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  1. How do they even continue that in the sequel? Which ending is cannon?
  2. Wow, no one commented on it? I thought the first episode was great, I have to get caught up on the rest. The original trailer was awesome! And a full Bluray compilation of that would be SICK
  3. It really wasn't though. They said it would have squad based elements and commands and you'd be starting up a revolt, naturally of course I thought it would still be a very action driven game that wasn't jam-packed with strategy. I do adore the game...but it was a bit of a surprise. The demo doesn't do a good job of indicating it's going to have RTS elements either. Only briefly in the trailer does it show off some of those things.
  4. She's hilarious, she's attractive, she's flexible...what is there that ISN'T awesome about Harley Quinn? Glad you're getting around to playing Arkham Asylum...such a great and polished game. Looking forward to the sequel!
  5. I'm not saying people shouldn't go to school. I just don't necessarily think "Going to school" should be the only time when one can learn or be motivated to learn.
  6. The internet is a massive database of information where you can receive feedback. Don't say "I can't." because someone's not holding your hand every step of the way, in fact it's better if you learn on your own because you can more quickly identify the information you want to learn and know how best to learn it. It's kind of like when you study, except it doesn't have to be boring as hell and those side-bars can actually be helpful tutorial videos.
  7. You can't keep socially and mentally engaged when you can allot your own time? Strange.
  8. You guys are sick of summer? This truly is the DFAF, you guys are craaaaazy. From a weather stand-point...I see where everyone's coming from, the sun is just too fucking hot. It'd be just peachy if we could start to strike a balance between fall and summer soon. From a "People getting time off" standpoint...it's great.
  9. I totally associate you with awesome Psychonauts RPGs. Because I remember the ones we did, and they were great.
  10. uh no, i never graduated from Harvard. if i told you that at some point i was probably BSing. ps your mom comes across as a prick on the internet Freedombattery totally did. And I don't care what you say about that matter. However, yeah...my prickish-ness is hereditary. Golf clap for you, good sir.
  11. Chief, your ability to capture my essence without saying ANYTHING is simply brilliant. Bravo. Whenever I see your posts I think of the many ways I can pronounce your name and wonder if I'm right. I also think of that awesomely creepy Joker/G-Man avatar you had. Scarecrow is an American spy with lots of English sensibilities. Katez is an awesome shin-y, happy, purple hat. Hot, some guy who's really funny in person but kind of just comes across as a prick on the internet. And you graduated from Harvard or something? Zeeman is and always will be an ecstatic black man. You're not Gunnar the Football player. You're Zee . Grid's the kind of guy who I imagine wears turtlenecks a lot and aspires to write a book (iunno why, it just seems like you'd write a Douglas Adams-esque book and it'd be awesome). Lastly, Bill, you're a chill, scuba diving, weed smoking teen with some sweet dreads. You're the White Jamaican.
  12. Darn. I guess I'm just left to my imagination of hippies freaking out .
  13. I love you. I really do man. Good to have you back .
  14. then why are you posting here? I think the real question is: Why are you? Also. Thanks Zee! Your fro and crazy smile have been really fun to support! Yous the bomb diggity !
  15. Unless someone wowed the entire site and was able to post last and become to the true "WINNAR" of this thread. Or we could just say that at some point we're all winners !
  16. And gridsleep officially has written my new signature. P.S. You're the bomb diggity Zee...if you're dead-set on it and it's worked for so long...I seriously think you've got a shot.
  17. It had a different feel than the first two. I still loved the movie, and I thought it was touching...but going into it, it wasn't necessarily something I (or anyone else was) expecting to see from Pixar. And for Incredibles 2 would you want them to continue with the Underminer? Or go ahead a few years and have a new tale?
  18. Nonono. I didn't spoil anything I swears! I just mean I don't want them to make it as like...sad as Toy Story 3 ended up being.
  19. I know I say this every time Brad Bird gets mentioned but he simply needs to make another Incredibles movie. If they managed to crank out 4 Shrek movies (they went downhill after two) than by god they should already be well into production. I just don't want this turning into a Toy Story 3 where it's a 10 year gap and they're going to make me gush by killing off Mr. Incredible...
  20. Dude that game get so infuriatingly hard. Wait 'till you get to the boss-battle with the in-laws. I bought a strategy guide and EVERYTHING and it still kicked my ass.
  21. What's inception about again? I can't remember. I think I saw, like, the last few seconds of the trailer and I couldn't for the life of me even figure out what I was looking at. Apparently the movie is like one hundred times better if you don't know anything about it. The comparison I heard was James Bond meets Alice in Wonderland. So it's trippy, and it's action-packed. And Christopher Nolan is brilliant. So I can't wait to go see it.
  22. They didn't deny that he was a prick. Which I think is great. And I don't care if Kotick was trying to come across as professional. He lost that ability when he tried to sabotage Brutal Legend. Fuck him. Tim's great. I approve of him taking a stand. More developers really need to stand up to that ass.
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