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    I'm not an emo, I'm not No guys I'm nice don't ban me uhhh i'm a musician and stuff yeah i suck at this
  1. KingCheez


    Yeah, I only have the original OST, so I can't really make that decision.
  2. KingCheez


    Cinematic is all the songs that are in cutscenes The normal OST is basically most of the songs you hear in-game like the Whispering Rock theme.
  3. I could swear that was for Advent Rising, not this.
  4. Grim Fandango wasn't really widely recognized Gears of War and Halo need to be on there, like it or not :\
  5. gaming on PCs sucks to high hell pcs are pretty much made into obsoletion you have to buy a new video card and ram every time a new frikkin game comes out so hey screw that
  6. itchy please don't tell jmac oh god my life will be ruined no seriously!!
  7. I'LL SELL KOTCM ALBUMS LOTS OF THEM I'LL HOLD PEOPLE AT GUNPOINT AND GO "BUY AN ALBUM" Also yeah SL is full of creeps, and also SL is full of ASSETS SERVERS CRASH EVERY FUCKING DAY!! but I'm compelled to enjoy it anyway.
  8. I ran it with 256mb of ram, an Intel EXTREEEME!!! graphics card, and... it was... crap, but regardless. It ran, kinda. wutev'
  9. WHAT WHAT IS GOING ON!? (Yes the focus is in the entirely wrong place. And I'm hiding Mashi.) Um... idunno TIKARA YOU SHOULD TOTALLY EXPLAIN ALL THIS I suck at forum'ing. EDIT FOR COHERENCY: Hey, punks! Do you like Second Life? I bet not! But I bet you like Psychonauts! And so do we! So like... you can... IM Tikara (forgotthelastname) and stuff because we make cool Psychonauts stuff and are buying a psychonauts sim. Thing. Maybe.
  10. Hey guys look Random Random cookies muffins mountain dew pie invader zim gir lol i'm so random omg lets go to hot topic!!!11
  11. Me too, but as I am a musician i'd like to try to compose music for a game too Are we the same person
  12. playing two worlds looking forward to playing more two worlds. no seriously.
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