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  1. So I've been stuck on the DRMRoof for some time, trying to figure out how to decrypt the princess's room, and I'm finding nothing helpful. I'm at a dead end. I'm digging through the library, and from what I've seen the key doesn't appear to be there. As far as I can tell the only way to solve this puzzle is to guess (or brute force) the encryption key. Does anyone have tips that won't simply spoil the puzzle?
  2. No change with vsync off, sorry. Still unplayably laggy if I don't use the short-term fix I quoted before.
  3. Problem _______ Game appears to have memory leak, jumps up to 1.25GB memory consumption in Gloria's Theatre. Framerate drops to unplayable levels and occasionally textures disappear or glitch out. No level up to this point has experienced any problems System ________ Win7 x64 Intel Core i3 M370 @ 2.4GHz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6370 Running ATI Tray Tools software with ATI drivers (not running Catalyst) 4GB RAM All graphics options selected, fullscreen 1366x768 resolution Steam and Psychonauts defragmented Game is run through steam client Problem takes longer to appear at lower resolutions ____ Over at the steam support forums a workaround has been found that works for me: For those who don't know: black velvetopia is within Edgar's mind, the painter who paints bullfights.
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