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  1. I completely forgot that brutal legend is for PC, because when it came out I only had a mac. Do people play the multiplayer on PC? I'd download steam just to get this game if people actually played it, lol
  2. Good video, one thing that I noticed that you should be doing more is abusing the gravediggers double team. All things considered it's one of DD's biggest assets
  3. Good video! The car is one of the most overpowered things in the game though
  4. Whats up Paperclip! I like the lightning rod sometimes, it's good against stages with a dirge.
  5. If we just keep on playing it will be fine; since I've started playing again I've seen like two new gamerskill 28s.
  6. I started playing again a few days ago, where is everyone?
  7. By the time I stopped for the first time and Mikey quit nobody could beat me. Then I come back and was a noob
  8. I haven't played in forever, chances are you'll stop playing for like a year and then when you come back a new generation of players will be better than you.
  9. Almost everyone you face will have that achievement
  10. Make sure you check out the multiplayer. It's just stage battles, but it's still sweet
  11. I've been really busy lately but will be playing more soon
  12. Maybe one of them is the Razergirl who is killing the raptor elks.
  13. Well, he never actually died on screen, but it was implied and I doubt he could get out of the bleeding death assault. My guess is no, but there would still he a hair metal faction.
  14. Domo play some legend man! If we don't play the game will die. We don't need channels and videos and stuff, we just need people to play multiplayer.
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