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  1. The Best Fan Art Ever - Guaranteed!

    G-Man please, lol? Absolutely.
  2. PAX!!11 (LOLOLOL)

    So, tell us about Telltale's booth and the Sam and Max Season Two trailer/demos. Is it awesome, or extra-awesome?
  3. So it's not "Brutal Legend"?

    It may or may not be. We find out tomorrow or something, right?
  4. Double Fine Action Figures

    I'm an action figure junkie (well, not really), so I'd really, really, really love to have some Psychonauts action figures. Really.
  5. I call someone who doesn't die.
  6. The Best Fan Art Ever - Guaranteed!

  7. Okay, let's kickstart this Forum!

    Wow, those are wicked cool.
  8. The Best Fan Art Ever - Guaranteed!

    With a title like that, how can't this be great? Disclaimer: No, I didn't make these in the last five minutes with MS Paint. Why do you ask? Also, there could be a nice bit of super secret information from the new Double Fine game superliminally pointed out in one of these pictures! Ten points if you can find it! More's on its way, and I'm taking requests. More that can't be uploaded to post: G-Man:
  9. Who’s Admin, Super Mod, Mod, etc?

    Until they actually get here, I'll sub in. Direct all your praise to me, but save your complaints and outrage for later.
  10. I always thought that the hairless bear was actually Linda.