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  1. It's a MadWorld.

    I beat it a couple days ago. The ending boss is great and the ending wraps up the story quite nicely. Ive been trying to play through hard mode but it is TOUGH. Great game overall.
  2. What are you playing?

    Ive been playing lots of MadWorld. Pretty good game.
  3. DFAF Secret Santa?

    Well, can you make animated avatar GIFs? 'Cause I've been dying for one of those, but I could never figure out how to make one. Or maybe you could just send us a link to your favorite pornography website. That could work, too. I cant do any of those, sorry. 8(
  4. DFAF Secret Santa?

    I want in. 8D I can only pimp someone in my sig since im not very artistic.
  5. Moderated in the Pants - (NSFW)

    He's good at times, i guess...
  6. Disappointed by Brutal Legend trailer

    Not at all, it was great to me.
  7. EA takes on Brutal Legend. Congrats guys!

    It has happened finally! *head explodes* What a glorious day!
  8. Superjail!

    I loved the finale and also how the ending fight was a total tribute to the whole first season, with my favorite character,Combaticus, returning to save the day.
  9. I play the Scout only to hear the obnoxious "BONK!" after you crack someone's head in with a metal bat.
  10. What are you playing?

    Get out of here and never come back!
  11. Brutual Legend Reveal at VGA awards?

    *shakes happily* I cant wait!
  12. Everybody get random!

    Yay! *munches on jellybean*
  13. Everybody get random!

    I know! It says they will be premiering Fight Night Round Two, even though its out! HA!