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  1. Brütal Lament

    If I recall correctly, Psychonauts didn't release same as launch as teh consoles did, so maybe you will just need to wait a while longer for the PC version. Just because they haven't announced it doesn't mean it's not going to come out.
  2. A wee bit of insight.

    I'm doing a lot of wait and see with that list. What is Wet though?
  3. A wee bit of insight.

    I hate to be the pessimist here, but Halo level anticipation? Really? You're talking about breaking financial records at that point. I'd say Guitar Hero III/Rock Band anticipation personally. Similar user base in the music fan area, and then it's got another crowd of folks (I'd say those who follow the works of Tim are about as populous as the Bemani crowd.) who will also be purchasing it regardless. Hopefully it gets some good press and enough hype to make it a big seller. And I already see it's coming out next year 'round Xmas per gamestop.com (Did you pre-order to get a free shirt? Hmmmm?). Any ideas what it will be competing with?
  4. Sierra has the Brutal Legend site up now.

    Hear hear. And frankly, Tim's message to other publishers rocks.
  5. Do not Leak, or Promote Leakage.

    C'mon guys, don't get the DF crew in trouble.
  6. For those who haven't yet:

    I recommend keeping an eye on the Double Fine Action News. 'Specially if you haven't for the past few days.
  7. Umm

    Good idea, and just as a reminder, sayeth the guide to decency.
  8. Merit Badges

    Simply put, yes please. I need to decorate my backpack.
  9. I like what I see.

    Smileys are nice. Will there be a two-headed baby smiley? Anyways, nice forums, flashy remodel, and I'm still waiting on those Psychonauts patches for my backpack in the store. If you could of course.
  10. Nachos. Tasty, delicious nachos, piled high with toppings.. More completely true* information to be released later! *Note: none of the information here is true.