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  1. I say if you don't like it and you want to quit...do it. My mom hated her job for years and she went through all this planning to get a new job. She eventually got it. She couldn't stand it there, and on her first day she quit. Money's starting to get tight, but she's much happier than she was. What's the point of paying for the roof over your head if you're not happy in life? The end justifies the means. So if you've got to live rough before you bounce back...doesn't that justify the means of being happy?
  2. Hey guys, let's chill.We're all buddies here, right? We don't have to be rude about what decisions we've made or anything, right? I know it's your brand of humor Steve...but MAYBE not this time around?
  3. Any chance you can make a guide to getting as attractive as you look in your avatar too?
  4. Well I suppose as long as your happy. It just seems maybe if you could get out and iunno, experience the world you'd be able to be even happier. But then again I'm just some 15 year old on the internet. I know nothing about you, haha. So I won't get personal anymore.
  5. Oh yeah man. I'm not gonna punch my own ticket or anything. This is something I've been dealing with for years. Simple fact. My childhood friends moved on. Well...maybe you could make some awesome adult friends? Are you still living with your parents?
  6. It was probably the girl of your dreams too. Internet love is one of those rare myths you only experience like..once in a lifetime, man. Never the less...here's my sudden misadventure. It was a legitimate question.
  7. I wouldn't say my friends suck....they just really piss me off. However, you okay dude?
  8. I'm here too! So I have a question. Has anyone ever just gotten randomly mad and realized how stupid there friends are sometimes? I just had one of those. So either I'm an elitist prick or I'm randomly moody.
  9. Weird. I connect with it. Just not as much as I did with Psychonauts. Brutal Legend turned out a lot different than I thought it would be. And I do like stage battles tons...but I wish there was more of that badass-lone-wolf levels. Like when you're in the spider-lair. Or in the beginning. I was expecting more of that with really sweet locales. I got the sweet locales...and I did feel badass...just not the way I was expecting. I do enjoy the game, but I see where you're coming from Scarecrow.
  10. *high fives JJ* Awesome. How many seasons are there? And Gridsleep, I wholly agree with that.
  11. Hm. Whatever. I like your avatar though! Did you make it? I've been meaning to give Dexter (the serial killer) a shot. Should I watch it all in order and whatnot?
  12. JJkul, I've been a Supreme Deity forever . And hmm...well I could've sworn there were a few more people. It wasn't like...bigger than 20 people at the most...certainly bigger than 5 though. EDIT: Ahh..then I suppose it is just me. Things just feel emptier...you know?
  13. I agree...but we had a decent sized community that all grew to like each other.
  14. Ouch. Really? I could've sworn there was more. *sigh* Home isn't as sweet without the people that comprise it.
  15. So I have a question...a lot of the community seems to have dwindled. Is it just me hallucinating or are the frequent posters like...the 6 people I've talked to?
  16. Ah, breaking the 4th wall that's a term I'm familiar with. Okay. Now I see. I appreciate the criticism one. Instead of letting it weigh you down, you rose above it and attained your goal. Very inspirational.
  17. You may be the coolest...on the interwebs. And Meta-Humor? Mind if I ask you to 'splain?
  18. 'Twas me my friend. I was like "Oh is this a random way of asking who's the coolest? Or something? *click*" And then I actually read.
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