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  1. Hi, Double Fine! I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job on the DotT remastering. (You already know that, I hope, but I wanted to say it anyway.) The game has been sitting in my Steam library for some time, but yesterday and today I finally got round to playing it. This was the first time I've played this classic game since the first time I played it, almost twenty years ago, so replaying it was fun. I'd call the remastering as close to perfect as we could hope for. (I was surprised to find myself preferring the gamepad controls.) So — job well done! I'm now really looking forward to Throttle.
  2. I've only watched halfway through yet, but wow these people look seriously tired! Take care of yourselves you double fine people!
  3. As usual, a great sidequest. Loved both the personal story, and the small insight into working with sound design.
  4. Great Sidequest! Love Khris! I'd completely missed that this video existed (was it ever properly announced? - by e-mail, I mean, and not just on the forum), but luckily I was pointed here from another forum thread when I made a quick stop by the forum after watching the new documentary episode.
  5. I'm a bit surprised by having seen this kind of suggestion come up several times now. In discussions elsewhere of games that do behave like that (Runaway comes to mind), it's usually pointed to as a very bad design decision. People get annoyed when the character refuse to pick something up that the player knows will be useful.
  6. I "right-click" (two-finger tap) on my Mac all the time. Couldn't do without it. (But I'm I relatively new Mac owner - bought my first eight years ago. I really disliked having to work with the old MacOS back in the day - as a musician, I still had to, on occasion - but now OS X is better than Windows in every way IMHO, except when it comes to the ability to run Windows programs, i.e. games.) On the topic of this thread, I agree with the original poster that the original interface is a better default.
  7. I haven't played the Mac version (my Mac is low on hard drive space at the moment, so I played on Windows with a regular old mouse), but I just wanted to chime in and say that this is a big deal. I never use the hard click (it's too clunky!), so to me tap-to-click and three-finger drag are essential or the game would be literally unplayable.
  8. I like the terms "PC", "PC with a haircut", "Bearded PC". (Not for anything official, of course, but I like the terms anyway. Originated at RPS, I think.)
  9. I wrote… …and then I was proven wrong. This is turning out to be quite an educational thread for me. A lot to think about. To me, every time I open a walkthrough or otherwise obtain a hint (such as uhs-hints that someone mentioned, that I agree is often a less spoilery alternative) that's a failure. I feel bad about it, and as a consequence it lowers my enjoyment of the game. It's interesting to hear completely different points of view.
  10. That depends on your definition of engine. Moai themselves don't call it an engine - they say SDK (software development kit), and "an open source game framework for quickly developing great mobile games"*. It's much lower level than what's usually referred to as an engine. What Double Fine have created really is something completely new (and I'm glad they did). They've built a lot on top of Moai to make an engine and, at least as important, developed internal tools to enable them to make content for the engine.
  11. You were briefly stuck twice? After our discussion in the other thread, that makes me feel a bit better about my puzzle solving abilities. I never felt stuck. I didn't solve everything immediately, of course, but I never felt stuck.
  12. On the other hand, anyone who's ever done creative work knows that editing reluctantly done because of external forces usually makes the end product much better. (If that's true in this case, we'll probably never know.)
  13. Let me guess… the swimming jump? (That's my first place for turning to a walkthrough in that game. I don't like timed puzzles.)
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