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  1. Soul Garden (Justin Honegger)

    It could, but my personal preference for AF is to aim for a VR version from the beginning. The small, isolated puzzles I'm envisioning feel like they'd be really fun in a VR environment, and I want to prioritize making that a wonderful experience.
  2. Soul Garden (Justin Honegger)

    Hey thanks for asking! =D The idea is that there is a soilscape that comes along with each plant that you manipulate to cultivate it. Think a giant floating chunk of land with weird bits and the seed stuck in it. When the puzzle is first entered, it's in it's natural state; Unordered, full of obstructions and only incidentally capable of growing a weak version of the plant.The player then interacts with the soilscape by moving things around to make it a more ideal environment to grow. The elements aren't applied in an order to the soilscape, but more brought together to amplify each other, or to feed off of each other. Once the plant's environment is set the player begins Time again, and the plant grows until it can no longer gain anything from it's environment, either because of insufficient resources or encountering something that weakens it to the point of death. Things that occur on the timeline itself (Events) hover in the air around the soilscape on a long ribbon. As time advances the time ribbon passes through the soilscape, activating the event. The player can move events from one part of the ribbon to another if they want to prevent disasters such as a rain of fire from affecting the plant. I'd also like to compress or stretch the events on the timeline ribbon to improve variety (A compressed rainstorm dumps all of its rain at once, and a stretched one gives less rain minute to minute but goes for longer.) At higher levels multiple ribbons or ribbon loops would attach to the soilscape for more complicated puzzles.
  3. Woo It was great fun watching you guys get creative last time too =D
  4. Soul Garden (Justin Honegger)

    For those that have taken the time to consider voting for my project, thank you for coming! If you have any questions or comments please post them, and I'll do my best to answer them. It may take some time for me to figure out the right words to answer you with, as I'm the IT guy and not a heavily experienced developer like my coworkers, so please be patient and bear with me as I try to translate my brain into something more understandable. ps Thank you Derek Brand for the title art and 2pp for the wonderfully edited video!
  5. Truthfully, it is not a good idea to port older titles into VR without heavily reworking them first. It's a really good recipe for nasuea, vertigo, puking, and an overall subpar experience. Blasting along in the Deuce and being able to look around with a headset sounds really fun until your brain starts screaming at you for making it think you're going R17 through the Razor Fields while simultaneously being parked in your computer chair. Definitely try them out and let us know what it's like though. Just keep a bucket next to you.
  6. Despair Dog

    Banning Despair Dog. Seriously the first rule of the forums is 'Be Nice'. Being a negative gimmick account is not that.
  7. What is the origin of the Eh Eh-Eh dance?

    I just asked some people, it apparently came from Tim's real life growing up. It was the sound/dance his brother used to do when he bullied him. Yay siblings!
  8. Howdy! As Greg said in the comments section of Fig: @Gnostic - Yes, we will release a GOG version!
  9. Hot's masturbatorium

    I'm not even mad I'm more wondering what conversation he was a part of that ended with him going "Yup that's definitely going on the banlist"
  10. Hot's masturbatorium

    what the hell masturbatorium is on the ban list? what the hell did you guys do to clint
  11. Email Support@doublefine.com with your the following info: Original email that you signed up to the campaign with (either on kickstarter when you funded or the slacker backer website.) Name New address We'll update it once you do so. I believe there's a plan to send out a survey to update it, but this is what you can do now to salve your worry. Edit: Damn your speed spaff!
  12. What happened at GDC 2015?

    Discussing the awards show is fine, but if this thread turns further into a discussion of gamergate it will be locked. I understand it's hard to separate the two, so it might be futile to leave it open, but I believe you guys can be civil and impartial.
  13. Heads up guys, it's fine to talk about the GDC awards but if this thread evolves into a gamergate discussion thread it will be locked. Ya'll are being mostly civil so far, but all those threads do on here is create drama.
  14. Try viewing it in a different browser (Ie firefox instead of chrome), that's worked for people in the past.
  15. Most Amusing Spacebase Realizations

    Sorry about that happening to your thread, CrashFu. He was an extremely negative member who broke the "Be Nice" primary rule for the last time here. Banned now.