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  1. What does that mean? Do you look like an Aryan or something?
  2. Oftentimes, people are compared to celebrities or something. Who do people tell you that you look like commonly? Personally, I am told that I look like Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter movies quite frequently, I'm not sure if I see it, or if it's even a compliment.
  3. I don't have one by my name... >.> I'd ask Action Shark or Headroom, I'm sure they know.
  4. Weirdest movie.... probably be Koyaanisqatsi, even though I love it. It has no dialogue, and shows through picture and music the relationship between humanity, nature, and technology, and how they are out of balance with one another.
  5. We are so alike <33 Top 5 snack foods 1. Chex Mix (I like the regular, cheezy, and the special dark chocolate ones) 2. goldfish 3. baked lays 4. Pretzal sticks 5. cheetoe's (NOT THE PUFFS THOUGH)
  6. As far as religion goes, if I actually believed in god, I'd probably align myself with the Baha'i faith. People are allowed to believe what they want to believe, I just don't want to push my faith onto people or people push their faith onto me.
  7. I feel bad talking about fanfiction because I just wrote and published a BioShock story today. D= (Which I am actually very fond of, tyvm.)
  8. Top Five Men I'd Like to Date kinda-sorta 1. Scarecrow 2. Scarecrow 3. Scarecrow 4. Scarecrow 5. Ewan McGregor <333 You know I got mad love for you, boo. (But if the oppertunity came about and we were both single at the same time and we lived close to eachother, I could see myself rollin' with you, even if it's just one date or two. I gots mad love for my DFAF crew. Also what happened with King?) Top 5 Song Names on my iPod that I like. 1. The Beginning is The End is The Beginning 2. Know Your Chicken 3. Braggadocio 4. The Ocean on his Shoulders 5. Springtime for Hitler
  9. I am still playing Bioshock. I'll probably put it up soon once considering I finally got the historian achievement. I'd like to listen to all of the audio diaries first though, maybe I'll move onto Mass Effect again.
  10. No, fortunately the kawaiitards haven't infected the fandom yet. Sadly a few are slowly leeching into P-nauts... A FEW !!???? Katez the P-nauts fandom is crawling with creepy pedo and slash fics and fanart Yes, but they aren't kawaiitards at least. Oh oh oh you know what I find more disgusting than any other P-nauts slash? Even more disgusting than Sasha/Raz? Pedoslash involving Milla. I mean dude. What. No. Absolutely not. Before I found the room, I always thought that Milla was a little bit creepy. She kept calling everyone DARLING. Seriously. But then on my second play through I found out her backstory, and, well... actually, she still seems a little creepy. But I understand her now. STFU I was Milla for halloween one year it was sick. I still have the dress in my closet. And the worst thing about fanfiction is when you have a story set in a universe of a story, but with no recognizeable characters from the game/book/movie/source of choice. I think alternate universe fics are worse. The Whispering Rock kids are not japanese schoolkids, kthx. UGH, the idea of that makes me sadface.
  11. If we are talking about white rappers.... MC Frontalot. =D
  12. Part 2 of Avery's "Top 5 Names" series. Top 5 Color Names 1: Viridian 2. Cyan 3. Fushcia 4. Puce 5. Mauve
  13. My boyfriend once accidently stuck an SD card in the disk drive of his Wii, and his friend had to use a chainsaw to get the thing open... Just don't do that, bro.
  14. I want a coooooooool rida....A COOOOOOOOL RIDA! No ordinary boy, no ordinary boy is gonna do, I want a rida that's cooooooooooool. I used to love that movie, but then I watched it and realized it was kindof fail.
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