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  1. It could, but my personal preference for AF is to aim for a VR version from the beginning. The small, isolated puzzles I'm envisioning feel like they'd be really fun in a VR environment, and I want to prioritize making that a wonderful experience.
  2. Hey thanks for asking! =D The idea is that there is a soilscape that comes along with each plant that you manipulate to cultivate it. Think a giant floating chunk of land with weird bits and the seed stuck in it. When the puzzle is first entered, it's in it's natural state; Unordered, full of obstructions and only incidentally capable of growing a weak version of the plant.The player then interacts with the soilscape by moving things around to make it a more ideal environment to grow. The elements aren't applied in an order to the soilscape, but more brought together to amplify each other, or to feed off of each other. Once the plant's environment is set the player begins Time again, and the plant grows until it can no longer gain anything from it's environment, either because of insufficient resources or encountering something that weakens it to the point of death. Things that occur on the timeline itself (Events) hover in the air around the soilscape on a long ribbon. As time advances the time ribbon passes through the soilscape, activating the event. The player can move events from one part of the ribbon to another if they want to prevent disasters such as a rain of fire from affecting the plant. I'd also like to compress or stretch the events on the timeline ribbon to improve variety (A compressed rainstorm dumps all of its rain at once, and a stretched one gives less rain minute to minute but goes for longer.) At higher levels multiple ribbons or ribbon loops would attach to the soilscape for more complicated puzzles.
  3. For those that have taken the time to consider voting for my project, thank you for coming! If you have any questions or comments please post them, and I'll do my best to answer them. It may take some time for me to figure out the right words to answer you with, as I'm the IT guy and not a heavily experienced developer like my coworkers, so please be patient and bear with me as I try to translate my brain into something more understandable. ps Thank you Derek Brand for the title art and 2pp for the wonderfully edited video!
  4. Truthfully, it is not a good idea to port older titles into VR without heavily reworking them first. It's a really good recipe for nasuea, vertigo, puking, and an overall subpar experience. Blasting along in the Deuce and being able to look around with a headset sounds really fun until your brain starts screaming at you for making it think you're going R17 through the Razor Fields while simultaneously being parked in your computer chair. Definitely try them out and let us know what it's like though. Just keep a bucket next to you.
  5. Banning Despair Dog. Seriously the first rule of the forums is 'Be Nice'. Being a negative gimmick account is not that.
  6. I just asked some people, it apparently came from Tim's real life growing up. It was the sound/dance his brother used to do when he bullied him. Yay siblings!
  7. Howdy! As Greg said in the comments section of Fig: @Gnostic - Yes, we will release a GOG version!
  8. I'm not even mad I'm more wondering what conversation he was a part of that ended with him going "Yup that's definitely going on the banlist"
  9. what the hell masturbatorium is on the ban list? what the hell did you guys do to clint
  10. Email Support@doublefine.com with your the following info: Original email that you signed up to the campaign with (either on kickstarter when you funded or the slacker backer website.) Name New address We'll update it once you do so. I believe there's a plan to send out a survey to update it, but this is what you can do now to salve your worry. Edit: Damn your speed spaff!
  11. Discussing the awards show is fine, but if this thread turns further into a discussion of gamergate it will be locked. I understand it's hard to separate the two, so it might be futile to leave it open, but I believe you guys can be civil and impartial.
  12. Heads up guys, it's fine to talk about the GDC awards but if this thread evolves into a gamergate discussion thread it will be locked. Ya'll are being mostly civil so far, but all those threads do on here is create drama.
  13. Try viewing it in a different browser (Ie firefox instead of chrome), that's worked for people in the past.
  14. Sorry about that happening to your thread, CrashFu. He was an extremely negative member who broke the "Be Nice" primary rule for the last time here. Banned now.
  15. I'll check with people, but I'm going to assume it's a mistake on our end that benefits you guys. So... grats?
  16. Hi Arcane Snowman! I checked your backer tier and you should have received one in your email (same email registered to this forum account) so check your spam filter for anything from humble, and if nothing is there let me know and I'll ping humble bundle.
