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  1. Intel,masterchief,reverendbeast: wave 100 Skull got kicked out of the network around level 60?
  2. No lie those last two levels were so hard to play because as MaserChief said " We had a frame rate of -100". You cerainly made it a "challenge" eh? Do you think we can make wave 100? >
  3. I had an odd bug the last two nights. I equiped my trench with massive sniper turrets during the hospital challenge. When I got into the game I had advanced turrets! Needless to say it was a severe inconvience to my fellow players as the difference in fire power is great. Left the game and restarted... Happend again! Following day I sold off all the Advanced Sniper Turrets I had... Started game play and there was another Advanced Sniper Turret where a Massive Sniper Turret should have been! AARRGH! I think the glithch went away once I shut down and restarted the XBOX... I ran a quick test after and found I was laying down nothing but Massive Sniper Turrets. Which is a good thing! I think my CPU was possesed by an angry voltdropper! Let's hope the electronic exorcism worked! On the original subject... Yeah I've had that happen as well... My thoughts are it may be a glitch in XBL... I think one of the players is inspecting another trench or upgrading his own right at the moment it goes into game mode? Sounds plausible no?
  4. Number 2 on the global boards... Not sure how that works as one of our group had some massive kill numbers... Good Masterchief with an assault trench did some massive kill numbers as well as Skull. I had some pretty good emplacement kills though along with INTEL who collected over 5500 scrap! HINT... All players have to communicate and get "in the zone". That's why I love this game! It's alot like being part of an infantry rifle squad... All have to support each other and leave no one behind! Not to mention that INTEL had scoped out some awesome turret locations! LEAVE YOUR EGOS AT THE DOOR AND EVERYONE WORK TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Thank you Double Fine for giving us a forum to build a community...
  5. Level 96 going for level 100... Should be interesting as wave 97 felt like you were running a 2400 baud dial up modem... Just dated myself. Make sure you have massive sniper turrets,coil turrets,advanced mines,shred machine guns,impecable collection pods,dampening generators,repair crane and advanced flak turrets. Then have fun laying them all down while shooting jacobs and Willies... Don't cry when the burst transmitters take stuff out... Just rebuild and keep moving! Have FUN!
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