie wasn't enough??? Just given you some sheet man, it's all good! How about a "Iron Brigade level 100 Hospital Challenge Red Anchor Tee Shirt" for our marine? Would that work for ya?
  19. How many hard core gamers remeber playing Space Invaders, Defender,Missle Command or Galaga at the "video arcade"? Besides dating myself,(again) the point is: these games had glithces back then that gave the player a chance of making it to the higher waves/levels. Knowing where the right spot to hang out on the screen was, knowing how to avoid the asteroids etc... These were all program idiosyncracies that became part of the allure to keep me dropping quarters in the machines. It went further than that, as it created a community of "elite" players that had invested time and effort into finding the places in the game that gave the player a limited advantage. You still needed skill to be able to exploit these "glithches?" and it added another level of depth to the game as you had to find them(glithches) in the first place. IT also created a whole core of others who were eager to "learn the game" and become real fanatics of the games. I think of COD,MW,GOW etc... They have no glithches instead they have "difficulty levels"... You can run through the entire game at "recruit" and blow through the game in one sitting and find all the difficult spots for when you level up the difficulty. As long as there are games written by people there will be people who will play the game and some willl even become true aficionados, a.k.a "hard core gamers." that will find weaknesses in the programming that level the playing field SLIGHTLY. If I were a Developer... I would always be sure to put a couple of "key features" that if exploited would give the player an limited advantage. My thoughts are: if the player has the awareness to find the spot... Good on ya Mate! Now let's see if you can find my "extra special secret spot/tactic.... Besides running with two mechs already kicks the difficulty level down a notch so maybe you don't have to be as observant and skillful a player? HAHA I love subtle jabs! No disrespect intended to anyone just the ramblings of an old "pong fanatic"... 8?)
  20. How long - how much time - did it take you to finsh all the waves?
  21. 70% was the number but I don't thinks that's as hard to believe as making it with two honeychurches! LOL... We only lost about 3 % in the first 10 waves... An awesome assualt trench player with hypersnipers is key. I was with a group last night that made it to wave 100... Of course my connection kicked me out at wave 96.5... Talk about being upset! OH well... Next time! They however went on to wave 100 and had over 50% base left, so quite doable if all the players are talking and anticipating. How did you deal with the knob and jacob waves? I think they were 92-95?
  22. we had about 70% base health left... We were hoping there would be level 105.
  23. Levl 100 done. Having just completed it with 3 players, originally started with 4. Don't see how anyone could do it with just 2 players... You sure you did not start out more and then they got dropped?
  24. We made wave 100 with shockmines. I like shockmines!
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