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  1. Ever consider an iPad version of the game later on after the XBLA/PSN is done ? This may not be possible depending on controls though its a turn based combat game so it may not be too difficult for touch screen. The game would be a big hit with the iPad/iPhone crowd I would think.
  2. This Plus developing for consoles is way easier than developing for the PC, the consumer tech support problems surrounding a PC version are 1000x times worse than a console version. Console piracy is only at fraction of the level that it is practiced at on the PC there's no side stepping or arguing around that one. Also just because a studio released one game on a PC doesn't mean it has to continue that or owes anyone a release because of "history".
  3. Double Fine are making the right call by not releasing on the PC, as to why it's because its a mixture of market demographics and piracy. Costume Quest is on some hardcore PC gamers radar simply because it comes from Double Fine but the games "cute" look means it's precisely the kind of game PC gamers pirate because they dont want to spend money on it but do want to play it. It's also not your typical genre game that is on the PC either and PC gamers will either ignore or pirate games like that which Capcom learned the hard way despite putting out superior PC versions of Devil May Cry 4, Street Fighter 4., res Evil etc. I've already seen some PC gamer dominated forums dismiss it just on the look alone & only a handful of screen shots have been released, thats the mentality your dealing with. The actual market for this game on the PC would be through people who dont self label themselves as PC gamers by targeting Facebook and the like but I still think keeping it console only is the best way to go. [Goes back to lurking]
  4. They didn't, Sierra are a publisher under the Vivendi Games division of Vivendi-Universal of which Blizzard is another entity under that division. Activision merged with Blizzard but had little desire for Sierra as there would be a lot of overlap so they began lining up staff/projects/games from Vivendi Games/Sierra and putting them on the chopping block. Brutal Legend has been a victim of this purge because it didn't line up with whatever Activision had in mind (speculated here that Double Fine retains the IP which Activision wasn't happy about), whats worse is that Activision decided to save the "Prototype" game a new IP even though it got poor and mixed reviews because it is another generic sandbox action game. I feel bad for Double Fine to be kicked in the balls for a second time after Microsoft/Majesco, I can only hope that Brutal Legend gets released and is a roaring success that kicks sand in Activision's face for dropping it. EA partners program might be worth checking as id, Valve have all been stating good things about it & EA has the marketing muscle to push Brutal Legend and make it a huge hit. Good luck Double Fine crew stay strong!
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