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    High, im jacob denker. And I love psychonauts too much.
  1. I SECOND THAT that is the greatest message in history, may i be your servant
  2. im totally hungry for a milkman shirt. or hoodie I would dig finding the four wrestlers on a shirt. (one, or 4)
  3. what does it matter to you, your freaky 404
  4. Sounds like the guy was drunk, not supine information! He might be telling you information to get you off his back.
  5. AM i missing something about the new game. Beause he hasn't told us much about the new game. is the mini game tied to the annoucment???
  6. We came here with goggles in one hand, and a bloody knife in the other. We shall call this place a magical, enchanted word. One that we shall chant on the hiss, and make love too DOUBLE FINE *sweet and simple, like micky rooney
  7. OH! DAMN, that not right. Its awsome though. Watch it and feel complete
  8. MadMax666

    Fan Art!!!!

  9. im confused. PSYCHONAUTS should never be on the DS. Its just wrong!
  10. OMFG. IF that happened............idk what i would do........ (thinks) i would start a church in DF name, and make jack black, jesus.
  11. PS3? that would be a shot in the foot. No one own one. PC is the way to go. Everyone has one.
  12. I know Mias Layout was from a movie. I can;t remeber whitch. I know though. OH, i know
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