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    Oh Hai, here I'm Pheo, and recently thats been my name, such as my username on dA is Pheo's Stronghold(made to pheosstronghold to shorten).I've also been under the Identity of Stephenlink1.If you see any of these thre, its probaly me!My real name is Drew, and I got Pheo from shortening Pheonix. I welcome friends, and strive to find more, I am a artist, and love art.Sometimes my spelling may seem bad, but my keyboard is very shotty.I try to be bold and differen't, but also be myself. http://ph
  1. Flapjack is pretty funny, lots of more mature humor, hopefully it won't get cancelled like Invader Zim.That would suck.
  2. Two names, nami said, so i'll complete it for you, Boyd Cooper. That's cool, but I meant two names as in two different people, not just first and last names. Though with the second person I'll have to re-check somnething... BRB. I seem to be wrong and under a misunderstanding...hmmm...TO INVESTIGATE!
  3. Two names, nami said, so i'll complete it for you, Boyd Cooper.
  4. 10:Oleander is Afraid of Linda, as you, Nami, said in your Psychonauts facts thread.
  5. Oh God, I love Vazquez's work, I love zim, but have yet to get JtHM or Squee yet.I voted tfor 'It not stupid, its Advaaanced' but I would have definatly voted for 'Iiiiii Missedyoumommeh!' if it was up there.
  6. I say DS, get The World Ends With you, sell off some of your Xbox games to games to gamestop for some money, you'll get a lot(I got 85 dollars with 7 games),make money shoveling driveways and such at 5 to 10 dollars each, find out hhow much you can sell your xbox for, and you will hopefully have enough to get a xbox 360, and you will still have a DS.
  7. I tried putting it on, saved as a PNG, it did'nt work, it said what you got, that it must be one of the supported file types, but it is one of the supported filetypes.
  8. Lol, and we couldalso give out blank metal pins!Man, I'm remakein mine, I'm gonna hafta try again.
  9. Same thing here, I get the same problem. Unfortinatly , I can't try again right now since the one I want is on my other computer, buut , I can just remake it.
  10. I've done it, I have a old Dine With Shamu pass, and I made it sweep like a pendulum.It moved to much to be wind or a breeze.
  11. Pheo walked out of the hide out.He started wandering, letting his legs go by them selves...then he felt wet.He fell off a peir into the lake.He swam out, soaked, and sat on another peir, drying off.
  12. Pheo rubbed his chin and thought, and he suddenly got a idea. "We could make Briar grow under the sheets of everyones bunks so when they jump up to sleep, the get stabbed."said Pheo, he liked his idea.
  13. Now they were getting into something Pheo understood..and Loved..Pranking. "Finnaly, something I'm not confused about."said Pheo, grinning."I'm a pretty good prankster, myself."
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