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  1. Hey there, some of you might remember me but I'm sure a fair amount wont. I used to post on dfaf from like 2010-15 which is when I was around 11-14 .I just wanted to post that I have very very fond memories of this forum and the friends I made while I was here despite being a lot younger than the other people here. I'm 19 now and I've struggled for years between trying to get back into this forum and staying far away because of how I was when I was younger, however I feel I owe it to everyone I knew here that you all helped me along in what was a very dark time in my life. DFAF was an escape from being bullied at school as well as at home, it was a place I felt safe to speak my mind with like-minded individuals like bookdust/Scarecrow, feddlefew, hot, leroyoctopus, and many more. I spent countless hours in the IM chat we had through something called mibbit or fribbit or something because I felt accepted. I told people on this forum whenever I had a crush. When my mother told me she was pregnant with my little sister, now 6, the first thing I thought was to tell my friends on DFAF. Honestly I owe my life to this forum and the company that founded it. It makes me sad to see some friends gone but it fills me with pride seeing how many are still here and even been promoted to mods. I'm not sure how often I'll post if I really return but I've been feeling this way for a long time and I felt it was time to let it be known to the forum and the people that knew me way back when I was just a cringy kid. I love you all.
  2. Bernie. Good plot and was based on an actual murder in Carthage, East Texas, which is close to me because I lived in southeast Texas until I was around 7 and go back close to every year. Jack Black's acting as the main character was phenomenal in my opinion. The combination of seriousness with small amounts of dark humor mixed in along wish using actual citizens of the town of Carthage just made this movie very good to me.
  3. Well I haven't been on this forum in god knows how long but I look a lot different than I used to if I ever showed you guys. Sans glasses bc they cause a weird glare.
  4. I'm trying really hard to remember why I hated chuggaaconroy a few years ago.He doesn't seem that bad.
  5. I would like the first steam code please,the one with And Yet it Moves.If that wouldn't be too much trouble.
  6. The ASPCA put a virus on my computer.What the hell? Nothing bad,just annoying adware. Got rid of it like that*snaps*.
  7. Yes my friends, your dream has come true. We have a channel on livestream.com solely for movies every Monday at 8:00 PM eastern time/7:00 central time. On this,the first of many movie nights, we will be watching The Last Starfighter. Make sure to be there. The channel's name: DFAFMovieNight. I have added a poll to pick next week's movie.Take your pick Edit:I would also recommend that you do this in google chrome with the adblock plus extension on,otherwise you will have advertisements about every 15-20 minutes.
  8. Two trumpets and a horn - we're close to a brass quintet! I can take either the tuba or the trombone. I play trombone,I want to be part of a quintet!
  9. "I'd like to thank the academy..." Sorry,I haven't actually ever played it until a few weeks ago. I can't get past the fucking concert at the Sea of Black Tears. It's starting to piss me off royally.
  10. and I realized that the whole Ophelia thing was based on the Ophelia in Hamlet. Other people must have figured this out already,but I felt inclined to say something.
  11. EVERYBODY GO READ READY PLAYER ONE RIGHT NOW. This may be the best book I have ever read. Warning:Once you start reading this book it is terribly difficult to stop.
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