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  1. RAD

    I've been playing it every night since it came out, and it's haunting my work days. I've still only cleared it once, but I love it, and I'm not stopping any time soon.
  2. Backer Blu-ray Production Status

    A good carpenter doesn't blame the tools. He blames the person who sold him the tools. Stupid tool salesmen.
  3. Announcing Headlander!

    They keep patching it, swearing up and down that it's going to work this time. Never does.
  4. Announcing Headlander!

    I want to play it on Linus. The BLANKET engine is the best.
  5. I have two vehicles with dangerous issues, am behind on every single bill, just got married, had a baby, and moved. Oh, Christmas, how I dread your arrival every year. Anyway, yeah. I want nothing more than to be a part of this, like I was with the last two, but it would be almost criminally negligent, and damn selfish of me to do this right now.
  6. I had to withdraw my pledge. It was very sad for me, but I'm having far too many money problems right now. I have to put my family first.
  7. Psychonauts 2 Fig Tracking - Updated 9pm daily

    Management has taken notice of your new found vim, and vigor, and as long as security footage (we are watching. We are always watching) backs up your words with your actions, you could be removed from probation as early as December 2017! Welcome back to the family. Any attempts to thwart our constant surveillance will result in disownment/dismemberment. We love you. Accept our love. Do not test our love.
  8. Psychonauts 2 Fig Tracking - Updated 9pm daily

    As a subcontractor. On a probation period. At reduced pay.
  9. Psychonauts 2 Fig Tracking - Updated 9pm daily

    Having just been fired from this thread, he is now free to pursue this so called "life" as much as he may please.
  10. The obvious request...

    The only ones I actually had a difficult time getting to were the ones in the log roll in Basic Braining. All the others were pretty simple to get to as long as you knew where they were. Well, that's not entirely true. Some of the Waterloo World figgies took some work, but it didn't feel like suicide bait the way that the log roll figments did.
  11. The obvious request...

    I think a simple work around for this is to add something similar to the Oculus of the Damned (I think that's what it was called) from Brutal Legend, that would gently guide you towards collectibles that you are missing. I would prefer if that was a late game item, though, as I really am one of those weird people that actually enjoys scouring the levels for hidden stuff.
  12. I heard it was programmed by a Nigerian prince who needed to sell a certain amount of units before he could claim his inheritance.
  13. Never heard of it. Looks weird, man.
  14. I would like to join two clubs. 1. I don't know who he is. 2 I don't think it's rude to ask who he is.