  17. Honestly dudes, most of the problems you're expressing with moderators I feel need a bit of context from behind the scenes at DF, so I'm using this post to lay those out. Afterwards I'm going on a small break because this shit stresses me and I'd like to feel like I get some aspect of my weekend to myself. A few months back our old Community Manager, Chris Remo, left for an amazing opportunity over at Campo Santo. With his leaving, his forum responsibilities transitioned mostly to me, as I helped with them somewhat before he was hired. I saw pretty quickly that I didn't have the available bandwidth to be as much of a presence in the forum as the forum needs. We had been talking about a community moderator group for a while, so Cheeseness was asked to help. He was tapped due to his work on the Game Club and the recommendation of multiple external and internal people. He immediately brought up revisions to the rules of decency since they're several years out of date, requests for policy clarification, and other things to improve the forums, as well as talking with us about which community members would do well in that role. I pretty much got all of those, put a token "Looks good!" response on each one, made the moderators moderators, and immediately went back to fixing computers and other things that were my primary role. Because fixing computers makes me happy while social related things grates on my core. I didn't place the urgency on forum issues as highly as I should have, and the friction currently is a direct result of that I feel. Over the next week we'll probably hammer out a good forum plan and policy set, and publicize them. We might go a bit slow with it, but if so it is is caution, not malice.
  18. So... as thanks for thinking someone's a good and contributing member of the forums they aren't allowed to post or have their own opinions once they have a slightly different title? I think this would be more of a case for separate moderator accounts from people's posting accounts, but then that creates a different argument for openness and transparency in moderatorship.
  19. Mazuo: You yourself are an example of how we allow users to do that too if they can construct their argument in a non insulting way that is on topic with the thread itself. There is not a separate set of rules for moderators and users. The difference I think you're seeing is that you consider the fact that the moderators have mostly positive opinions about the current situation in contrast to the mostly negative that seems to be expressed by your post history. People disagreeing with you is not a flaw in them or in the system.
  20. My appearance is tied mostly to reports or responses to threads. Because while I am a Double Fine employee, I'm mostly the IT guy. I act as a gate to some of the more permanent mod powers, thus my sudden appearances tend to be more me appearing after several such reports or after being alerted by the moderators. (My eye of sauron avatar is meant as a joke on that, because being IT helps develop your own sense of black humor) The moderator business does come with new problems, but it also solves a much more important problem: observation. We're pretty heads down at DF right now. All of us. We also don't have a specific community manager right now, so Chris Remo's old jobs have been split between about three different people. The forum moderators allow us to have faith that the forums are being watched by people who have its best interests in mind and have a track record of moderation at other forums. I understand that there is always friction when transitioning to a new system, especially right now as this is the first major event since we've appointed them. Cheeseness got this one I believe so I'll skip. I understand why you would think that, but we do not live for flexing our muscles online. Every person on the moderator team is just someone who liked our games enough to enjoy spending time here and was a good, thoughtful person that was willing to volunteer their time to try and make the forums better. The downside to trying to do that is that everyone has a different opinion on what better is, and any action towards one ideal will raise umbrage that we're going away from another. The answer to "Are we going to have community moderators" is not going to change, to be honest. Are they ideal? No. Ideally DF would be able to have a full time employee constantly in the forums instead of the current situation of "Hey Justin we're all super busy but you have the most experience with the forums, please watch them." Are the moderators effective and doing what I consider a good job? Yes. Is there room for improvement? Of course, and in time that will happen.
  21. jasondesante is now on timeout (no posting whatsoever and doesn't get to see DFA backer forums) for the next week. Any further insults or general dickishness after that time period will result in a ban.
  22. As email, it's an automatic process done by the forum when the action occurs in the backend. Once things have settled down we will go over our policies for this type of situation. I don't believe merging the threads was a bad idea. The size and speed of the threads' growth feels more like the issue, as when two fast growing threads merge it generates confusion from the entwining conversations. We just need to figure out the sweet spot of "merge now, but after that just lock and put a link at the end."
  23. We will be saying more later today. We've been quiet to discuss the questions we've read on here and other places, and because we're on the west coast and I for one just woke up.
  24. Yes, this does make it difficult, but it's similar if the forum was much faster moving than it is. It's also a terchnical limitation for the forum as it sorts posts within a thread by time rather than by conversation. Nothing has been deleted. Moderators do not have that ability. There has been some confusion with the results of moderator action. I believe that they have made the right choices given hard and stressful circumstances, so I would request you put forth the same leniency towards the moderators that you're asking of them. Yes, merged threads can be difficult to read, but you're capable and I believe able to ride through it to convey the point you want to make. Apolgies if I wasn't clear. Raising issues with moderators is fine. But it is not a spacebase related issue, even if a discussion about spacebase is what triggered. That's what I was referencing about moving the thread. No she hasn't. Moderators do not have that ability. Only admins, and I haven't deleted any posts. I don't believe any other admins have either, though I'll check. I don't think that is an example of what you stated. That is an example of someone raising a point which would be more useful in the primary thread so that it can be integrated and responded to by the majority of people talking about the issue.
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