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  1. Thanks guys. I contacted Fig earlier this week but they suggested emailing Double Fine instead - I didn't wanna post back here until I had a worthy response, and now I guess I do! I'd really appreciate that, thanks!
  2. Hi all, I pledged $100 to the Psychonauts 2 Fig last year, which grants me a physical copy of the game on PC (among other things) - however, since then I have acquired a PS4, and the more I think about it, the more I'd prefer to experience this game on a console. Is there any way of 'upgrading' my pledge? IIRC, console editions were offered as an add-on, rather than a separate tier, so would it be too late for me to purchase an add-on now? Thanks.
  3. A next-gen remake would be nice, on the condition that it had a huge marketing push to make up for the commercial failure of the original. Also, as an incentive for existing owners of the game to re-buy the remake (as if the fact that it's Psychonauts isn't enough already!), perhaps more minds/mental worlds could be added.
  4. subs

    Unreadable Save

    Yeah, it should be fine then. Thanks for all the help, guys! I'll keep making regular back-ups of my save files.
  5. subs

    Unreadable Save

    That sucks. Let's hope Double Fine get around to fixing this. Well I've managed to find an old save on my memory stick, but I don't know how far I actually got in the game. Anyway, my question is, will I still be able to obtain trophies from playing off this save?
  6. subs

    Unreadable Save

    PS3. Guess I should have mentioned that in my first post.
  7. I've spent the weekend finding collectibles on Brutal Legend such as songs, bound serpents, etc. and was rather pissed off to discover that while playing the game this evening, I encountered a glitch where Eddie was trapped between a hill and a rock. After numerous attempts of trying to escape the 'trap', I decided to Save & Quit. However, once I tried to re-load the game, I had a message that said something like: 'The game is unable to read the save data.' I attempted to re-load the game again, but it loaded the very first level in the game. Has everything been wiped? If so, can my old save/statistics be retrieved? Thanks in advance!
  8. Just gifted a couple of copies to some friends. SPREADIN' THE LOVE.
  9. I already have it, but I've bought it again because it's one of the rare cases where a game is 'too' good. Also, I want to make up for the game's dreadful launch sales. THIS IS FOR YOU TIM!
  10. It was my birthday on October the 1st, and finding the Brutal Legend demo on the PlayStation Store was the best present ever! I'm going to be honest and say that my hype for the game decreased over the past few months for some reason (that's why I was inactive here), but since playing the demo, I really can't wait for this!
  11. I'm getting both games at Christmas. Besides, sales aren't reflective of a game's awesomeness. Look at Psychonauts. But yeah, I'm pretty confident that Brutal Legend will sell alot more than 'nauts.
  12. I'd love a Psychonauts t-shirt, but you'd never, EVER, catch me wearing something as hideous as that! Just keep the design and change the shirt color to white, black or red. Then I'm down.
  13. I heard Motown are publishing that. Let's hope they do as good a marketing job as EA have.
  14. Moral of the story: Quit now, and let someone with more talent handle it. (hehe, I keed, I keed.) That is so true.
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