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  1. One bit that I had to explain in the last twitch chat: Weapons you unlock through research CANNOT become relics! Only the humble un-demon-enhanced weapons contain the potential to become family heirlooms! You can choose between those 2 paths but can't have your cake and eat it too! Was that the appropriate metaphor to use there? Dan
  2. And while I encourage all of you create or participate in super positive threads if you feel so inclined, any thread that is focused on discussing the strengths AND the weaknesses of MASSIVE CHALICE is healthy and appreciated. Toxic threads are best handled by ignoring them, but all subjects/thoughts/opinions/and ideas about our game are genuinely valued. Thanks for playing and providing such great feedback you guys!
  3. Check the file called screen.dat. It should be located with your steam save games. Usually here on mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Doublefine/MassiveChalice/screen.dat and on linux: ~/.local/share/Steam/userdata/doublefine/massivechalice/screen.dat The following settings might help you: windowMode = 2 width = 1280 height = 720 If this doesn't work (full screen 1280x720), try window mode: windowMode = 1 width = 1280 height = 720 More support should be coming soon! Thanks for your patience! Dan
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    Play Tips

    Good question and good answer - that should work! Sorry for providing such a hacky solution to this at the moment. The bloodline chooser UI got bumped from the beta list because there was so much to get done, but we still wanted to give you guys a way to play with the bloodlines you created. We should have a friendlier approach before too long Thanks for your patience! Dan
  5. DF Dan

    Play Tips

    Oh man - don't copy and paste my text from those instructions because the forum software seems to have formatted those quotes, and they might confuse the config parser! Here's what you want: CoreBloodlineName='McGarry'
  6. DF Dan

    Play Tips

    We weren't able to get our Bloodline Chooser UI in for the Premium Backer Beta, but there IS a way to have your bloodline appear in game. Right click on MASSIVE CHALICE in your Steam library and click Properties. Choose the LOCAL FILES tab Click BROWSE LOCAL FILES... Go into the Data folder Go into the Config folder Open up User.cfg for edit Find this line: CoreBloodlineName='' Put your bloodline in, like this: CoreBloodlineName='McGarry' Save the file, and launch the game!!! Make sure you've chosen the Thematic/Non-Thematic setting in New Game that contains your Bloodline! Have fun! Dan
  7. DF Dan

    Play Tips

    Lots of folks are asking for a way to position a melee attacker before the attack. This feature exists! If you click on your target for a melee attack, use the map icon in the confirmation pane to choose which tile to attack from: Alternatively, if you prefer hotkeys, the F key will do the same thing while an enemy is targeted. Have fun! Dan
  8. Hey Selke I just deleted MASSIVE CHALICE from my computer so I could check out the warning Steam lays on me when I try to install the game. Right now Steam is telling me I need 969 MEGABYTES free to install MASSIVE CHALICE! This number may grow in the next few days as we integrate new and more awesome data, but I think we'll still fall far short of 60 GIGABYTES! My typical download for MC takes only a few minutes at most before I'm hacking away! Love, DF Dan
  9. Children are trained by the regent and partner of their house, as well as any commanders you have placed in academies throughout the nation! They'll receive XP during training (depending on the XP of their trainers), and personality traits will rub off on them as well! We're still working on tuning all the knobs, but the general idea is already implemented in the game!
  10. Hey you guys! This is all terrific feedback - keep it coming! One of the constraints of Amnesia Fortnight is that there is literally NO time for any focus testing or really any play testing at all, which is why there are some puzzles that aren't tweaked so that they are as satisfying as they might be. Usually every game you play goes through rigorous testing that would identify these types of issues, but in this case you guys are the VERY FIRST focus testers this game has had. So you get it warts and all. But you also help us make the game as cool as it can be down the road, so thanks for that! In short, we should def. tweak the postcard and key puzzles! So glad you are enjoying Mnemonic and all the other prototypes! Thanks for your support and feedback! Dan
  11. Hey guys I updated the build to include the steam dll. Please update Mnemonic to see if you can play it with the launcher now, and please report any other problems you find! Thanks for your patience and your help in finding the issue! I hope you enjoy all the prototypes! Dan
  12. Oh no, so sorry you guys! That workaround should work for now, in fact you can probably get the DLL from Steed or LPBB. I'll push an update later today when I'm back on a computer Dan
  13. Actually 1 and 2 (the keys, not the numpad) should work as you suggest they should! We'll also continue discussing how we can make the controls more intuitive. Its something we feel is super important to a game like this, so let us hear about any suggestions you guys have! D
  14. Try numbers 1,2,3 ... Not numpad, mind you! We should update the help screen! Thanks for focus testing!
  15. Now that I think about it, I think the work and stress involved in this process should be documented as much as the development of the game. However, this stage is usually pretty humorless and frustrating, so maybe it wouldn't make for great viewing!
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