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  1. Yeah!! YEAH!! But seriously, this is a great update! I would keep having perfect battles but then be forced to run around the map to find the remaining enemies. I'd usually lose most of my heroes this way too (the best was stumbling upon 3 Ruptures just chilling together in a far corner).
  2. Yep! Panels in both the Main and Hedgehog theaters will be livestreamed this year.
  3. Congratulations to everyone! It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 years already. What an amazing journey.
  4. shiiiiiiiiiiit. It also says "my butt colony" in the episode notes at http://www.doublefine.com/dfa/content/episode_13_crash_landing_a_plane/. I was wondering if that was a new game area, haha.
  5. I had no idea that you guys were considering pulling out of PAX. So glad that everything worked out in the end. The voice work is super amazing and it's great to start seeing it in-game with the animation. Thanks to 2PP for all those hot Maya graph editor close-ups! Also, oh gosh, I'm in this episode...
  6. Really awesome sidequest! It's always great having a friend/coworker who you can have friendly competition with to keep pushing each other's work. My Hellfire game was Sonic 2 for Game Gear (yeah!!). I finally beat it a few years later, but the first boss still gives me a heart attack from all the stress, haha.
  7. "We only made 200 boxes, and even then some of the floppies might not work, but the people who buy them will be allowed and encouraged to share the game." So feel free to do an internet search.
  8. Finally got around to this! It's a mix of John and Brad stuff, but I figured this was the best thread for it. Yeah, that's a bee on the bottom...
  9. Meeps


    This looks like a job for the Bear Cavalry!
  10. Meeps


    I've been dumping hours into Fire Emblem Awakening, grinding to increase relationship support ranks between every character just to see all of the skits it unlocks. It really gets you to care about all of the characters, even the ones you'd otherwise never use in battle. The writing is sharp, clever, and often pretty hilarious (8-4 did an amazing job with the localization). Of course, this sort of thing seems right up Double Fine's alley, but it would be impossible for a game that doesn't have any real set characters. I'm very curious to see how this ends up getting handled in MASSIVE CHALICE. The FE:A marriage/support mechanic is super rewarding. The higher your support rank, the higher the stat boosts you get when the two characters fight next to each other. I've had several times where a husband or wife was about to die to an enemy, but their spouse jumped in and blocked the damage to save them. It's just incredibly satisfying. The way children are handled is fairly simple. The child inherits one skill from each parent, which allows the child to learn skills from classes it otherwise wouldn't have access to due to gender or other reasons. There are some incredibly unbalanced skills that discourage experimentation with character builds, so the system isn't perfect, but I was very excited when I heard you guys were planning mechanics similar to this! Hope some of that was helpful! I highly recommend the game. It's been getting a lot of people interested in the tactics genre.
  11. Meeps


    Hey Brad! This is awesome! I already backed, but I have a super important question: Will Murderface be in the game? Edit: My bad. Forgot to throw in a !
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