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  1. I think I just had a heart attack as the heavens opened when I saw the pre-purchase of steam. I can't believe this is happening :')
  2. I was super excited to find another backer while I was the Expo on Sunday 30th. But there was only one At least, she was wearing her backer t-shirt like I was and it was a delight to talk to another double fine fan! Was there anybody else at Eurogamer who is a backer?
  3. Grubbins on Ice had a huuuuuuuuge cliff hanger ending. Its really like a... throw your controller at the screen type of cliffhanger.
  4. It's sad really, I tried getting others in my class to play it. They are just too closed minded to even go back a year into game history to play it. Mad really, considering I'm in a video game design class and most of them haven't even heard of double fine D:
  5. Because of my online name, I should want #25, but I really really want #3. Best design yet
  6. Been away a while... but its surprising that Mr. Redphienix isn't already strutting around on a TrenchThrone
  7. Couldnt you just.. do dadbats quest when it comes up, then get in?
  8. DarkPlum

    To the PC!

    Pretty stoked its coming to PC. I haven't played Iron Brigade in a wee while and it will be nice to play with a wider PC audience. Not that the guys on Xbox aren't super awesome or anything ;D
  9. Its true! You spend more time just being in the world rather than being the gaming observer that you are! I'm glad I felt that way though, I just couldn't put it down when I started playing. One thing I did always think is how the landscape formed it itself in the brutal universe too. Like, how exactly did the screaming wall find itself where it is? and the hills with all the car and bike engines lodged into it. Silly stuff I guess
  10. I miss this place, sorry I've been gone. You all don't miss me I haven't played BL in at least 2 months. I can't say I ever recognized the road signs. Might play through BL again just to take in some of the universe a bit more.
  11. Scientist, Time Traveler, Knight. Knight looked the coolest and the other two just look and sound the most interesting.
  12. Wow, your like, the super luckiest dude in the world This sure was a neat thing the DF guys did.
  13. Saw DayZ on Kotaku, does look very good. It's about time the Zombie genre was taking seriously and made to peoples expectations of a zombie outbreak. Now currently playing Bastion, All thanks to Perjay
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