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    Hello there! I'm Adam Kamrad, or as I'm known on the forums, Dr. Robotussin! I've been a fan of Double Fine for many years now with my first game being Brutal Legend. Hopefully I'll continue to be a fan of Double Fine for many more years, and maybe you will be one too! Currently I live in Dearborn, Michigan where I attend college in order to major in theater. I also am currently working a local retail store in the area to make some made cash so I can continue to support all the amazing people a

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  1. Tropico 5 did goals pretty well, IMO. After Tropico 3 the games got really samey so I quit buying into them. I also edited my previous post to fix that awful grammar error. I've been up for around 20 hours so I am getting a little loopy. At lest 4 added stuff.
  2. That article only points out that DF was able to break even on the money they got from indie fund, which puts them back $0. Also, do you have a source that says DF9 could develop everything on their original list for only $400k? All the indie fund article says is that DF9 needed $400k. It doesn't say the whole project could be done for ONLY $400k. You're just angry, and I'm not saying you shouldn't be, but you're talking about things you don't actually know about. You're speculating about what happened and then assuming you're right and getting worked up about it. The money they got from indiedev was supposed to make a complete game. They gave them $400k to make a complete game. While they are still in dept to them it's still money to keep and develop a full game from. Right when the project started it went EA, which made another $400k. They would then be at $800k, $400 they would keep from indie dev and the new 400 from EA. Even if they did pay them back the $400, they still would be left with $400, the original estimate for making the complete game with everything on the list they had give or take.Now asuming that they paid off that dept, they are now making pure profits from the game for almost a year, and if they where able to get $400k in 2 weeks I doubt sales for it would have just stopped on the dot 2 weeks.
  3. It was supposed to come from that $400k that they made in two weeks.also remember, this $400k was supposed to give us a complete game, in which we right now have only of a game. The agreement to was that all profits from SB goes to the development of SB. 4 people got $400k+ and we didn't even get a fourth of a game. This was less than a year ago. It hasn't even been a year and they are dropping the game when this artical PROVES that they not only funded the game but also have been making a profit from it. So if money wasn't the issue, either we have another case of a cash grab or something even dumber.
  4. Also does anyone have a screen cap of the dev list they took down?
  5. http://indie-fund.com/2013/11/spacebase-df-9-recoups-investment-in-two-weeks/ So if it isn't a money problem then what is it? Remember: this $400k was supposed to cover the WHOLE LIST in the project book for them.
  6. http://indie-fund.com/2013/11/spacebase-df-9-recoups-investment-in-two-weeks/ So why are they pulling it again? It's literally been making a profit pretty much since it was released EA almost a year ago. If it's not because of money then why?
  7. considering what Double Fine has put out recently I am skeptical, plus his managment with money is way to retarded for any regular person to just brush it off and go "OH YOU!". He knows where he lives and how much it costs yet he hasn't seem to come to the realization yet that what he is spending is to big, to much, or a complete waste. For a indie dev he really can not have a company his size and frankly his games are nowhere near making enough to support their size nor are they really showing the quality of a company that is as big as theirs either.
  8. .... I CAN'T PROGRAM! HOW THE **** SHOULD I MAKE MODS FOR THIS GAME? Besides this: Releasing the full code means that EVERYONE WHO PAYED FOR THIS GAME HAS PAYED FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL NOW BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE AND WASTED HIS MONEY!!! Releasing the Lua codes doesn't mean that you get the whole game for free you idiot. Stop whining about things you don't have a clue about. Get some manners if you want to prove yourself smarter You are maybe right about the code, but you just proved yourself to be what you called me. I might have no manner, but at least I'm not flipping out, shouting on the internet, making up shit while I'm crying about the game. You are writing that Double Fine is lying to you, that LeBreton shouldn't fear DF, and tell us the real reason behind this move. And he is probably handled worse than us costumers. What are you talking about? What do you expect? That DF comes out in a statement and says "sorry, whe are in a very difficult financial positions and have to cut some features, and release the game" Because that is the truth, everybody should see that. But no company will make a statement like this. And believe me, Breton is not hurt at DF, he probably knows the positions the company is in, and understands what must be done. There are devs in the industry, whose project is cancelled before release, so I think Breton can live with this decision. How do you know that it was a cash grab? What makes you think that they did this on purpose as some sort of plot to steal your money and run away with it while cackling and twisting their mustaches? You have no idea what happened. You're just angry and saying hurtful things because you are angry on the internet. Well they decided to cancel the development without telling us a proper reason and this smells like money stuff to me. Emjay may be angry, but his point is right as long as nobody proves the opposite... See, you talk stupid things like this again. What is DF, the mafia, they steal the customers money and run away with it? I think if that was the case, they wouldn't have spent monts and millions of dollars in a project, before running away with the money, don't you think?You implied that they spent millions on this project when it's already been proven that others have spent less money and made better, and even completed the same projects.
  9. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the self-proclaimed leader of the Double Fine Action Clan! So are you going to prove me wrong or are you just going to continue to make fun of me?Plus, as said before and when the steam clan was started, it was for everyone and was open to everyone. I asked for people to come play and no one came. I asked feed back and help and got none. I did you however, making fun of me, and others for trying to support something that was made by the community and was for the community and all it's fans. Good to know exactly how you feel about the rest of us.
  10. You do realize that you are posting on a video game forum, that is hosted by a video game company, that has released multiple video games that even yourself have bought and played.
  11. That's a particularly unfair statement considering that actually the prototype for this game was developed in public, and made available for people to play via Humble over a year ago. The version we have today has had over a year of development put into it. It's close to 2 years, isn't it? It was an AF2012 project. AF 2012 isn't when production started. That's just when the prototype was born. The guy who made banished also started around that time. Think about that for a second.One guy. No kickstarter No EA Constantly updated everyone on his progress. Had a list Completed his list. COMPLETED HIS GAME In one part! Provided updates after the game came out. If you don't disown Double Fine company after realizing this then there is no hope for you.
  12. No. All the other games I've bought pretty much that the list 90% filled. This is a crock of horse shit and they know it. Literally fuck this company.
  13. But I love those posts. I actually get to see what is going on and what you guys are up to and it makes me excited to get little hints and previews for the next update!Plus we all love you guys because you all never stop talking to us. Even with all this new technology and what not there still are only a real handful of devs still that actually communicate and update their fans like Double Fine does.
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