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  1. This happened for me too, both in this page and on the Kickstarter update page. It's never happened for any previous video.EDIT: The attached picture shows what it looks like, before and after clicking the link below the video.
  2. I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I can't find it with the search feature. I'm playing Psychonauts on PC through Steam on my nice widescreen (1080x1920) monitor. The gameplay is fine, but the FMVs (which are rendered in non-widescreen resolution) are stretched out to fill the screen. Is there any way to have the FMVs display in pillarbox mode automatically without me having to change the resolution back and forth? On a related but lower priority note, the journal image seems to also be stretched to cover the entire screen. Is there any way to prevent that happening too? Cheers!
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