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  1. I totally would but I traded my 360 for the One :\
  2. I must admit I don't know much about either one, basically because I'm out of the market for either, but can't the 1 be used as a cable provider almost? That could save you money right there. And the PS4 is better equipped hardware wise, I believe (by like 1%)? I do have better friends and more of them on XBOX.. It'll be interesting to see what develops for each system in say, 2-3 years. ps - I would of course buy the 1 if DF released a sequel to IB
  3. Alright! I get it! You want me to crush noobs with you. If I wasn't buying Christmas presents maybe that wouldn't be such a realistic venture. Just count me in, eventually.
  4. Alrighty then! I have to say, BaddestEver, this was a great interview and it's always a pleasure having you on my threads. Catch this guy between the hours of 5-9 on BF4 for Xbox 1! Come on, give it up for BaddestEver!! *crickets* Good night everybody! *slams the microphone into your face* Is there anything else you'd like to add before we continue this on Live?
  5. Why didn't you get the PS4? Don't tell me you did..
  6. You still play BF4 a minimum of 4 hours/day. Nice.
  7. Dude, I was so close to calling you out. I was like.. "no f'ing way". But wow, yeah. Just for fun, what changed when you just upgraded like in the middle of playing a game?
  8. Holy shit. I'm so detached I forgot when the Xbox 1 came out... YOU PLAY LIKE 12 HOURS A DAY SON.
  9. What the actual fuck... 64 person multiplayer? BattleField? Last I played that it was like 4 vs. 4 or something, and that was just BF3. Whatever, I'm totally envious. That's like in the category of legendary gaming right there. Watch out PC's.. You better be rocking a huge HDTV for that! I'm stuck with a 32" right now.. How many hours a day are you logging into that thing anyway? That would help me gauge how great it really is considering we probably have mutual gaming capacities. I'm always addicted to at least one game, online or off. Shit, I've been hooked on just 360 Ghosts (2-4 hours/day) since I got my membership back.
  10. Listen to this guy telling me what to do with my life! You know, I thought you were just baby sitting that thing? Xbox 360 can't view what Xbox 1 players are doing, like it's so secretive, and all it says is that you're dash boarding. Then I found out through Julica that you were smashing it on BF4 & Ghosts. How much did all that run ya? I *really* want to hold out for the 2nd gen. What's your take?
  11. Drop that new age XBOX shit, would you? We got real games to play.
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