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  1. i think its a serious case of selfpromotion, a friend of mine had that too, once. and everyone laughed at her.
  2. this topic is simply adorable. plus, isn't all this, the talking, the discussing etc. for the sole purpose of making us feel better? to improve our live-quality? so i think the least we can do to make each other feel better is to read these kind of topics, think about it and try to give some good advice. or i'm feeling especially sappy tonight, i don't know.
  3. working in smaller companies is usually a lot nicer and if you're lucky you actually get to influence the production of a game with constructive criticism and such. If you want to pursue a career as QA Lead etc. usually some sort of technical qualification will be required, like a BA in Programming or such. A huge part of the QA lead is also people skills, if you're not able to motivate your testers, you're screwed royally. Not every game is pure fun, most companies have the same QA for kiddie and casual games and the "real" games, so testing horse and ponie or puppy kiddy games is also part of the job and you're supposed to do that with the same enthusiasm and dedication that you would put into a AAA title.
  4. i don't know. but i think the worst you could do now would be to push it. give her the chance to make the first step, but let her know that whatever happens or does not happen, you still want to be friends. maybe if you withdraw a little she'll take that chance and come towards you a little more.
  5. hey there zeeman, I probably shouldn't even have read this rather private discussion, since I'm still a newbie and barely know you and all, but seriously, if you want to stay friends with that girl, you're gonna have to talk to her. otherwise there's always going to be some sort of awkwardness between you guys, something left unspoken that gets bigger and bigger until she'll completely avoid you. Don't tell her that you love her or have a crush on her, just talk about what happened and how you wish you could just go back to the way things were, don't pressure her to make some kind of decision or tell you how she feels about this. But don't let it stand between you two, it really sucks to lose a friend, and I'm pretty sure she'll think the same.
  6. beta testing is not a job, it's a profession. no, not really. pretty much every company, event those that do open betas have their own qa (for quality assurance) teams, developers, publishers, some don't and hire freelancers, but most of the work is done even before those open betas start. those open betas are more for marketing and testing how the game works on players than for actual bugtracking. you don't really need a career for beta testing, usually there's students doing the testing and people with a more technical background doing the supervision, etc. there's different qualifications liek the ISTQB, but those rarely required, especially in smaller companies. No clue how Double Fine handle their betas, but it's more important that you have a certain affinity and love for detail than to have some sort of certificate... how do i know? i'm a freelancer, having worked in beta testing in germany for the past 3 years besides going to University. and it's a job that eats you... you wont get anywhere with a 9-5 mentality, working longer than you had anticipated, night shifts, etc. is totally normal.
  7. you forgot A Vampyre Story!! definitely something to look forward to.
  8. So usually I'd never consider starting a thread over something as trivial as this (and I sure hope you don't mind, dear reader), but there is a poll about the Greatest Adventure Game Designer of all times over at the german adventure site Adventure Corner.de, available choices are amongst others Ron Gilbert, and here comes the reason I'm posting this here, our all beloved, well admired Tim Schafer. Need I say more? I want to rot in the soaring fires of hell if I let that Jane Jensen win over Tim or anyone for that matters (I really didn't like the Gabriel Knight games... ). So, please, do your good deed for the day and vote. Thanks
  9. there's some talk about the whole thing on this week's gamespot hotspot, short, but nice.
  10. or maybe (and i remember reading something about that in the info cow thread) he simply can't... If PR is done completely by the publisher, then i guess posting updates here would be a violation of the contract. which again would hint at the fact that there still is a publishing contract which would be good news, right?
  11. omg... his german accent is worse than mine... btw. in the german version sasha has this horrible vienna accent. yuck.
  12. Hm. Not quite what I meant. And with Games now it's becoming pretty much the same as with movies. There are the kind of people that are into movies, to different degrees according to their willingness to "get into the matter". And then there's people who watch TV cause they're not willing to sit down and enter into a story with characters and everything. It's not that they don't like movies, they're just not willing to invest much time or thought into it. and that transfers pretty much into games these days. those people that don't understand or "like" games at all are just a different generation that didn't grow up around computers, and i won't address the gender issue (mainly cause I'm too lazy to type) here... and so on and so forth... And about the "Happy meals", so true, but I think that's less because there is too much genre-mixing, quite the opposite. People think to preservative (i just hope that term is halfway fitting in this context), too retrospectively, too much "this used to work, so this new thing we're doing will work too, because it's more or less the same, just with better graphics and a different storyline". People (as they're always been) are scared of real innovation, and I'm not talking about converting Point&Click;Adventures to the Wii, cause the pointing and clicking is so easily done with the wiimote...
  13. lucky you. my faith was destroyed 5 years ago at my first press conference...
  14. nobody said it got ditched so far... i'd say let's relax, have a weevil- and e.coli- free cookie and wait for further news.
  15. easy: it's not a casual game, a shooter, a racing game or a gta clone. publishers are scared of innovative "different" ideas
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